Rap-Up TV: Teyana Taylor Interviews Jesse McCartney

Teyana Taylor takes on the role of reporter as she interviews Jesse McCartney for Rap-Up TV. The 18-year-old Harlemite isn’t afraid to ask all the burning questions, like whether the singer-actor is single, what he looks for in a girl, his favorite junk food, TV show, and sneakers. Must-see TV!

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  1. bass_man

    Jesse: yeah i don’t have a specific type.. hehe

    Teyana: so whatchu like the most outta girl?!

    BAHAHAHAHA, loved the interview


  2. ugh

    haha i wouldnt be able to control myself during that interview. i would be all over my future baby daddy. lol good job teyana, shes so hood but still so funny. rap-up you need her to take over rap-up soon, i wanna hear about her project and when its coming out.


  3. nads

    Omg Teyana Taylor and Jesse together!!! they’re my fav artist!! luuvv her songs!!! and Jesse’s too!!!


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