New Music: LeToya Luckett – ‘Regret’ & ‘Matter’ (Snippets)

LeToya Luckett

Here’s our Easter Sunday present to you—two more snippets off LeToya Luckett’s new album Lady Love. One is her second single, “Regret,” and the other is a exclusive called “Matter.” Jump on it!

“Regret” – Produced by Tank and Jerry “Texx” Franklin

“Matter” – Produced by Warren “Oak” Felder

Want more? Click here to listen to the title track, “Lady Love.”

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  1. justin

    Oh cool i love lady love out of the clips


    kevona Reply:

    @justin, wow u probly wite any way by hoe


  2. MOV

    Loving “Regret”, it’s a hott track. “Matter” is cool too but sounds like a filler track to me.


  3. israel

    regret and lady love are amazing!! matter is pretty good too!! regret is a great choice for second single!! can’t wait for letoya’s album


  4. ~~Quinn~~

    wow toya


  5. Jay

    Wow I am getting real excited about her new album even more! Letoya sounds amazing! Both are great, but I’m really feelin Regret, I love that beat! Can’t wait!


  6. Yan

    The beat of Regret reminds me of Guetto by Kelly Rowland. Both are produced by Tank…


  7. Kyle

    Yan, YES! I knew it reminded me of something that Kelly has done before. But it still sounds hot!


  8. (T) in the zOne

    woowww…. these song s r rele hottt
    i wasn’t expecting all this
    now. i honestly cant wait for her album.
    tru say on the kelly comment.. it dus sound familiar
    but still hott nuntheless


  9. bass_man

    i am loving her new material!! I might go get the album when it drops.

    “Matter” is good filler. filler yes, but good filler!


  10. Dsabadmofo

    YES! This is what I have been waiting for! I love “Regret”. Her vocals are on point and the production is on point as well and yes Yan, it reminds of of “Ghetto” by Kelly Rowland too. “Matter” is dope too. I love the repetetiveness of the song…I really like repetetive songs like “umbrella ella ella eh eh eh”lolz! I cant wait for the album!


  11. Giselle

    I really like ‘Regret’ she really has grown from her last album to now. I’m impressed.


  12. Jimeny Crickets

    Regret is hot. But MATTER is the shit! This is some 90′s R n B, sounds like the sound of H-Town. I LOVE IT


  13. anonymous

    i would have to agree ^ “Matter” sounds like it would be a better single. its catchy and different


  14. ~~Quinn~~

    the beat on regret sounds like Mary Mary – The God In me


  15. Steph

    She needs a hit. I am so tired of these pop songs. She is such a good R & B artist, she sounds better on “Love Rollercoaster” song, than any of these songs. “Regret” is almost there but not quite.I think the record label is confused on what people really want, they are out of touch. Not Anymore could be a hit but the video isn’t. Video’s can make or break a song.


  16. Shakeem!!!

    “Regret” is the Shit. I lov it mor n mor cuz it’s not wat I xpected. “cuz i’m Gucci Bags, Loius Bags”. I lov how the chorus-ends. Complete slaughter LOL. “Matter” is aight


  17. Gstar

    Regret is the shyt! if that aint her 2nd single her whole team dumb as hell!


  18. LOL

    Mmm…I have a sick feeling that we r only hearing a taste of what LeToya is capable of giving vocally when it comes to REGRET. She is holding back in this particular part of the snippet. Could there be more than meets the eye or ears? MATTER is more of a album filler. It’s aight. I’ll reserve jugdement on REGRET until I hear the full track.


  19. incognegro

    I really enjoyed both of these snippets from the Lady Love LP. The production on both tracks have an energy that many of the R&B songs of late have not had. Letoya’s voice has really matured, and I really believe that she is starting to find her own sound.

    Regarding her vocal prowess on both tracks, I think she provided what the track called for – doing too many riffs and runs, would have “run” this song right into the ground. Great job Letoya!!!!


  20. justin

    i like dont need you the best she should actually release that as a new single or lady love


  21. My Opinion

    I like regret


  22. Matthew

    Yes im a fan of letoya, but i would give the honest reviews.

    Her album is very concrete from what I’ve listened too so far. Looks like she is trying different sounds and going all the way and its not R&B garbage thats out now.
    Lady love is commercial success, REGRET is awesome.
    Matter is a filler but still of substance.
    Dont Need It is an awesome song put together.

    I’m so proud of her, she venturing out, the first single and video not anymore was a fresh start.
    Cant wait for the album to drop. Her being humble & great thus far, she deserves it!


  23. toya fan

    go toya i love ittt


  24. dblog

    It definetly reminds me of Ghetto by Kelly Rowland. Obviously same producer but still…. The first single was a WRONG choice. I couldn’t believe Neyo wrote that shit and she took it… Its great as an album filler but not first single. Regret sounds ok.. An ok choice. not a guaranteed hit.


  25. dblog

    Oh by the way, is it me or is Matter THE SAME as “She Don’t”… Like exactly the same


  26. Jessie

    Yea,”Regret” is a nice, mellow tune.Ma boi Luda gotta git his props too!


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  28. Jason

    Matter brings tears to my eyes… reminiscent of 90′s R&B/soul. They just don’t make music like this anymore. Smooth R&B at its finest.

    Regret is wicked… a great track at the clubs or driving down the highway. Either way, Matter is true R&B and I’d love to see it as a single.


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