Is This Chris Brown’s New Girl?

Chris Brown and Natalie Mejia

It looks like Chris Brown is done standing under Rihanna’s “Umbrella.” Chris Breezy, 19, was spotted with Girlicious singer Natalie Mejia, 20, at a Sunset Blvd. tattoo parlor in West Hollywood on Saturday, while Rihanna was rocking out at the N.E.R.D. show in Kansas City.

Some reports claim the woman pictured is Brown’s ex-girlfriend Erica Jackson, although Mejia’s MySpace page suggests otherwise.

UPDATE: Chris Brown is denying reports that he is dating Natalie Mejia or Erica Jackson.

Chris Brown and Natalie Mejia Chris Brown and Natalie Mejia Chris Brown and Natalie Mejia

Photo credit: Chris Brown Online

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  1. UNE (305)

    the boy looks like he hasnt lost his swag lol


  2. crazy

    dis is some crazy ass shit he left riri 4 dis f**ing whore come on breezy u can do better


  3. jl_crack

    She is HOT.
    But I hate HIM.
    Hit a woman is NOT good.
    He deserves PRISON.


  4. cj

    u sure did so RiRi.. that wig is A mess… come on chris u got money help ur girl out.. I seen other pics she’s cute..


  5. My Opinion

    another non-talent singer. Please stay in Canada.


  6. Iuri

    It’s def her in the pics, but he’s not dating her, she has already a boyfriend. She is a very hot girl, sexier than Rihanna.


  7. SMH

    His reps have already denied this “relationship” Rap-Up.


  8. pomai

    i cant even tell who that girl is and i like girlicious


  9. Dominicano

    Chris brown is wack as hell im glad rihanna left his dumb ass


  10. bass man

    I just can’t believe his trial ain’t even wrapped and he’s linked to two other broads. What does that say about…a lot of stuff? Society, him, the girls, the people around him..







  12. Elvis Raymond

    hi haters. keep hating. thats ur job. Chris has the right to date who ever he wants to date. whether ugly or fine. ok haters


  13. flytodeath

    I agree. Chris should be allowed to beat, i mean date who ever he wants… whether ugly or fine, bruised or bitten.


  14. shoop da whoop

    I guess all the women want a few bruises now and then…


  15. Iuri

    I’m not saying Nat is better than Rihanna, I just said she’s sexier in my opinion, I know that Rihanna has more talent than her.


  16. Jay

    Gurl … RUN !!!


  17. Cj

    The same Ppl who is talkin trash about chris.. R the Ppl on his d#%k 3mon ago.. LOL and they hop back on.. D#%k riders..


  18. Shawtaye

    His hooded top looks tight! How can he breathe with such small air


  19. Tyler

    chris’s reps said dat he is not dating her and dat he went with his friend dean who is also Natalie’s friend… ppl just need 2 calm down now every1 nos dat voilence is rong so can ppl just give dis young boy a break (chris) im sure lyk ppl including me have fucked up and done somethin rong wen dey were his age did u ave dis much hate or did ur friendz stick by u? i jus fink dat dis s goin on 4 2 long, yes wot he did was extremely rong but give da guy a break.


  20. Ny

    Yeah chris has d rit to date any body,haters & guess wht she is looks sexier than riri


  21. jennifer

    yeah chris has the right to date’but she is not hot ethier riri


  22. nyesha

    chris u r a bad boy hiting A girl come on man i hope u dont hit this girl u r dateing now. but your new girlfriend is so hot it is not funny that how hot is

    p.s. nyesha


  23. lainard

    Natalie is a bitch..
    but i assure u all she’s the
    BEST BITCH in town..
    i’m starting to love her..
    and the f*ckin assh*le chris brown
    dont have the right to hit riri or
    any other girl..
    y dont you choose ur own size ha?..
    c’mon man..
    ur like a baby..
    go home en drink ur milk or
    ur mommy will be mad..
    damn u man..
    u dont deserve Natalie!..


  24. jillesa pilgrim

    oh my goodness are you all so bitter that all you could think of is how much you hate chris ? you all sit on your high throne acting like your holier than every one thinking you have the right to judge some one well guess what you dont have the right to judge any one some times in every one life we make fucked up decisions and we have to pay for it every day of his life he hurt and embarassed the woman he loved not to mention his label family friends fans etc he is all alone and every he has to live with the memeory of what he did so tell me what he is going throught isnt it like prison ?


  25. Mrs..innocent

    OMG!!dyum everybody stays on chris brown joc!!! get a f***ing lifee. just cause he hit rihanna dnt mean you have to put hym down. he’s already suffered enough..dayum let hym BR3ATH3! rihanna is probably guilty just as much as chris is in the situation..ppl feel sorry for her but yet they criticize chris brown, he only made 1 mistake. yall actin like he den killed rihanna!!!!!


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