Kanye West Shoots ‘Amazing’ Video


It was just another day in paradise for Kanye West as he shot the video for his third 808s & Heartbreak single, “Amazing,” in Hawaii with Young Jeezy and director Hype Williams. View stills from the shoot below courtesy of ’Ye’s blog.

Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing

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  1. Dominicano

    Damn that look like its gon be a hot ass vid its one my fav on the album!!!!


  2. Keith Carey

    Best Video Already Of 2009!


  3. Jay

    Oh my God Yes Yes Yes!!!! I love the whole album, but Amazing is one of my favorite songs on there! I can’t wait! I love how Kanye aint wasting no time putting videos out. I hope he does videos for Bad News, Coldest Winter, Say You Will, Paranoid and See You In My Nightmares. heck he might a well do em all. lol This video is gonna be So Amazing…Can’t wait!


  4. wameezy

    Yeah this video is def gonna be something Epic. It said on wikipeida that Hype Williams had shot a video for Robocop too i hope that will be his next single and video after Amazing.


  5. bass_man

    Finally, a real life Kanye West. I don’t like his animated videos.

    I really want him to do an anthology!! All the songs deserve their own videos and if they were connected like a movie…wowww. but that’s kind of impossible now.


  6. Catie

    So was “Welcome to Heartbreak” just a promo video?

    Anyways, I’m looking forward to seeing this one. Bass_man, a video anthology would be amazing (no pun intended).


  7. Lil' Nello

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