Rihanna Spazzes Out with N.E.R.D.

Rihanna at N.E.R.D. Show

While Chris Brown was reportedly reuniting with his “plain Jane” ex-girlfriend, Rihanna was at the University of Missouri-Kansas City watching N.E.R.D. perform on Saturday. RiRi even got on stage to dance to the band’s new song “Soldier.” Watch her spaz out below.

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  1. UNE (305)

    its ironic, because when pharrell was touring with kanye on the glow in the dark tour, chris did the same thing lol..he was on stage crumbin


  2. Jay

    I’ve never heard that song before. I gotta find it!


  3. Dominicano

    She look dumb! But spaz is ma shit tho!


  4. JenY

    I like that sooong! It’s hot!
    Oh yeah, happy she’s having fun…


  5. bass_man

    she looked like a nut!

    ….and i loved it. <3


  6. bass_man

    and Chris was photo’d with Natalie from Girlicious her record company even confirmed it to X-17 or X-10, or whatever and supposedly they’re an item. but when i read your link, it says he didn’t even know her and she was just a friend of the Dean dude and the plain jane is the girl.

    sorry, kind of thinking aloud.


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  8. Giselle

    I have those same jeans. She looked like she was in the zone, lol.


  9. Kandi Lo

    Man I was there! When she came out I was like “WHOA! U GO GIRL!” She was get’n it! It was a great concert! I met her backstage. I thought she was gonna be like Ciara’s height or mayb Tyra! TV makes her look so tall! Man we were the same height & size! lol 5’8 all day baby!!!!



    there is something off. i hope she takes care of herself


  11. jluvsmusic

    I’m glad to see RiRi back on her feet. Can’t wait to hear her new music.She’s not performing she’s just having fun. Get it Ri.


  12. jluvsmusic

    Listen to her song question existing. “Sometime it feels like they want me to lose. It’s entertainment is that an excuse. Nooo!”


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