Teairra Mari Inherits Christina Milian’s ‘Diamonds’

Teairra Mari and Christina Milian

Teairra Mari has become the proud owner of some shiny new “Diamonds” that were once worn by Christina Milian, Rap-Up.com can exclusively confirm.

The 21-year-old R&B vixen has acquired “Diamonds,” a track previously recorded by Milian for her fourth album Dream in Color. The album cut was redone with Mari’s vocals and will now be included on her sophomore effort At That Point. The song features a rap by Kanye West.

Milian released the Madd Scientist production after signing with The-Dream’s Radio Killa Records and re-recording her project under the title Elope.

“I wanna love ya, just like I love my diamonds / And when I wear you out at night, then we be shinin’,” Roc-A-Fella’s former “Diamond” girl sings over the sparkly beat. “I treasure you, cherish you, I’ll wear you on my body / ’Cause we go together, diamonds are forever.”

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  1. Irish

    YESSSSSSSSS… . ..I just love Teairra. This is wonderful news yo!


  2. carl

    Can’t wait!


  3. DJ Triumph

    congrats to her.


  4. TeairraFans.com

    that’s gonna be hot! cant wait to hear it.. go TT!!


  5. babybenz

    Good for her. Sup Dj Triumph, hit me up!


  6. lovie

    Don’t tell me c milli passed up another banger, if this song blows up c milli better keep her ears alert.


  7. jp

    not again christina,why she keep passin songs,she didnt learn her lesson from SOS when she passed it on 2 rihanna
    she can stupid sometimes and annoyin thogh i luv her


  8. wtf

    like damn, Kanye on the track and she passes it over ??????? that’s just dumb, i have nothing more to say…


  9. wameezy

    Yeah she was stupid to do that cause like 3 years ago she passed up SOS to Rihanna and that record went to #1. But i understand why she may have done that. Its cause it prob didnt fit the sound of the rest of the songs on her album. What i dont understand is why its taking so long for radiokilla to release this second single?


  10. Rap-Up-Player

    1. She was never asked to do S.O.S., she confirmed it 224545641 times as well as L.A. reid.
    2. The song wont make the album so she passed it around.
    3. She WROTE it, so shes gonna get paper from it.

    It aint that hard to understand.


  11. LAmont

    Teairra Mari can sing way better than Christina Milian anyway! :lol: I can’t wait to see Teairra Mari’s new video with Flo Rida, she is so sexy!! :D


  12. LaMont

    I can’t wait for Teairra Mari’s new album!! :)


  13. Catie

    Aw, i wanted to hear Christina’s version. I hope it leaks on to the internet someday. Radiokilla needs to come out with that second single.


  14. Eric

    i can’t believe this won’t be on christina’s album…having kanye on her album was going to help a lot…wtf


  15. Jason

    I hope that’s Christina making those choices and she ain’t listening to what nobody tells her to do, especially Dream. His album is going to have trouble going gold with three singles. That Mariah song is pretty but the whole Mariah, Nick & Dream triangle was supercorny,(smh for Christina stooping back) Walkin On The Moon is pretty good but nothing great, Rockin That Shit was hot and carried by the superhot beat and the rest of the album is garbage. Nothing against Dream, but I can’t listen to his voice for more than like two songs in a row. Christina was so excited about this single, wtf?


  16. Jay

    Can’t wait to hear the song! Hopefully everything works out for the both of them.


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    [...] Christina Milian’s ‘Diamonds’ Posted by: ADMIN On April 15th, 2009 in Albums, News | Rap-Up.com is reporting that our Teairra Mari has just gotten the rights to a previously-owned track [...]

  18. karli

    I heard the song this weekend and it’s hot!


  19. Kristina

    Dream is probably trying to smother her away from other men. I don’t like him, he’s just one of those type of men that wants to be a sex symbol but isn’t and has bitterness and jealousy in him from that. It’s very disappointing to see her dating him and signed to radiokilla.


  20. LV

    Why is Christina still writing like she is 12 years old? “I wanna love ya, just like I love my diamonds / And when I wear you out at night, then we be shinin”, that sounds like ish my little 12 year old cousin wrote for her school talent show.


  21. justin

    Christina better not have done this cuz of the Dream! ill murder him grrrr


  22. justin

    i hope her version leaks!


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