Rick Ross on 50 Cent: ‘I Went to War with the Monkey and Beat Him’

Rick Ross and DJ Envy

DJ Envy interviewed Rick Ross on SIRIUS XM Radio to discuss his beef with 50 Cent and G-Unit (“I’mma disrespect them monkeys forever”), working with Ja Rule on the “Mafia Music (Remix),” and his thoughts on Eminem’s “We Made You” video (“His swag ain’t the same”). DJ Khaled and Akon also call in.

Listen to the full interview below.

Photo credit: Johnny Nunez

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  1. jimichoo

    yo war wiv fif is one thing but if he try go for em hez gna gt killed


  2. makaveli

    rick ross already lost, why is he still talking.


  3. DivaFresh

    eminem and swagger shouldn’t even be in the same sentence. he’s a joke.


  4. marius

    It’s so funny, listening to Ricks interview…He says he got into drama with 50 because of the pple he knows that 50 had beef with and it spilled on his plate!! LMAO!!! Did we all forget that Rick started the beef?? He started the beef because he was on 50s dick and tried to holla at 50 at an award show…50 didn’t notice his faggot ass so he caught feeling like a disgruntled female fan..Did we forget that? Do you pple even look at the soundscan? Rick has never had a platinum or Gold album. He had 2 gold singles. Thats it!!! he sold less than Tony Yayo! Ricky is no one in the music industry! he’s getting press now because of his beef with 50. 50 sold 19 million records! His last album sold 2 1/2 million. I work for a record label and the soundscan report records all recoords sold by artists. Think about it pple.


  5. marius

    Also, emm and dre didn’t make 50 cent…he sold over a million mix CDs on the street in less then a year and they came looking for him..They put his career in motion.



    mayne i agree with jimichoo..

    fucken with em is suicide..

    ross should not mind 50. 50 killed his own career hoppn on everybody dick..


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