Video: Solange Performs on ‘Fallon’

Solange performed “T.O.N.Y.” on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” on Thursday. The 22-year-old singer is headed in a more moody, electronic direction with her third album.

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  1. eddie



  2. brittney

    she killed this song. This is my favorite song on the album and this performance just made her sky rocket even more as an artist. solange better work that stage and the vocals are omg, flawless!!!


  3. Mrxaguilera

    i do LOVE me some SOLANGE i loved the intro.. i hope theres an official remix later or sum sum.



    Aww she looks amazing! saw her at terminal five back in december n she brought it! love her…


  5. BeeSmilez

    Now that was a performance!!! Whooooa, i love the intro, very very smooth.
    Keep doing your thing SOLANGE, you have definitely grown from your first album and its beautiful to see.
    Just awesome!!!!


  6. Juliana Martins

    I love her, she should come to Brazil :)


  7. KeedyKat

    saw this last night but had to see it again it was so awesome…the vocals were like whoa!


  8. allison



  9. dr

    she always gets better so haters fall back man she is doin her thang!!!


  10. LoudPen

    I finally like the eye makeup now that I’ve seen it on video when she’s performing. It’s fiyah. Solange is on point. I’ve been trying to put people on. Her swagger is crazy.


  11. keny aka I Live 4 CiCi

    Solange was flawless in that performance. Not to compare but I love her swagger way more then beyonce. Solange is just so original and real.


  12. keny aka I Live 4 CiCi

    I love Solange & the hadley street dreams… Solange you are dope.
    My favorite tracks are God Given Name, T.O.N.Y, I told you so, and my favorite of them all Cosmic Journey ft. Bilal


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