Method Man & Redman Spur Power Outage

Method Man and Redman

Ten years after releasing their breakout album Blackout!, the dynamic duo of Method Man and Redman are back on the scene, ready to turn the lights on their next masterpiece, Blackout! 2, due May 19. was on hand to preview the album at Quad Studios in New York City where guests, including Erick Sermon of EPMD, dined on Redman’s choice of KFC, which left many attendees with greasy BlackBerrys.

The duo’s first classic LP developed an energetic sound, mixing rugged lyrics and extraordinary beats, while pushing the rappers to the top of the charts. “This time around we put more effort into the beats we used,” said Redman. “Our energy will never go anywhere. We just had to make the sound relevant for today.”

Blackout! 2 is certainly a treat for the ’80s baby, featuring artists such as Keith Murray, Bun B, DJ Kayslay, Raekwon, and Ghostface Killah, among others. Both Red and Meth stay true to their fans, giving them the best of both worlds—lyrically and sonically.

The first single, “Mrs. International,” shows the duo’s softer side, revealing their love for women all over the world, while “Dangerous MCs” opens up a world of gutter rap, reminding listeners that these are two lyrical assassins you shouldn’t mess with.

–Bilal Morris

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  1. smartmediaman

    This album is gonna be mad hot. Great way to start off the summer!! SUUUUUUUUU!!! Wu Tang Forever!!!! These cats are like Tango & Cash on the mic, for real. Get ready ya’ll!!!



  2. Youwe

    I wonder if Red & Meth can do better than Eminem. I guess they can !
    May 19 is gonna be a beautiful day !


  3. David

    Bilal Morris the next best thing cooking… educated and motivated young man making moves…peep that allsmiles movement!


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