The Fur Flies at Pussycat Dolls Show

Pussycat Dolls

The claws came out at the Pussycat Dolls show in Phoenix, Ariz., on Friday. The youngest Doll, Melody Thornton, made some unexpected comments that has blogs begging the question, has something gone wrong in Doll Land?

On tour with Britney Spears, Melody told her hometown audience, “I want to give a shout out to my family. Thank you so much for supporting me, even though I’m not featured. You know what I’m saying?”

The 24-year-old singer sounded emotional as she spoke. “I feel like it’s our responsibility to say to all the little girls and boys in the house tonight that myself and Ashley Roberts are examples that you can do anything you want to do,” she said referring to her fellow Phoenix-bred Doll. “Don’t give up on your dreams and don’t let anyone stomp on you, ever!”

She then proceeded to slap hands with redhead Jessica Sutta before letting Nicole Scherzinger have the stage. Perez Hilton reports that there is tension mounting in the group as the last two Pussycat Dolls singles have been released as “The Pussycat Dolls featuring Nicole Scherzinger.” Meow!

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  1. Brazilian Pussycat Doll


    GO MEL ! ROCK IT !



  2. carl



  3. Jaum

    I LOVE ALL PCD! :(


  4. pcdboi



  5. graicen

    nicole cant even sing anyways. sound horrible live. its like a destinys child situation where 1 person gets all the attention. this is wrong and pathetic. but i can guarantee yall, if they break up nicole WONT be successful. mark my words.


  6. panayiota

    i think something has gone wrong between mel and nic!!


  7. Kyus

    I think nicole is an amazing singer, but so is melody, and they should share the spotlight. I dont want pcd to end like this!


  8. justin

    Melody haha love her! Its true it isnt fair how the songs now say Featuring Nicole


  9. jopacangrie

    Maibe nicole leave pcd nd thas why now the last single nd the curently single feat. Her, I love pcd, but my diva its nicole sow I don’t kno wat is gona happen with pcd.


  10. Jett

    without Nicole PCD wouldn’t be who they are right now. Melody needs to be put back in line first of – if you have drama dont go shouting it on stage. cow.


  11. jo

    both nicole and melody have amazing voices. nicole does need to give the other dolls some spotlight too cuz arent the pussycat dolls supposed to be a “group”? i love nicole but doll domination was mostly her singing and it got tiring after a while it was more like her solo album. haha



    nicole is the leader. the others are the rest. that’s how they came in and that’s how it is. if melody could be solo, she would be. it’s not like the hired her and told her she would be the lead. why is she bishing now? stop hating


  13. Kyle

    it’s about damn time. Melody is the TRUTH.


  14. LaMont

    Melody is my favorite Pussycat Doll…I would like to see her do a solo album the girl can blow! :D


  15. Jay

    Man, she sound like she was bout to cry, that’s messed up, but that’s business though. They doing that featuring thing so we can get it in our heads that Nicole is going solo and to keep more attention on her. I noticed they did that on that Jai Ho song. I was like why does it say that, then I thought about it. That’s the kind of stuff that can break group up. Melody’s a cutie and they are all talented. But I guess this might be yet another girls group not lastin. pathetic Is it just me or do male groups seem to last longer.


  16. jopacangrie

    wat a B***H, Nicole i love u, you’r da best of the group… :D


  17. Catie

    Go Melody! I don’t understand the concept of the PCD at this point.


  18. Kevin

    I love Melody (and all the dolls as a matter of fact) but they’re better/stronger as a whole. ‘Cause individually they’d just become R&B/Pop filler like Cassie, Teirra Marie, or Kat Deluna. None of them…not even Nicole…would make the impact Beyonce or Britney are making in the world. But I do agree they need to quit it with that “featuring” bullshit. It’s bad enough that under “vocals” on their album’s booklet, Nicole’s name is written in a bigger font then Melody and Jessica. And Kimberly and Ashley’s names are even smaller than theirs, if you can believe it.


  19. drtash

    DAMN, and I thought Kelly Rowland had it bad….poor Melody…she’ll always be seen as second best no matter how hard she tries. I think this group’s days are numbered, first Carmit left, and now melody’s showing signs that she might be next to leave. Nicole should give those other girls some chance to shine and not hog the spotlight all the time.


  20. Similarities

    This group will soon fade away…the music execs are already looking for a newer fresher and younger group. good luck to them….

    Is it just me or has anyone else realized that anyone that does reality…sooner or later flops hard. I guess when the world sees how you truly are…people just move on to the next best thing.


  21. angie_gutierrez

    yall just hate on melody… b*tch ass nicole thinks shes “all that” well listen to this…stop bein a hog up n give the other girls a spotlight…if melody wants to go solo…then i bet shell b more successful then nicole…anyways pcd aint gana last. i think it should just b melody, jessica, ashley n kimberly…4get nicoles b*tch ass…n if pcd lasted a while it wasnt just bkuz of nicole… they all had a part in the group..nicole just thinks shes the hottest but she aint..ITS ALL ABOUT MELODY…JESSICA…ASHLEY…N KIMBERLY


  22. sabrina



  23. paula

    looooooooooooooove melody she rocks !
    nicole blahh


  24. tammie

    the problem has always been about the greatest commandment of love. The lack of it causes breakups in everything from family,friends,any partnership to the seperation of people from the god that is LOVE. love is about consideration and its selfish and inconsiderate to only focus on one person in a group if it was business then nicoles attempted solo with baby love and whatever you like would of been a success its clearly a love and respect problem


  25. nubia

    i love you pussycat dolls!


  26. maurice

    love you all specially ashley & melody.. peace awt.. you gurlzz can rock your butt off..!! i wish Melody can be the lead singer even just for one song!!


  27. Aluia

    Melody is amazing ! I dont blame for what she said , coz i understand where she is ryte now , i mean the 1 dat has the best voice hardly shine , u know why ? Nicole need 2 grow up n let the orther girls sing . Finally they realise nicole is jus using them ! What happend when she went solo ! SHE FAIL ! Hahaha love u mel u rock x


  28. Gina

    ok i think nicole rocks and she is amazzzing everyone use to like her but now this happen everyone feels bad for melody so they are backing her up and not nicole i love you nicole and always will everyone says why dose nicole only sing its because she has the best voice and she dosen’t get to pick who sings and who dosen’t nicole I L0V3 Y0U


  29. Gina

    ok angie_gutierrez now listen up Nicole don’t think she all that and no one is hatin on meoldy i love the pcd group you just hatin on Nicloe so shut up and life isn’t fair you can’t change life by acting like a baby so stop


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