Jay-Z & Beyoncé Show Rare PDA in NYC

Jay-Z Shields Beyoncé

Jay-Z shielded his wife Beyoncé from the paparazzi while the private couple, who was uncharacteristically affectionate, was spotted leaving the Waverly Inn in New York City on Friday.

B kicks off her “I Am…” tour today in Croatia. To any of our Croatian visitors who are attending the show, let us know how it is.

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  1. Publicity couple

    Who cares about this PDA!! this not a real couple, more a media couple. I give them 2 more years and then its over. I think that’s the reason why she is saying in every interview that she’s not “ready” for kids and Jay is saying that he’s ready? Hov said that in 07. hm..now its 09, something is wrong for sure. I think Bey is just wasting his time! Yeah, probably they both know that.
    And she’s an interview storyteller anyway. Pure Fakeness!!


    Yasmine Reply:

    @Publicity couple, Lol they’ve been together for 10 years now. Your comment is 3 years old now, you said, you give them 2 years, well they’re still together. You got you got it wrong.


  2. mal

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^…ALRITE lol??

    I LOVE IT! :-D


  3. babybenz

    I love Bey…. Haters gon Hate! Aint nothin new. Its a normal thing on any Bey post! If you don like chick, then don’t read the post! Bloody Losers!
    Goodluck with the concert today Bey!


  4. CW

    Actually this is a real couple. They been together for 8 years. Please wake up. Some of yall are the same dummies who were blowin uo Rianna and Chris Browns relationship and look how that turned out. They are a mess


  5. Rodra

    So cute! :P


  6. nana

    i seriously think they enjoyed themselves that NITE!! and very happy to see jay caress his wife


  7. sosiccwitswagga

    awww how beautiful n cute iz dat i love jay nd beyonce as a couple dere marriage is real leave dem da fucc alone dey aint worried bout yall hatin ass mofos like cw said dey have been 2getha 4 eight years tell me dis who could fake a relationship 4 eight years nd den take it 2 marriage how da fugg does dat stupid mofos.. get it jay nd beyonce!!!


  8. TVA

    You all remember that Jay is a good amount of years older than Beyonce. In Lost One talking about how at the same age he’d be thinking more about work too. That still applies here. A 40 year old dude and a 27 year old girl are at different places career and life wise. Let them do them they’ll work it out or not. No reason to speculate.


  9. Jay

    I’ve never seen them like this before…it’s nice to see. You can tell that they’re really in love. ha, I always knew since “03′ Bonnie and Clyde” that they was goin get married. I don’t wanna sound all sappy, but that’s the best pic I’ve seen of them.


  10. Catie

    Aww, i like seeing them like this! I don’t ever see them being like Mariah & Nick though which is not a bad thing at all.


  11. kolocho kitler



  12. drtash

    ^I call em that all the time!!!LOL


  13. OhMY

    stop hatin them people :)
    That’s just cute! and think they wont break up for a loooong time. they’ve dated since…2003? That’s real.


  14. `shawt-aye.

    Aww . . . : |


  15. Cina

    I thinks Jay is setting a good image, to Black men out there. You go and get yourself a black Girl and become wealthy together!!!!!!!!!!



    to publicity couple for ur info ur ugly ass better stop playing with me u little fucker i am not going to break up with jay i luv him and then calling me fake i am never ever fake so u can move to the left and then again u know u want this u just cant have it fuck u mean nigga


  17. bibou

    love herso much and i can’t tolerate her haters coz they lie and they have no reasons to hate her they suck!!!
    beeeeee je t’aime ^_^


  18. BeyFan

    Awwwww that’s soo sweet, lol


  19. Paul

    I love it


  20. Finally


    [...]Rap-Up.com || Jay-Z & Beyoncé Show Rare PDA in NYC[...]…

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