Eminem’s ‘Relapse’ Tracklisting Leaks


We’re only three weeks out from the highly-anticipated release of Eminem’s sixth studio album, Relapse. To make up for his four-year absence, Em doses out 20 tracks. O.D. on the tracklisting below.

1. “Dr. West” (Skit)
2. “3 A.M.”
3. “My Mom”
4. “Insane”
5. “Bagpipes From Baghdad”
6. “Hello”
7. “Tonya” (Skit)
8. “Same Song & Dance”
9. “We Made You”
10. “Medicine Ball”
11. “Paul” (Skit)
12. “Stay Wide Awake”
13. “Old Time’s Sake” (featuring Dr. Dre)
14. “Must Be the Ganja”
15. “Mr. Mathers”
16. “Déjà Vu”
17. “Beautiful”
18. “Crack a Bottle” (featuring Dr. Dre and 50 Cent)
19. “Steve Berman” (Skit)
20. “Underground / Ken Kaniff”

Source: RapRadar.com via 2DopeBoyz

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  1. Blink

    Tracklist looks sick. Beautiful should be an intresting song. :D

    Cant wait


  2. Tobi A

    Nah i wanna hear “bagpipes from baghdad” and “old times sake”..
    i have a feeling beautiful aint gonna be something people expect.. he’d most likely rip into someone during the verses and have some mushy sick chorus.. yea i’d love it.. lol..


  3. Giselle

    Should be a great album.


  4. Suspense

    I can’t wait to see what he has to say about his mom, i wonder if he’s cool with her yet. Old times sake and beautiful are what i’m waiting for.


  5. Markel

    lets hope the rest of the album is not as crap as is 3am and we made you!


  6. Blink


    Hopefully he’ll drop the voice for the majority of the songs


  7. anonymous

    yea i hope he doesn’t do that voice for the whole album. gets annoying.


  8. Catie

    I can’t wait! I could do without the 4 skits though but at this point, i don’t even care. I can already tell that this will be another classic Eminem album.


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