First Listen: Chrisette Michele – ‘Epiphany’


Listen to Chrisette Michele’s new album Epiphany in its entirety before it hits stores on May 5. The second helping from the R&B songstress features the singles “Epiphany” and “What You Do” with Ne-Yo.

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  1. Kyle

    “Blame It On Me” sounds awesome. I really cannot wait for this album. I’m trying not to listen to all the tracks cause I wanna keep it a surprise. I don’t really know if anything can top her debut “I Am” though.


  2. Deontae

    Well I only like one song off the album, but I’m sorry! I’m going to purchase the Fantasy Ride album that day


  3. Ash

    Yes, Yes, I like it. Why is the number two person promoting Ciara? U know you can’t bring that fantasy crap stuff on this site. Anyway, Chrisette will be # 1 on da charts with this album.


  4. Mr. Gerren G.

    love the album. I see that she or her label are going for more pop /R&B sound than the first. Where she had more of her jazz influence. By the way , doesn’t anyone notice ne-yo is all over this album. Background vocals and probably writing also. LOVE THIS ALBUM!


  5. Mickeymouse

    I find it funny that Deontae is promoting someone who is irrelevant, not in this post/on this site, but more so someone who irrelevant for making a garbage album.

    Now that we’ve taken out the trash… CHRISSY! I don’t wanna hear the album either but I’m about to blast it anyways. I saw her in ATL last week at the Def Jam session and she was amazing. Screw being surprised on the 5th, I want to know the words that day! lol.

    Let’s go have an Epiphany y’all!


  6. tania

    this album is beautiful. some songs like “on my own” even sound a little toni braxton-ish which is great thing.

    i like ciara too and i think it’s unfair to even compare the two. they are both are great for what they do. i will purchase both albums. one for the ride to the club and one for the ride home.

    if you ever read this site: good job chrisette and this is coming from a new fan****


  7. Jay

    I can’t even explain how much I love this album! Chrisette has a beautiful voice and every single song is great! It’s hard to find albums like this. She kind of reminds me of a Toni Braxton a little. And it sound’s like Ne-Yo had something to do with a lot of these songs…great job! I’ll definitely be gettin this album and Fantasy Ride which is a spectacular album.


  8. Kita

    This album has to grow on me a little. “Porcelain Doll” and “I’m Okay” Are my two favorite’s right now. Nothing like her first album! I love her voice, and her style… so different. Maybe a little more love songs could have made it a little better. Like, “Mr. Radio” and “Golden” That’s just my thought on this album.


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