New Music: Paradiso Girls f/ Eve – ‘Patron Tequila’

Paradiso Girls

Eve and Lil Jon take a shot of “Patron Tequila” with Pussycat Doll founder Robin Antin’s new group the Paradiso Girls. You may be familiar with the Polow Da Don production as Keri Hilson also recorded it under the title “Hey Girl.”

The girls filmed a video for the song in Los Angeles this past weekend with director Ray Kay. This is one hangover that lingers.

Paradiso Girls f/ Eve & Lil Jon – “Patron Tequila”

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  1. Iuri

    This musicvideo is def gonna be hot.
    I hope after the video the girls get more attention.


  2. Yan

    Eve is looking amazing!


  3. jl_crack

    Amazing track


  4. Iuri

    According to Paradiso girl Lauren Bennett that’s not the final version yet.


  5. LaMont

    Not another Pussycat Doll type of group!


  6. Johan

    i liked it alot actually shouldve gone to pussycat dolls and eve part couldve been longer lol but its catchy as hell


  7. REM

    it is catchy as hell, i prefer Keris verson tho. Keri ft Lil Jon and Eve woulda been a hot bonus track for her album


  8. BP86

    keri’s version is MUCH better.


  9. mamama

    its okay i dont like the ending though to much instrumental


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