Chris Brown’s Lawyer: ‘Dismiss the Case’

Chris Brown in Court

Chris Brown’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, told TMZ on Wednesday that he wants the case against his client dismissed because of leaks.

“Leaks can form the basis for a motion to dismiss the case in regard to outrageous governmental misconduct,” Geragos told TMZ outside a Los Angeles courtroom.

A new hearing has been scheduled for May 28. Brown currently faces two felony charges on assault and criminal threats.

In related news, a judge ruled that Rihanna’s jewels can go back to their rightful owner after being held as evidence. The pop singer requested that the $1.4 million borrowed goods be returned to the jeweler who loaned them to her for Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party, the same night as her fight with Brown.

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  1. Team Breezy

    Team Breezy 4 ever everr everrr XxX LoVe u ChrIS


  2. anonymous

    this is stooopid… this kid OBVIOUSLY beat her up and they keep pushing back the case… THIS DISGUST ME where the hell is real justice???


  3. -A

    damn the girl above me is fucking retarded


  4. Jai

    Ok and where is justice for men that beat their women all over the world? It pisses me off that women are being beaten and killed everyday from domestic violence and it takes Rihanna being hit for the world to notice it exists. People never cease to amaze me.I’m not saying Chris shouldn’t be punished because he should but from what’s being leaked obviously Rihanna doesn’t think so. Either way I will continue to buy/listen to both of their music.


  5. sosiccwitswagga

    bump dat shit chris brown ass needs 2 go 2 jail for what he did to rihanna no mattah what if da case gets dismissed he still brutally beat up a woman he need 2 serve time n jail real talk who gives a fugg if stuff leaked about da trail oh well his bad put his ass in jail…


  6. Jay

    Now that I think about it, it picture could’ve been leaked on purpose, so they would be able to dismiss the case. I’m just sayin…it’s been done before. I’m just tired of this whole situation, it’s sad.


  7. BP86

    um…CLEARLY he has to face SOME type of serious consequence for what he’s done. If that had been a COMMON black man that beat up his girlfriend, the law would have throw the F-ing book at him. Treat everyone equally, damnit. This is ridiculous and unjust.


  8. SMH

    “Brutally beat?” HA! Were we looking at the same picture?


  9. Dominicano

    Take is punk ass to jail i wish ppl stop tryin to take up for this woman beater!!!


  10. drtash

    Oh yeah dismiss the case cause of leaks….no what you really want to say is dismiss the case cause chris brown has a career and he doesn’t want this to ruin him. I’m sick of these celebs like R Kelly, O.J., Michael Jackson, and Chris Brown who think they can do whatever they can beat, kill and molest anyone they want and we’re just supposed to give them a free pass because they’re celebs with promising careers. If a normal black man did these things they’d lose everything but NOOOO poor Chris, our poor little Chris needs a break cause all the little girls and boys love him. Crime should NEVER go unpunished.


  11. Rod123

    Yeah always blame it on the guy! No body has bothered to think about Rihanna’s part in all this. Pips it’s not a one way street, think about it. I am glad he is gonna walk, everyone makes mistakes why should he be judged more harshly than others?


  12. Dominicano

    @rod123: if he beated on ur mother or sister would u feel the same????? No! Plz next time make a valid point.


  13. `shawtaye.

    Just hurry up and sentence the dude; so this matter can rest.


  14. mani

    i glad he beat dat ass she on’t be spinning no unbrellas nomore


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