Rap-Up TV: Chrisette Michele – Underneath It All

Chrisette Michele lets Rap-Up TV under the covers as she opens up about the Ne-Yo-penned hit she passed on (any guesses?), an embarrassing fan encounter while shopping for underwear, which Kelly Rowland song she can’t get out of her head, and pressure to conform to the industry’s size-two standards. Plus, the R&B songstress blesses us with her heavenly voice.

Make sure you pick up Chrisette’s sophomore album Epiphany, in stores and online now.

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  1. e.ton

    great interview ..got her cd today..its greatness


  2. dan

    maybe take a bow?

    would have fit good to her


  3. mike

    Irreplaceable? With You? Hate That I Love You?


  4. Cash

    “Take A Bow”


  5. Yan

    Irreplaceable. It’s on iTunes review, check it out.


  6. Jay

    She seems real cool and her album is dope! I wonder which song it was. I was thinkin Take A Bow


  7. malcolm

    if it was Irreplaceable maybe it would not have been a hit. according to Neyo Beyonce change the arrangement and melody of the original song. so the demo she heard and the one beyonce does is too different songs.


  8. bass_man

    “you mean to tell me that your magazine got awhl dis money and yall can’t find me 1 outfit?”

    i almost died.


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