Nude Photos of Cassie Hit the Net


The right side of her head isn’t the only thing Cassie is exposing. Topless photos of the R&B singer leaked to the Internet on Wednesday night.

The “Me&U” hitmaker is pictured naked from the waist up, laying on a bed with nipple piercings. The amateur photos appear as though they were taken on a camera phone before she shaved her head last month. is not going to post the images here.

Cassie confirmed the authenticity of the leaked photos through her Twitter page. “IT SEEMS THAT SOMEONE HAS HACKED INTO MY COMPUTER…THAT’S REAL FOUL AND EVIL,” she wrote in all caps. “NOW STOP ACTING LIKE YOU HAVEN’T SEEN A TITTY BEFORE.”

Fabolous was among those who tweeted about the pics. “Ok my twiggas, ur dreams have been fulfilled,” he said. “We hav[e] topless pics of Cassie.”

The 22-year-old star is scheduled to shoot a video for “Must Be Love” with Diddy in Los Angeles this Friday.

UPDATE: Cassie has posted the following statement on her official website.

The recent personal pictures that have been leaked on the internet of me were hacked and stolen out of my computer. These photos were obviously never intended for the world to see and it’s sad that people would really take time to steal and post them, it’s just evil. At the end of the day breasts are breasts, mine weren’t the first you’ve seen and they won’t be the last… people need to grow up, let’s move on. Thank you.


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    Cassie’s boobs look like mine.


  2. TaylorDenise

    publicity stunt


  3. TheGoodGood

    You rewind this… BadBoy’s behind this.

    she’s a mess, NASTY put some clothes on!!!
    Booty all out, tongue out her mouth, cleavage from here to Mexico


  4. GodHelpUsAll

    Everyone is acting like this hasn’t happened to a celeb before. C’mon people! Personally, I think it’s not cool that someone leaked it. Yes, she took those pics, so what? Get over it. It’s been done.


  5. Giselle

    Wow, that’s wrong. This is gonna be the top headline for the rest of the week, smh.


  6. Cassie best fan



  7. ohhhh yeaaaah !!

    Oh i’m definitely diggin’ those pics :)))
    too bad these aren’t HQ tho…
    and damn she needs to leak more of those cuz i wanna see the pu$$y too !


  8. oliver luke

    what site can i go on 2 see them let me no shout me a holla


  9. Dominnicano

    I dont why people say those pics r trashy they look very tasteful and beautiful pics….the second one is the beautiful one


  10. `shawtaye.


    ROFL. Priceless.


  11. eddie

    i do think that she leaked them herself for getting public attention…she try too hard these days…


  12. Ebony

    COME ON!!!!!!! This is an obvious STUNT and BadBoy isn’t fooling anyone. The girl has an album coming out. She shaves half of her head. Few weeks later a nude pic of her “leaks”? PUHHHHLEASE!!!!!! You’re a celebrity, how you’re gonna take pics (or make a sex tape for some) when you’re exposed to the public?? It’s not even a pre-celeb pic, it’s a POST-celeb pic.

    Can we say publicity stunt??


  13. the wolfkin

    oliver really? if we’ve learned nothing from Knocked Up it’s that there’s a place called Mr Skin that has all that jazz.


  14. Catie

    PR stunt.


  15. sosiccwitswagga

    Thank You Jesus!!! Damn Cassie So Fine Damn Only Wish I Could C Dat Pretty Ass Pu$$y, I Honestly Dont Give A F**k If It Is A Pr Stunt Its A Beautiful N Sexy Stunt It Is But I Honestly Do Believe Dat The Pics Were Leaked N Dat Skit Aint Coo. Cassie Is Just Pure Sexy, Hea Music Is Off Tha Chain, Must Be Love Is Knokcin I Cant 4 Da Video…


  16. Bijan

    I don’t think it’s a publicity stunt, it’s like she wants everyone to move on.
    Idk I like her.


  17. Cassie best fan

    Whoaaa who da fuck cares if it’s a pubilicity stunt she fine!!!
    She needs a pubilicity stunt to



    Just seen them and i had a bad day and those pics just made my day/night great….i am totally a fan of cassie now,lol.


  19. ohhhh yeaaaah !!

    dammmmmn :D my wish came true and the pu$$y pic leaked too :D
    now i wish for her sextape to leak ;)


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  22. maxayne-

    WTF..If thats a way of promoting an album which is obviously going to be a FLOP then the world has gone crazy…she cant sing so she wanna cover all that by posin nude..
    Yaaah please..


  23. Hudas

    nah. . . thats normal for some one to make his/her name be noticed. . . but who knows, maybe its real. . . if its real,..,.,,.,,.,,. wish i could see one. . . ^,,,^


  24. bongo

    stop acting like it was a mistake. if ur boobies aint nothing then u could be walking half naked. it aint last time to see boobies but yours were seen. damn!


  25. weZZy gurl

    she stupid y she shave ha head



    cute pic..


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