Nelly Readies New Album for November


Despite lackluster sales of his last project, Nelly is going forward with plans to release a new album this November.

The “Hot in Herre” rapper will follow up 2008′s Brass Knuckles with his sixth solo album. The set is due November 10 on Universal Motown, has learned.

Brass Knuckles has sold over 200,000 copies to date. It debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 in September 2008, moving 80,000 units its first week.

In the meantime, Nelly is also in the studio with his group the St. Lunatics crafting their sophomore album. He has partnered with Romane Fragrances to launch an Apple Bottoms women’s fragrance this fall.

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  1. Giselle

    Is it gonna be worth buying this time? With less features? If so, I’ll be looking forward to it.


  2. nana

    brass knuckles went gold selling 800,000 units just three months later so he did well lunatic’s album gon b fire already heared 2 tracks and there fire so wit city back it’s gon b like 1999-2000 again


  3. Catie

    ^”Brass Knuckles” only sold 200k to date.

    I feel like Nelly depends on other artists too much in his songs, lately anyways. Almost all of his biggest hits were just songs by himself and he should stick to that method.


  4. yeahyeah

    sweet. cant wait to hear from him, and hopefully this new cd will be better than brass knuckles. not saying it was bad, but there were too many features and not enough of himself.


  5. Giselle

    Catie you said it best. I hope that’s what he does.


  6. Brina

    Good news. Can’t wait.


  7. babybenz

    I really like him and I hope he puts hardwork into this, I wish him success! And yes, dude has to chill on this feature thing! When I saw the back of the brass knuckles, I was irritated!
    Goodluck with it Nelly


  8. AM

    I hope this time he do well on sales, brass knuckles was a good album, i’m from portugal and i love it.


  9. Ebony

    hasn’t he realized he’s IRRELEVANT??


  10. gil

    Ebony Shut up!!! nelly is the best!!!!


  11. Music Critic

    Nelly could use a new project. His latest project depended heavily on features & I was disappointed. It seems like he needs to switch up his style, but in some sense I say no, idk what to say, something is just not working for me when I hear his music lately, but I wish much luck to him(it doesn’t matter if its a hit or not, its the vibe I get!)


  12. Yvans

    Nelly is the best!! he rap(grillz)groove(pimp juice, dilemma, my place) he do everything with deiferent style maybe not for the rock!!i think brass knuckles is a flop according to his previous sales but in fact it is not a flop because il go gold before 2009!!brass knuckles is a very good album as a mixtape with a lot of featuring but for an album it look like a DJ Khaled album because we have the impression that the guest sing for him and himl just do what he alredy do!!im a fan of Nelly and im sure that the next will be a number one hit with 2 or three number one hit, he is a specialist for it and the come back of the tics will be more than great, you have to listen “ST lunatics” and “get low to the flo lo” and the snippet on youtube of two track, it fire!!get ready, keep money out to buy two albul city free and the new Nelly!!Nelle The Best Rapper


  13. Yves-Yann Amany

    Brass Knuckles is not a flop it went gold like Young Jeezy The Game Album but according to his previous albums we can say it is a flop because nelly make hit all the time like Fat joe. when he sings it is a hit, when he rap it is a hit too!!he is the only one who doesnt need autotune because of his voice, it make thing that he upgrade his voice but not!!brass knuckles didnt sale like the previous because of the features, there was so much and it seem to be a kind of mixtape Khaled Album where evrybody sing for him!!but dont worry, the comeback is fire with the two tracks of St Lunatics with City Spud in th group!!Derrty Ent will make money more than before with several hit!!i am sure and proud to be a fan!”We all We Got!”


  14. B-A-T

    i agree with what Yves-Yann Amany said nelly always make hits…but…he’s not doing it alone…let me get that straight he’s great voice he’s actually one of the greatest whatever he does..but my question is why don’t he try do something with fire something with nobody can even dream about…i think he is able to do that to show the world that he is truly unique


  15. B-A-T

    so if he want to be mention with best ever like Pac Biggie or LL Cool J he should do his six album without so many features should focus on doing what he’s best i mean mixing rapping and singing…


  16. B-A-T

    i almost forgot…i’ve seen the hip hop vs. america…and nelly was answering so inteligent that i start to thinking why he doesn’t try do one or two songs about life like he did with a Die For You or N Day Say songs…he was living with gangsters he saw a lot of things that maybe he should tell us some story….whatchu think about that?? do u people agree with me??


  17. Brandon

    I think he may need to do a single with a T.I or Lil wayne to put him back on the map b4 realeasing another album. I love him but he needs to get people back because many have forgotten.


  18. B-A-T

    T.I ok but weezy?? man hell no….if we talking bout collaborations he should make one with justin again or new one with jay-z or kanye west there suppose be his future if he want to make another 9platinum album


  19. Shau

    can’t wait! he should do hits like ride wit me that kind of stuff and work with ti and chris brown that would be brilliant even if its not good i’m gettin it! i love love love Nelly and I love Brassknuckles and all his albums so you know Nelly I’ll get it :D


  20. B-A-T

    agree i really love his music too but i think he can make better album than brass knuckles…..i still remember hot in here ride with me or err time…so maybe he’ll repeat that success


  21. alex bishop

    i cant wait 4 nelly’s new album if its as good as brass knuckles or country grammer then we will be luvin this up!!!!!!


  22. Tablét!

    Nelly’s my boy 4 dont mta if he’s gna get som hard knocks 4rm me here.brass knuckles was a serious nose dive in his carrier.personally i feel wit dis album he finaly gave d critics a lot of ‘we told u dis guy aint shit’.tone down d collabos bro.ur d best but u gotta dig dipper than ur doing now..rememba,’we all we got’


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