New Music: Shakira f/ Wyclef – ‘The Border’

Shakira and Wyclef

Shakira and Wyclef Jean cross “The Border” on their spicy new collabo, which was reportedly produced by Timbaland. The “Hips Don’t Lie” duo aims to recapture the magic from their 2006 smash.

In addition to Timbo, Shakira has been in the studio with Pharrell working on her third English album. Muy caliente!

Shakira f/ Wyclef Jean – “The Border”

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  1. Sexxy

    you guys are seriously deaf. sounds nothing like Shakira, nothing like Timbaland but more so like an unfinished demo track that you shouldn’t even post


  2. Kriss

    ^ LOL at u acting like u know what’s up. You need 2 see a hearing doctor ASAP. No doubt that’s Shakira and Clef


  3. Sexxy

    hell yeah that’s Clef, but not Shakira


  4. Kriss

    I’d put money down that that’s Shakira. Clean your ears


  5. Sexxy

    I’ll put money down as well that its just a demo song sung by some writer/singer Clef works with that got leaked and rap-up just put it up there to make it seem they got an exclusive which is clearly not the case…there’s a joke that goes like this and works also with you and anyone that believes this is Shakira: Did you hear the one about the blindfolded man identifying the animals at the zoo? the first animal he held in his hands was soft and furry and had what felt like two long ears on its head. “It’s a bunny”, he announced, triumphantly. The next animal was wet and slippery. “A fish”, he declared. Then he was given a snake. “Hmmm…” he said “it’s slick, and slimy and has no ears. Must be an A&R guy!”


  6. Kriss

    rap-up didn’t even claim this was exclusive. perez hilton even has it


  7. Sexxy

    uuuhhh even Perez Hilton…go to your momma and cry, lemme send the song to Obama so he also has it…


  8. Kriss

    Obama already has it


  9. hfhfgj

    c’mon Rap-Up, ya kno it ain’t Timbo who produced it…


    Rap-Up Reply:

    That’s why we said “reportedly.” If you can confirm who produced it, please tell us.


  10. Nick

    To me it sounds like Shakira.


  11. Giselle

    Nice song, or demo rather.


  12. Greg

    I Freakin Luuv Shakira & cant W8 4 Her 1st Single With Madonna Thats Supposedly Aboutta Drop May or June!! But This Track Is Hekka Blahh 2 Me…


  13. Bijan

    This is Shakira 10000000% sure.
    She’s been trying to pop her voice up for this song.

    It sounds very Redone/Storch??


  14. Anonymous

    [...] una nueva canci

  15. Sexxy

    LOL it also doesn’t sound RedOne or scott Storch-ish. It’s most likely Wyclef with his long time co-producer Jerry “Wonda” Duplessis


  16. Bijan

    oh okay, thanks. I don’t know wyclef that well.But I do know Shaks been working with RedOne alot for her new album. It’s supposedly very Reggaetonish.


  17. Ebony

    That’s both Clef and Shakira. Shakira’s voice is totally unique, quite like Toni Braxton’s, or Brandy’s, you instantly recognize it. Some of yall need your ears checked.


  18. Face (AK's lover)

    i agree with everything you said ebony. that is most definitely shakira!

    as far as the track, i think it could definitely grow on me…im on the fence right now.


  19. tonni

    i like shakira but wyclef just seems 2 interfare in peoples tunes


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