Video: Ciara Is Too Hot for ‘SNL’

Ciara on SNL

Ciara tore up the “Saturday Night Live” stage for the first time this weekend. Super C and host Justin Timberlake set the roof on fire with “Love Sex Magic.” A solo CiCi cooled things down with “Never Ever” later in the show.

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  1. hiiigh price!

    FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! nobody is messing with this girl, I’m telling you.


  2. Lil' Nello

    Damn Ciara killed it with her performances & she was looking real good to!


  3. Go Bey

    I gotta say Ciara is absolutely gorgeous. She looks like a supermodel.

    Cici killed the LSM performance. That little James Brown funk bit was a nice touch.

    Great job Ciara!


  4. carl

    I loved the LSM performance. GREAT!


  5. Jay

    WOOOW Now that’s how you entertain baby!!! Ciara just killed it so bad! She sounded amazing and looked so fine, so fine! Never Ever was great and that LSM was FIRE!!! LSM sounds so good with a live band, it really makes you bounce wit it more! I love the break down part, “get low, get low” she was gettin her james brown on! Amazing!


  6. tell'em

    Looked great but yall are wildin’ if you think she sounded good, especially the yelp fest that was “Never Ever”. Shes sexy for sure tho..


  7. MOV

    Ciara hasn’t really grown vocally at all. She’s better than some chicks yes but still for her third album and she’s still sounding like that live….mmm

    However to be on the positive side, I liked her performance for “Love, Sex, Magic”.


  8. Mach

    Both performances were amazing! She definitely has more control over her voice now.. people act like she has taken a 5 year break and been doin vocal lessons the whole time..

    omg.. she is soooo beautiful.. simply stunning!


  9. ciaralover

    WOW the LSM performance was off the hook and never ever was nice too but LSM was just amazing i guess it is true that ciara is taking us on a FANTASY RIDE… lol AKBUM IN STORES NOW. I wanna see the HATERS try to hate on this?


  10. dd

    the end was jus insannne ggo fricken ciara omg!!


  11. Andre Le Dale

    Janet jackson 2009 baby, she killed that, go Ciara.


  12. Dz

    I was so excited when I was watchin this omg! She did great! I love her!


  13. Merril The Space Cadet

    great performance


  14. bass_man

    LSM was nice live!


  15. Catie

    She killed both performances! Go CiCi!

    She definitely did a better job singing “Never Ever” live last night than on previous shows.


  16. BP86

    Love, Sex, & Magic was really really good. I’m happy for her. It made me like the song even more.


    I didn’t like “Never Ever”. Didn’t like her voice. Would’ve preferred a different album track or something…


  17. jj3309

    both performances was hot but LSM was really good and sounded great live…GO CIARA!!!…good job


  18. Music Critic

    Her vocals weren’t up to par, but none the less she put on a great show, hope she is successful with her album sales, CD is amazing, bought 2 copies(not a ciara “stan”or whatever u call it) but bought the original & deluxe edition, great CD!!!


  19. Burmy

    That set was on FIRE!

    Question though: Why didn’t Jeezy show up?


  20. Carl

    OK Ciara mad sexy ma! Imma have to cop the album my friends been saying its a nice album… man she do love sex and magic on me any day!!!!!


  21. Dz

    She rocked!


  22. Femme.

    oh yeah, THAT performance. I don’t know man, it was OK.
    JT was funny at his 3rd time at SNL.
    Love SNL.


  23. paula

    The best part was Jt song about mother´s day.
    I think Ciara it´s a really great dancer but vocally…I agree with Mov opinion, she hasn´t grown.
    I could´t feel the music…
    The performance was Ok.


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