Eminem Is the Masked Man


Eminem traded in his swine flu mask for a Rey Mysterio wrestling mask while promoting his new album Relapse in London.

Em will co-host Fox’s “Animation Domination” this Sunday with cartoon baby Stewie Griffin from “Family Guy.”

Photo credit: Big Pictures

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  1. Giselle



  2. bass_man

    he looks a damn fool. lol

    Love Family Guy btw!


  3. UNE

    rey mysterio’s mask lol


  4. Lil' Nello

    LOL what a fool! Love Family Guy though!


  5. Catie

    I’m a huge fan of “Family Guy”, i saw the preview for it last week. Eminem and “Family Guy” are a perfect fit, haha.


  6. Lolol

    Hes not a fool!! He just likes Rey Rey :) I cant blame him!


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