Video: Lady GaGa Is Out of This World

Lady GaGa on Ellen

Lady GaGa finally put on pants and some outer-space headgear while performing “Poker Face” on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Tuesday.

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  1. Giselle

    I like the fact that she thinks outside the box. It sets her apart. Great performance.


  2. never-ever

    she really does sound amazing!!

    shes always FRESH and DOPE!!! such an innovator

    cant wait for her sophmore album cuz you kno its gonna be hot…if shes so fuckin hot now just imagine her next album release


  3. Fresh Prince22

    Wow..really tries too hard…this is just over the top…i understand that she wants to be “different”, but this is stupid and ridiculous, in my opinion…who walks around with a “globe” on her head…there are many others ways to standout in the music industry, Gaga, not just fashion….try your music for once.


  4. Shane

    Okay, the space headgear is kind of over the top, but I have to say that Gaga has improved her live performances SO MUCH. Look at her live Poker Face performance from October last year on Jimmy Kimmel. First of all, she was using a voice-over, couldn’t hit the high note on “Can’t read my”, and couldn’t keep up with her dancers when attempting to hit high notes.

    She’s perhaps one of the most on-key live pop stars in the industry right now, and that’s a lot to say considering her tenure in the industry is about one year old…


  5. ugh

    shes like those people that you see around that try too hard to be trendy and different. when in reality they are like EVERY other person in the world except they look like a big neon disaster and look like complete idiots. the faux cocaine/random attitude is so immature.


  6. Andre Le Dale

    I love this chick to the fullest she’s so Grace Jones 3008. The album is serious.


  7. she is wack

    she looks retarded, she has a bitchy ass attitude. she just another person who will be forgotten in a couple of months.


  8. DJ Triumph

    creativity at it best.


  9. Catie

    Love her! IMO, she’s always been a great performer. I remember watching some live performances by her before she really went mainstream and she was impressive.


  10. Kevin

    she don’t want to be different,
    she IS different. i like here gears. !


  11. Kevin

    I think she’s having her moment but over all I still think she’s gonna burn out real quick and go back to writing or producing for others.


  12. duh

    I think shes dope. Ppl need to get out the box. so stuck in the 1900′s lol


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