Chrisette Michele Bests Ciara for No. 1 Spot

Chrisette Michele

Chrisette Michele has been crowned the victor in this week’s chart showdown.

The R&B songstress’ sophomore album Epiphany debuts at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 selling 83,000 copies. Ciara’s long-awaited Fantasy Ride stalled on its way to the top, arriving at No. 3 with just under 81,000, one notch below the Hannah Montana: The Movie soundtrack at No. 2 (81,000).

According to Billboard, Chrisette’s first-week tally is the lowest total for a No. 1-debuting album in Nielsen SoundScan’s 18-year history. However, it represents a career best for her. 2007′s I Am peaked at No. 29 (27,000).

Meanwhile, Ciara’s latest is the lowest debut of her career. The Evolution quadrupled Fantasy Ride’s first-week sales when it cracked the No. 1 spot with a whopping 338,000 copies in December 2006.

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  1. Lil_CEO

    Damn, poor ciara


  2. Antonio

    Ciara Has sold over 81,000 copies. About a week or two Ciara Going To be At That number one spot…….


  3. jj3309

    poor ciara 1st no bet awards nomination…now this


  4. wameezy

    Damn thats crazy it was definately the single choices i think many people decided not to buy the album because most the songs were already leaked and the choice of singles. Thats pretty bad considering the amount of promotion i expected more than 100k first week. Like a surgeon is her next single which will hopefully give the album a push on sales! Thats just crazy how chrisette michelle got very little promotion and the album did better thats very hard to believe!


  5. mamama

    i feel bad 4 cici…..


  6. ha

    bc the bet awards makes a career. fyi not bet awards for chrisette michele either, that’s because albums came out after april 2009

    lol @ feeling bad for cici when she’s made more $$$ then you will see in your lifetime


  7. derrick

    we shuldnt b tearing down our black women because its hard for them as it is. We shuld be uplifting them and supporting them so we can see more blacks in the lime light


  8. crunkpoet

    agree with above statement


  9. jopacangrie

    why hannah montana is at No. 2


  10. momo

    well the fact is that none of the albums released this year did that great…i dont know but i kinda expected ciara not to do well i got her album but people just anit buying albums like that


  11. lilian

    I bought evolution because I loved the dancing Ciara, I wanted her to earn more money to make more dancing videos/dancing tours-the sex kitten ciara-standing at mics in heels don’t work for me-I don’t want to support soft porn


  12. Meril

    Albums usually flop for a reason. They really didn’t promote her enough, that’s it. Personally I think it’s a good album.



    :( :( I love CiCi.. poor… :(


  14. Nick


    Im so glad she beat that FLOPIARA! Even Hannah Montana crushed her! LOL!


  15. michael c



  16. UH?

    ciara is desperate.
    and then she flopped.


  17. WTF!? O.o

    chrisette michele SUCKS!!
    CICI ROCKS! go giiirrrlll :D fantasy ride is so muuch better than epiphany DD:

    st****d michele! :@


  18. Jay

    I can’t be mad at chrisette cause her album was good. Ciara will always be my #1. The fact is is that Ciara still sold and is gonna sell more. Also Fantasy Ride is amazing album, so I’m happy. I can’t wait for more performances and videos! And when Ciara have the Fantasy Ride tour, I’m definitely gonna be there


  19. mr_baxter

    Chrisette Michele album is solid, she has the voice and is a real artist. Ciara can’t sing a single note, even on “Never Ever” performances (where she is standing in front of the mic) her voice is weak as hell… I think this time quality won


  20. tell'em

    C-Error had this coming. No growththis go round. The music wasn’t up to par and Chrisette outsold with half the budget. Ciara was EVERYWHERE(SNL, Letterman, Ellen, 106, MYV Spots), there’s no excuse. I actually work in marketing so real talk there was big and expensive promotion behind Fantasy Ride.

    REAL music won. The Stans can fall the fk back. Even Ashanti and Keri Hilson(whos album is amazing) sold more…


  21. Jay

    lol and to the person who said she flopped, you’re an idiot! If you say that, then that means that every single artist that didn’t debut at #1 is a flop! yeah # 2 through 10 are all flops ha! that really makes a lot of sense. Lady Gaga still hasn’t reached the top 3 and her album is a huge success. Jamie Foxx’s album debut at the exact same spot, #3 and his album just went platinum. lol So get a clue buddy. It’s still in the top 3 albums in the country, so that is still a great accomplishment. Go Ciara!!!!!


  22. bass_man

    That’s upsetting for Ciara because she’s done so much promo, grinding hard.

    But, the material is forgettable, I hate to say. “The Evolution” deserved that spot; Fantasy Ride did not.


  23. Jay

    @ tell’em if you’re in marketing like you say, you really need to get your facts straight. It’s only been one week, so FR will sale more. And I love Ashanti, but last time I checked she just got dropped from her label. And that other name you sad, uuh didn’t she debut @ #4. This is Ciara’s 3rd album and the sky’s the limits for her. Any way, Ciara bout to go international wit Jay Z and Britney and that’s not even the Fantasy Ride tour, so eat it up! :) Sit back relax and enjoy the show homie!


  24. malcolm

    the better album came in @ #1. Anyone with any music sense who listen to both album knows that, Chrisette album is superior to ciara garbage


  25. Jay

    @malcolm I actually have both albums and I love both, but I love Fantasy Ride a lot more. I listen to just about everything. I’m tire of people saying real music or real singers. It’s crazy. I love artist like Ciara cause she an innovator and her music is amazing! Everything from the way she sings, dance and writes. If I wanted to only listen to soul, rock, country, folk, electronic, pop, R&B, hip-hop or gospel music, I would. I listen to them all. It’s all music and every artist has something unique to add. What you’re saying is just your own personal opinion of what music is and it’s obviously bias.


  26. hello

    unfortunatly for her i don’t think that album will reach platinum!!poor super c


  27. joey

    im happy that chrisette is gettin out there i bought I AM when it 1st came out. but im sad 4 ciara thought her album would do well. she’ll still have success in her singles


  28. John

    Congrats to Chrisette – well deserved!!! Don’t really feel sorry for Ciara – the songs are recycled, lyrics retarded and this time round she chose the cheap option of stripping down to nothing – and to everyone talking about how it’s only 1 week so far – most albums slip and slide their way out of the charts without some solid hits and from the looks of it LS&M isn’t gonna stick around!


  29. DJ Triumph

    congrat to her.


  30. Catie

    It really is somewhat shocking that Ciara only sold 81,000 copies in the first week considering all the promo. Besides “Never Ever”, all the singles released from the album so far (“Go Girl, “LSM”) have sounded like songs we’ve heard over and over again. I agree with Bass_man that there was no growth this time around and i think the sales took a plunge from that.


  31. Dd

    MAN F**k her i dnt even know who she isz LAME
    Ciara should have came in first placeee i love youh cici


  32. anonymous

    Well since everyone is weighing in on this one, I might as well… Ciara is a phenomenal performer and yes she does have a weaker vocal than most HOWEVER she is still amazingly talented! As far as Fantasy Ride, I have to say… it was just more of the same. I love her comic book concept – totally dope, but as far as her image and her music their was nothing “evolution”ary this go-round. More copy! :( BUT, Don’t trip, I still got love for her.
    Chrisette Michelle had something new and refreshing to offer on this effort and I honestly believe musical ‘content’ was the winning factor between these 2 last week. Now as far as Ciara’s numbers, well… she’ll definitely continue to sell, but you’ll also need to consider the down-trend of ‘album’ sales from 2008 which we see is only worsening in 09′. Sooo…. There you have it! my 2 cents…ahaha


  33. jrib723

    Jay u sound dum for saying that ciara aint flop…

    Jaime fox went platinum but he also shifted over 200k in first week

    For here to sell 81k its gonna be hard for her to go platinum

    I mean her main buddy luda did 200k in first week n he aint plattinum

    She had justin timberlake and jeezy assist her first singles so there’s no excuse maybe if she dident push it back so much wut was that for 2 sell more copies smh…

    Christte aint have quest spots or promo like dat and she number 1
    After her debut sold 29k to debut at 27 and she came like this for her sophmore that’s good

    Ciara need to hang it up…and for all those people that sed she took out janet smh sike janet never sold under 100 in first week ugg

    Ciara aint better den any top female in this gme so she need 2 go bac 2 drawing bored she aint rihanna.beyonce.alicia

    Dam even kiesha sells bank

    Ashanti did more in her first week 2 if I serve right dang

    Womp womp


  34. you’re now rockin’ with the best » Blog Archive » Video: Ciara on ‘Kimmel’ + Jordin Sparks on ‘AI’

    [...] to Ciara’s promo team. She has been everywhere over the last couple weeks [insert cruel sales joke here]. The only artist who out-promoted her was BeyoncĂ©. Her TV appearances wound down with a stop [...]

  35. Sexxy

    real talent usually has the last laugh…


  36. Critic

    Well I’m not disappointed becuz its so close 83,000 to 80,000, I mean come on that’s close & chrisette still won’t sell anything near Ciara as she priced her CD’s @ a mere 2.99. When ya’ll calling CiCi desperate that’s a laugh cuz she didn’t hav to down-size her price, I bet Cici will be ahead of Chrisette by the time the charts are updated again. Chrisette’s ok but the reason I think gospel/soul is lame is cuz all the artists r the same/similar. What does Chrisette hav 2 offer than those who hav come be4 her? She seems like another fantasia. CiCi is what it is, she’s amazing & who cares if she doesn’t hav the best vocals & least she offers what no other artist do, her along Riri & Bey r the leading lady’s 2day.


  37. hec

    THIS BITCH IS wack!


  38. BCFan.

    Chrisette was basically giving out her album for FREE. 2.99? and she still only sold 80, 000? Come on, she’s talented but nobody’s really checking for her, her previous sales says so. People bought her shit cuz it was basically free, so for the people getting all hype, just shut up please. I think Ciara didn’t sell that much is because she didnt stick to her roots at all she completely switched it up and got let down. i’m glad she showcased her vocals but she shoulda played it somewhat safe and have that hype-ghetto dance crazy Ciara and then win over her pop fans. after her next singles her album is gunna blow up, so i can’t wait for that, go cici.


  39. LimBo

    I’m tired of ppl sayng Ciara switched her style, jus becuz of her 2nd single was pop doesn’t mean she’s pop. If u buy her CD then u’ll see the true definition as 2 y her CD is called Fantasy Ride, she offers a pop perspective(i.e. LSM, Turntables, I’m On, Tell Me What Your Name Is, Work) & still keeps it hood (i.e. Ci 2 the Stage, def Hi Price, Pucker Up, G is 4 Girl, Echo) yet she offers hot balleds like that of Promise (Like a Surgeon, Keep Dancin, I don’t remember, never ever, lovErs thing). There’s something for everyone. Its her best CD yet, but ppl jus believe that, idk its hot & y we giving recognition 2 this nobody, jus leave her she’s whack(i.e. Chrisette Michelle)


  40. Jay

    @ jrib723 lol Actually you are the one that sounds dumb! I do agree with the one person who said that album sales have gone down in the past years, which is true. So that definitely has something to do with poor sales. So back to jrib723. For you to say that Ciara flopped with 80,000 and Chrisette got 83,000 that means they are both flops. You’re totally contradicting yourself. What you’re saying is, is that Jamie and Luda’s 200k is equivalant to Chrisette’s 83,000 which makes no sense at all! #1 is nothin but a label, a position on the charts. If Miley Cyrus came out the same day as Chrisette and Ciara, she would’ve out sold both of them. And you would be sitting there saying how they both flopped.

    This is Miley’s, I think 3rd week, and she’s still #1 on the charts. So if this was her second week and Chrisette came out a week early, her album would’ve been 2nd!!! Now that’s not a flop but it’s still would’ve been #1. That’s exactly what happened to DAY26 and why they debut at #2! They came out on Miley’s second week on the charts and she sold more than them her second week than in their first. She was #1 they were 2. GET IT!?!?! So therefore if Miley’s sales hadn’t gone down, just a LITTLE, in her 3RD week, Chrisette would’ve been #2 and Ciara would’ve still been at 3 and WE would’nt even be having this conversation. At the end of the day you can promote all day long, but people are gonna buy what they wanna buy. So the moral is, if Ciara’s a flop, then so is Chrisette with a 3,000 album difference. Who cares any way, I got both albums and I’m goin go listen to Fantasy Ride and then Epiphany! PEACE


  41. Jay

    * second paragraph: I meant to say Miley’s # 2 in her 3rd week. :)


  42. Jay

    Oh and one more thing! To all the people saying that real music won and that Fantasy Ride is garbage music, you’re full of ish! By saying that, you’re not only “TRYING” to insult Ciara you’re insulting all the producers and writers too. Ne-Yo, Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, Danja, The Clutch, Justin, Missy and The-Dream. Ne-Yo work on both albums. So you’re saying the songs he did with one artist are crap and the others are real and amazing. Yaw fake, cause I know yaw wouldn’t say that ish to any of them. Music is music. If it ain’t your style then don’t buy and shut up! And if what I say is to long for you to read, don’t. Now I’m out! lol


  43. DJ

    fergie debut 80k went 2x plat
    gaga debut 25k about to go plat
    keisha cole debut 300k barely went gold

    chrisette will barely go gold

    flop isn’t determined in one week.

    and jaimie fox current album did not debut with much either

    you’re right ci got more promo and she will continue to get more promo. and defjam’s golden boy picked cici to tour with not chrisette. that speaks for itself

    real music is a matter of opinion. i appreciate all music. madanna has yet to be trumped.

    rapup where’s the ciara interview


  44. DJ

    and rhianna has yet to debut over 150k. a debut week doesn’t determine the era


  45. jrib723

    Everyone bringing others into this when its about one person

    Chrisste is not a flop because she trippled her sales of her first album in opening week point 1…

    Fergie went 2x platinum because she also had 3 number one singles 2 push that album

    Rihanna is on a whole nother level her singles dnt ever flop so she will alwasy be relevent

    Ciara will not go platinum becasue she won’t control charts 2 make album sell
    She had yung jeezy on never ever and song aint go 2 top 40

    Justin timberlake had her in top 10 for one week den it dropped so dnt say she gonna sell a lot when those singles aint do shit

    On and jaime fox did over 200k for his second album for that one who sed he dident debut high and it was also christmas time which is when sales are high

    Being its summer and u got green day.eminem.jonas bros.daughtry.jordin sparks.all those albums droppin she gonna be over shaddowed this album aint gonna hit gold bet!


  46. CMfan

    Chrisette Michele’s album was only @ 2.99 for digitals only!!!! Too bad for Ciara she flopped. Chrisette outsold her the 2nd wk also. Ciara gonna be outside the top 10 nex week & i don’t think Flop Ride would be number 1 again cuz there’s big debut by Eminem. All the songs r crap on Flop Ride… except LSM, Never ever and g is for girl. Swagga jacking the Queen Bey = Flop Ride


  47. Dz

    Lol you guys are so desperate to put someone down. Get a life. Congrats to both of the artists for doin somethin with their life. Unlike these people.

    Go Ciara! =)


  48. mysonistheworld

    i loved chrisette michele since the first time i heard her…i was never a huge Ciara fan..yes she can dance..but singing..thats another story. chrisettes voice so much stronger than ciara. chrisettes last album touched, it felt real, not commercial. I am looking forward to seeing more of her in the future.


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