LeToya Luckett Hints at Album Guests

LeToya Luckett

More details on LeToya Luckett’s sophomore album are emerging as her release date approaches.

In addition to Ne-Yo and Chris Brown, the original Destiny’s Child member has completed songs with Ludacris, Missy Elliott, Tank, and Floetry’s Marsha Ambrosius. But LeToya is remaining mum on details until they’re finalized.

“Ludacris, Tank did three songs, Marsha from Floetry,” she tells Rap-Up.com, without disclosing further information. “You don’t want to talk about it until it’s certain. I know a lot of people don’t understand the behind-the-scenes of it. A lot of times, we do the song, then sit back and say, ‘Who can we put on this record?’”

Chris Brown contributed two tracks, but at press time, she hadn’t decided which would make the album. “We’re in the process of figuring all of that out right now.”

While she did say Missy raps on one of the songs, LeToya can’t reveal the other special guest just yet. “Once everything is done, I’ll talk about it.”

Find out who made the cut when Lady Love arrives on June 23. In the meantime, listen to her official second single, the Cory Bold-produced “She Ain’t Got Sh!t On Me.”

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  1. Giselle

    That’s such a pretty picture of her. Can’t wait for the album.


  2. keke♥'su



  3. ToyaISaStar

    So flucking happy SAGSOM is the 2nd single.

    Slay ‘em Toya!!!!!!


  4. Rick

    Can’t wait, she has stepped things up this time around.


  5. crunkpoet

    i cannot wait until this albums comes out..sounds like its gon be a good one..and she aint got shit on me is the best!!!


  6. Fresh Prince22

    For the “special guest” on the album i wouldnt be suprised if it was a “former destiny child’s member…like beyonce, latavia, or kelly rowland…hmmm


  7. DJ Triumph

    beyonce would be good.


  8. Jay

    Cool I can’t wait!!! This sounds like it’ll be a great album


  9. ~~Quinn~~

    woop woop woop


  10. you already know[gave him swag,and a duffle bag]

    Yes!!!!!!!!! So glad this is going to be the next single.


  11. Lady_D

    Yes I will be SWINGING BATS this summer (^_^)


  12. Catie

    I can’t wait for the music video for “She Ain’t Got Sh!t On Me” which should have been the first single.


  13. Jay

    Man, Letoya really do look good in that pic above


  14. LeToyaISaStar

    I don’t know why people think BeYawnSay w ould be great on any single these days

    because she’s done nothing on duets outside of her body of work where songs have gone to #1.

    Chick gets way too much credit for nothing! She barely have solo #1′s under her belt.


  15. K

    I’m sorry but LeToya bores me to death! Gosh she”s boring.


  16. Lady_D

    @ K, apparently she does not, if you’re up here reading the updates about her…


  17. Jayy

    I love LeToya!!! Lady Love ’09!!!!


  18. lol

    Once again my girl LeToya got her haters shooked and bothered. I LOVE IT! Go ahead Toya do the damn thang! She even got someone who was bored of her to gain interest enough to comment. LMAO!!! LADY LOVE ’09!!!


  19. justin

    Wooooooo!!!! I bet its BEyonce as well but go Toya i hope she gets a hit with this one !


  20. Holara

    SAGSOM rocks! I’m so glad it will be the second single.


  21. brazio

    im so happy she aint got is next single!!! Its about to go down…swing batta batta batta..I hope its someone from the old destinys child who is the special guest… anyone i’ll be happy!!!


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