New Music: Drake – ‘Take You Down’

Drizzy Drake

Young Money rapper-singer Drake reinterprets Chris Brown’s “Take You Down.” The freestyle was reportedly a reference track for Lil Wayne’s Dedication 3 mixtape.

Watch Drizzy perform “Mrs. Officer” with Lil Wayne on the I Am Music tour.

Drake – “Take You Down”

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  1. Giselle

    Can’t wait for his album.


  2. DJ Triumph

    great rapper.


  3. Jay

    Wow I didn’t know Drake could sing! I knew he could flow though. Degrassi is still one of my favorite shows. Nice remix!


  4. bass_man

    Drake is AMAZING.

    Selfishly, I kind of don’t really want him to blow up because he was one of my underground favorites for a long while.

    It’s like everyone found my favorite restaurant and now I can’t get a seat. lol Simile.

    But the track is maybe 3/5 instrumental. I was like o.O….. I think he was just playing around in the studio.


  5. bass_man

    ooops didn’t know the first comment went through.


  6. `shawtaye.

    Drakeee <333


  7. Sean

    He’s good, should just put out a good studio album.





    tu fan#1 <3


  9. Mary (:

    Drakes so sexyaly Able <333333(:


  10. kyvan

    hey peoples drake is the shitttt…cant wait till new album


  11. kyvan abbott

    new album it is nice!


  12. jackie juarez

    Omg I love u drake lol


  13. "@obeydabeast

    man Drizzy is my idol he is the BOMB and imean theee BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!love you Drizzy


  14. ashley

    man i dnt wnt no dumm bitch toh steal my babe drake!!! well IF drake READS THIS well i luv you nd keep iht up!<33


  15. aballo oryem

    this is the best picture
    it just show everything that you are


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