On the Scene: Ciara, Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Jordin Sparks, Melanie Fiona, Raphael


A braided Ciara heats up Maxim’s 10th Annual Hot 100 Celebration at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica on Wednesday. She was No. 32 on the magazine’s Hot 100 list, beating Beyoncé, Christina Milian, Nicole Scherzinger, and Fergie.

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  1. Jay

    Ciara lookin sexy!!!


  2. Don

    Ciara lookin’ very hoodrat, perhaps if the dress was form fitting it’d look better..


  3. Beyonce's Thunder Thighs

    Cici has lost a lot of weight.

    I was hoping she would rock her Afrowig from Ellen lol


  4. damn

    Man Ciara has begun to really piss me off! Why in the hell of works do she gave cornrows I just do not understand anymore she has push me over the ledge an push me over. I’m no longer a fan! Until she become consistent with who she really is I’m off the ride if I want a circus ill go to one. And Ciara if you read this I advise you to run from that slut that’s hanging on you for her two min shine we know her name Kim K! Wooo Jesus Ciara do not do anything or tell her that trick bitch is dirty and bad news! Peace


  5. SEXY !

    ^^^@ DAMN

    wat is this fool talking about !? she looks so sexy and different
    from every other girl there. you ain’t no damn fan so go talk your shit some wear else….if you got nothing good to say then don’t say nothing at all. love u ci


  6. sosiccwitswagga

    My wifey beyonce lookin sexy as fukk as she alwayz does but damn bee y u got da rob covering dat sexy body take it off


  7. Burmy


    What’s the news on Blueprint 3?


  8. bjfvb

    damn Ciara, dem shoes are UGLY !!!!!!!


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