Video: Ciara on ‘Kimmel’ + Jordin Sparks on ‘AI’

We have to hand it to Ciara’s promo team. She has been everywhere over the last couple weeks [insert cruel sales joke here]. The only artist who out-promoted her was Beyoncé. Her TV appearances wound down with a stop on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Wednesday where she performed “Love Sex Magic” and “Never Ever,” below.

Jordin Sparks debuts her new single on “American Idol” after the jump.

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  1. Jay

    Damn Ciara is my all time favorite artist!!! She be gettin me hype everytime and just keep killin them performances! I love that girl! Fantasy Ride baby!!!


  2. Jay

    Jordan did a really great job on AI! She always sounds great, though I still gotta get used to that song


  3. Jay



  4. chase

    ciara is the one she deseved number 1 damm it ! i love u girl people make fantsay ride number 1 still tyme


  5. Giselle

    Jordin thought she was Beyonce for a minute, LOL. Good performance. The song is still growing on me.


  6. DJ

    where’s the ciara interview. enough withthe sales joke. was gaga’s sale a headline. was fergies sales a headline. was rhianna’s first week sales a headline?

    give me a break. plenty pop stars start below 100k and still rip the era


  7. Go Bey

    Ciara is a hard worker. Always has been. When GOodies came out she performed everywhere too.


  8. incognegro

    Ciara always brings her “A” game when it comes to performing, so I am rarely not entertained when Ciara hits the stage – but I am glad to see that she is stepping up her vocals to match her dance skills.

    But I would really like to tip my hat off to Jordin Sparks. I actually enjoy the song, and I think that it will definitely catch on. But Ms. Jordin owned this performance, and owned the stage. She didn’t have to do 30 8-counts to work the stage, and her vocals, as always, were on point spinning. Do ya thug thizzle Jordin, I am definitely on Team Jordin!


  9. jj3309

    Ciara Did great…love LSM perf….GO JORDIN that was a hot perf.!!!!


  10. Catie

    Jordin did incredible, she already has such great stage presence and how old is she, like 19?

    The problem with the promotion for “Fantasy Ride” is that Ciara has been performing the same two songs over and over again. Give the viewers something different so your album seems more appealing. The performances of LSM and “Never Ever” didn’t seem to help album sales the week of the release so why is now any different?


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