T.I. to Serve Jail Time in Arkansas


With just 11 days until T.I. heads to jail, the King of the South now knows where he will be spending the next year and a day.

According to TMZ, Tip will serve his sentence for weapons charges at a low security prison in Forrest City, Arkansas. He is scheduled to report to the facility by noon on Tuesday, May 26.

He’ll likely have a cellmate, remain in the general population of about 1,500 inmates, and be assigned to work detail.

Before checking himself into prison though, T.I. will shoot a video for “Don’t Forget,” his collaboration with Mary J. Blige. The song is the first single from his Paper Trail rerelease, due this summer.

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  1. Robert Loves Ciara

    what….. Paper Trail album has been out, I hope he doesn’t have to stay in there that long


  2. Rick

    Arkansas? WTF? Why would they place him there?


  3. DJ Triumph

    Hopefully he does alright.



    Im from Little Rock, Arkansas. I am shocked to hear that he will be going to Forrest City. Not sure exactly why.


  5. TVA

    Robert it said RE-release


  6. AnnA Banana..

    to Jacque…………..im from Little Rock,i have no idea why they’re sending him there either


  7. Why?

    why is he going to jail…?


  8. Jay

    Can’t wait to see that video! T.I. will be in my prayers for sure


  9. Jesse

    He won’t due a full year, he will be released early on good behavior im sure.


  10. John

    Glad to see that hooligan getting locked up. No one needs to buy as many machine guns as he was trying to buy.


  11. linda

    umma miss him soo much hope the year will go fast so he can get out soon!!cnt wait for the video too itz gonna be a bang!!!much love to MJB


  12. levana

    he’s d greatest no matter wat…hope he be release soon…


  13. Tiffany

    I’m from littlerock and I didn’t even know that it was a federal pen in forrest city. Oh god all these local acts gone try to catch a federal charge so they can get a deal with Grand Husla. Damn T.I.


  14. `shawtaye.

    Feel sorry for him …

    On the brighter note, he looks so sexxed in that picture.


  15. Catie

    Re-releasing “Paper Trail” is pointless. The album was a success and had 4 top ten hits. He should have put the song with Mary J. Blige on an upcoming album.

    I don’t see him serving the full sentence either.


  16. treill

    he been thru it time after time n he know what he doing so he aint sweatin it so we not sweatin it so he b out befo soon


  17. Bonga

    Hey i feel sori 4 hm bt i hope he has learnt frm d mistake & dat he must set a gud example 2 kids n his fans,he’s stil d best


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