Busta Rhymes to Eminem: ‘Leave Mariah Carey Alone’

Mariah Carey, Busta Rhymes, and Eminem

Nick Cannon isn’t the only one rushing to Mariah Carey’s defense. Busta Rhymes is showing support for his friend after Eminem attacked her on his new album.

The notorious rapper calls the songbird a “cunt” and a “whore” on Relapse’s “Bagpipes from Baghdad.” After the track surfaced on the Internet, Mariah’s husband wrote a scathing blog entry going at Eminem over the lyrics. Slim Shady claims the two had a romantic relationship, which Mariah has denied.

“Leave Mariah Carey alone. That’s my friend, man,” Busta tells Rap-Up.com in response to Em’s remarks about his “I Know What You Want” collaborator. “At the end of the day, I don’t know what their situation was, so I can’t really speak on it.”

The blond MC’s connection with the pop diva has been brought up many times since the pair met in 2001. “I don’t even understand why this shit is resurfacing again,” adds Busta. “But for whatever it’s worth, I just hope they could be cool.”

The animated rap star, who will release his new album Back On My B.S. this Tuesday, has also worked with Eminem. The two joined forces on “I’ll Hurt You” and performed the remix to Busta’s “Touch It” at the 2006 BET Awards. “Eminem is my peoples as well. I got great relationships with both of them.”

–Reported by Monique “Marvelous Mo” Balcarran

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  1. DJ Triumph

    yea busta right.

  2. keyjhad

    not only busta,everyone, that psodo kido rapper should show respect to mariah

  3. why?

    why should he show respect to mariah?

  4. mariah=whore

    eminem should diss these bitches

  5. drtash

    ^let’s see she’s legendary for one. Yeah she’s only been doing hiphop for a few years but people forget Mariah’s been in the game for over 18 years. She’s got a HUGE fanbase and many celebrity friends, some of whom are legends themselves (e.g. Whitney Houston) Yeah just ’cause he can do this kind of stunt with Christina A and Britney don’t mean he can diss Mimi like that. I wouldn’t be surprised if he receives some backlash after this. This could very well backfire for him.

    fireguy770 Reply:

    @drtash, umm.. he actually getting a lot of sapport. only because she started it. she said sh** to the press about how the never dated (they did and everyone seems to know it). so em made a song to get back at her “bagpipes from bagdad” then she made “obsessed”, then he made “warning”. there has been a lot of responses on varies websites to “warning”. almost all of them have favored em. oh, did you hear how well relapse did? broke record sales in like 12 countries. in like two weeks he sold over 800,000 copies.

    freaky1 Reply:

    @fireguy770, dude get you facts straight, eminem has been mentioning her at concerts and in songs since 2002…check out lyrics to superman etc, mariah wrote clown about him on her charmbracelet album, this has been going onfor years and eminem started it, after she rejected his ass and he ran back to his ex wife…you wanna have an opinion have one, just make sure to check the facts

  6. CK

    Eminem needs to grow the fuck up and get over whatever it was (or think it was) that he and Mariah had. 10 years later and he still bothered. Its sad.

    fireguy770 Reply:

    @CK, it’s what she said. she told everyone that he just wishes that he dated her. that got em a little angry so he made “bagpipes from bagdad”. then mariah made “obsessed” so em made “warning”. it’s mariah fault and i ain’t the only one saying that check youtube out. it’s a prime example of people taking em’s side.

  7. CB

    Eminem is mean and cruel,he needs to leave mariah alone.

    fireguy770 Reply:

    @CB, well like he said in “warning” “shut her mouth then I’ll leave her alone
    If she don’t (sing this script?) then I’ma just keep goin”

  8. tone

    bet em won’t go at busta

    fireguy770 Reply:

    @tone, he has no beef with busta. but if they where going to go down em would win. he has in own label an he went against another before an blew them out of the waters.

    freaky1 Reply:

    @fireguy770, im just loving all your little uneducated comments…check out the song evidence did about em ….eminem has never come back from that and swiftly left dilated peoples alone after that as half the rap community featured on that song and he was slaughtered, he can only go after pop stars and women now he’s so scared
    the song is ‘search for bobby fisher’

    Brendan Reply:

    @freaky1, I love you’re uneducated comments. i followed that beef and eminem slaughtered everlast in the first place and after two songs he said he was done. Then evidence made a weak ass diss track to help out everlast and eminem didnt care. it doesnt mean he got slaughtered. What? did nas get slaughtered by Jay-Z when Jay-Z made supa ugly in response to Ether?

  9. tone

    or any other credible mcee, because he’s weak him and 2 quaters use the same gimmick to try and stay relevant but just like his new music it’s dated and played out

    fireguy770 Reply:

    @tone, if that’s true how the heck did he break records with relapse in like 12 countries?

  10. Ebony

    @ tone, exactly. That’s what I keep saying, he is not a respectable emcee because he always attacks popstars. He knows his level.

  11. UNE (305)

    em is somethin else, he just needs to stop hating. with all that money he got, he still hating lol.

  12. Mach

    and once again — FEMinem is a hasbeen and a lame..

    fireguy770 Reply:

    @Mach, how does a “hasbeen and a lame” sell over 800,000 copies with relapse.

  13. keyjhad

    show respect to mariah bcoz mariah dont give a fuck about him, he alwayz diss people who he knowz will not answer, come one eminem, be a man,attack diddy or jigga, u wanna girl? attack kim or missy, u will die, pussy rapper

    fireguy770 Reply:

    @keyjhad, she the one who started it (dening to the press that the had something)and she did respond (obsessed). em was not going to just sit back so he made “warning”.

    freaky1 Reply:

    @fireguy770, grrrr reading all your comments makes me so mad….lol….check out em’s song superman and theres like 3 more songs he mentions her on …wayyyyyy before obsessed…he is obsessed he hasnt stopped talking about her since 2001.they probably went out on one date…if he was a normal person and not a singer she would have him arrested as a stalker

    Brendan Reply:

    @keyjhad, diddy and missy? really? You couldnt mention someone whos actually good?

  14. Madmike

    People back the fuck up off eminem ur all blowing this outta proportion u shouldnt take his rhymes serious he alwayz makes rhymes about everybody and hes said before dont take his attacks seriouslly so chill out

  15. Iseah

    eminem is one of the best rappers EVER he raps circles around busta and almost every other rapper including lil wayne who gives a fuck about mariah carey??? She’s fine yea but that dont matter i thought he had freedom of speech??? Damn can’t even say nothing without being attacked why dont you haters hop off his dick???!!

    fireguy770 Reply:

    @Iseah, ya em the best out there no one can compete.

    Brendan Reply:

    @fireguy770, yea? Nas can’t comptete? Jay-Z can’t compete?

  16. JOEY

    eminem has a big problem at dissing people, he needs to start respecting people, like whats the point of dissing people.
    u dont see akon , kanye or weezy do tht ???
    common em grow up !!

    fireguy770 Reply:

    @JOEY, ya but a lot rappers emerging now owe it all to em and have been recorded saying it.

    yeranidiot Reply:

    @JOEY, Ima let you finish, but Eminem is the greatest rapper of all time, all time.

    Brendan Reply:

    @JOEY, if you dont listen to music you shouldnt really comment cuz almost every rapper has had beefs and its a big part of hip hop. Not that the mariah carey thing counts.

  17. johny

    fuck all of you haters. eminem loves it when you hate him.. and people who said he should diss ppl like diddy or jayz…etc… why dont they try and diss him,, lol.. cuz they know they’ll get smacked the fuck up… i bet u cannon talked to busta to stop him

  18. Jay

    Thank you Busta! I’m glad somebody else said something! Em need to get the hell over it and leave them alone. He obviously don’t take rejection very well. We all get rejected at some point in life, but you get back up and get over it!

    and I agree wit keyjhad, Em only attack people who he feels won’t respond. how weak is that!?! that’s sooo gangsta lol

    fireguy770 Reply:

    @Jay, she responded (obsessed). so many pple on this website saying sh** when they don’t seem to anything about it. just look it up listen to the songs i mean even msn talked about it awhile ago. the had like three pages on it.



    fireguy770 Reply:

    @SUZZYQU, he had her. they where dating an then she told the press a while later that he just wished to date her. SHED DID RESPOND (OBSESSED), there is a version of it where nick is on it. then em responce and destroys them.

  20. jrib723

    Ok I heard the song and idnt kno y he would even bring up mariah when he had encore and other albums 2 talk about her y noe idk!

    But eminem is a good rapper and for he always talk shit about people so now why people wanna complain becuase everyone knos if he was talkn bout britney or christina or sumthin ull be laughin and saying he right

    But when he talks about mariah he’s wrong for that and yall wanna critize him

    Hmm I wonder y?
    Mariah is a stuck up and she aint nothing like she was back in 90s so y not talk about her she dnt sing live nomore and act like her shit dnt stink

    He talks about amy weinhouse.sarah palin.lindsey lohan but noone sed nun about those comments

    Yall flaw for talkn rekless on here.


    wdf are you people talking about??…… Why would Em diss JayZ… Busta.. Nas… or anyone of that caliber?? he respects hip hop & is friends with the majority of emcees.. & his music is not outdated… better than any shit you hear today..beyond light years.. grow a sense of humour or go listen to soulja boy & lil wayne fuckin haterss…

  22. Nark

    Eminem is the shit….busta rhymes is good too but mariah is a whore, Mariah….touch my body….bitch
    I love eminem

  23. rocklee

    Come on ! eminem! just stop diss celebrities!I know you wanna make some topics,but this is a silly way!

    Just leave Maiah alone!I love her! you’re jealous of her marrige now?maybe!

  24. april

    Mariah is no whore em did not get what he wanted so hes mad no man who has slept with a WOman keeps stalking her for 8 years im glad somebody is man enough to step up to this boy he could have got over it go hear mariah song clown to hear what happened with them em does not respect anybody he just knows he cant beat men of hip hop so he attacks women thanks nick for standing by your beautiful black/white/iris queen i never thought i would say this but i need a man like nick he sure has grown up he proves a man can change with god and the love of a goooooooood woman

  25. kev

    eminem can say whatever he wants idiots

    he’s eminem

    it’s what he does

    oh wow he called a celeb a few bad names

    it’s in his character to do this

    why is everyone defending mariah? do you know her? does she visit your grandmother on christmas and babysit your kids?

    get real

  26. AJS2050

    MARIAH WHO?????



    eminems shadow Reply:

    @AJS2050, and heres a good person keep sayin that.u kno,mariahs enemies are my friends

  27. Bst

    I think bustas still pist after leaving aftermath.

    Honestly not the best thing for Busta to do with an album dropping…

    As far as Mariah, she isnt hip hop and in hind sight eminem will be far more remembered then mariah.

  28. Bst

    Oh I am however interested in the response because Busta vs Eminem would be a nice battle. Better than Nick Cannon vs Eminem thats for sure.

    Anyway you can take about 100k off bustas sales due to that one comment… Then again who the hell is going to be buying bustas album when it drops same time as eminems?

  29. Bst

    Yo where did this come from? Did thy call Busta? Did he call in? Was there an interview? This site is the source of the story so wtf?

    I think this was done specifically for his album but i think that back fired big time.

    Where is the actual interview or what exactly happened?

  30. Bst

    Did any of Bustas albums ever go platinum? Didnt know about him leaving aftermath that was frigin stupid.

    They probably delayed your album because hip hop was stalled at that point you moron. Seriously I hope you have since go platnium because chances are you would have had you stayed with aftermath.

    Why go to Motown? To release your album the week of eminems? Great job.

  31. YO

    seriously, why r ya’ll even givin’ this any attention at all?? fuck all of them…talented they are, but their fame and personality on media…these ppl are bothered! keep distance from their non-sense issues… quite stupid this is… so much else on the global view to focus on, than celeb-kitty-cat-fights…


  32. (T) in tHe zOne

    He realy is a cunt isnt he….

  33. Marco

    Emicrap just shut the FUCK UP !!!! And leave Mariah ALONE she just don’t LOVE YOU! is dat so hard to understand ??! GET OVER IT shiiiiiit

  34. sam

    aftermath is dead

  35. keyjhad

    feminem,thy to diss a hiphop strong arstist,we will see how strong u are,try diddy,jada or foxy,u will die bitch

  36. Chris

    you know what gets me?

    Is how all these people on this website are bashing Eminem. Calling him FEMinem and lame and how he needs to grow up..blah blah blah

    What you all need to realize is that Eminem is an accomplished rapper. He’s been there and done that. He’s been in the game since 1995, he’s everywhere. He’s proven himself time and time again.

    He’s sold 1.8 million in one with with the Marshall Mathers LP and every last one of his albums have all went platinum. He is going down as one of the best to ever do it.

    So why the hate? Why come on this website and talk trash about a guy who doesn’t give a fuck about you? This is what it comes down to..

    You’re sitting at home, on your ass, doing nothing, eating cheetos, with no job, and you are downing a very accomplished hip hop artist who has accumulated over millions of dollars, he has money.

    He can say what ever he wants to..that’s the freedom of speech. You don’t like it? Don’t pay attention. Simple as that…haters…

    (T) in tHe zOne

    Haters..every last one of you…

    Why would Em have to go at Busta? He’s already killed Busta on his own damn song..so we already know who the better rapper is..

    As a matter of fact..Eminem has killed EVERY song he’s been on…Jay z, Biggie Smalls, Busta Rhymes, Trick Trick, Akon..the list goes on. He’s head and shoulders above everybody else..

    As far as dissing goes..his list of rap battles he has had is pretty impressive because every last rapper he goes to battle with NEVER comes out with anything ever again..

    Ja Rule
    Whitey Ford

    Now Rick Ross wants to come after Eminem? Eminem is buit for battle rapping..

    So like I said before..quit hating…haters…haha

  37. Worraker

    fuck hatters
    Em dont give a fuck he’s far above their levels he can lyrically rip the shit out of anyone without any consequences.

  38. EminEm The King

    Who gives a fuck about Mariah Carey.
    Eminem’s new album is amazing.

  39. SuperStar

    He would never disrespect BEYONCE like that, I am sure JAY would whoop that lil whit boys AZZ LOL!!! And Mariah is at the same level as Beyonce as far as a HEAVY BLACK FAN BASE, and to see this lil whit CHILD who raps every song like a NURSERY Rythm is WACK!! None of his raps are hip hop, HE IS A POP RAPPER PERIOD SO HE SHOULD RESPECT POP ARTIST BECAUSE HE IS ONE!! HAHAHAHAHA… WACK AND NURSERY and it sucks!! Have some relevance EM and grow a backbone so people can respect your ARTISTRY, no one respects a disrespectful AZZ HOE!!!

  40. jayjay

    thats coz beyonce isn’t a whore…mariah is,so shut thr fu** up/

  41. Cari

    im glad more artists are comin to mariahs aid and tellin em to back the fuck up . He really needs to mature and grow up. Just like Nick said , Em is mad cuz Mariah wouldnt let him get to second base LOL !

  42. Mach

    and the people who defend him are just as full of shit as FEM is.. That’s like defending Chris Brown for beating the shit out of Rihanna.. It’s just something that you shouldn’t tell anybody. Mariah is not anymore a whore than anybody else. FEM thought it was funny, but it wasn’t. HE’S OVER. DEAL WITH IT.

  43. Catie

    I would usually defend Em but i don’t agree with him at all calling out Mariah like that. Despite whatever they went through, calling her names like that is wrong, period. You also have to keep in mind that Eminem has a strange sense of humor so you never really know what to take serious.

  44. dan

    so now everyone who’s attacking eminem is a hater, but eminem has the right to call mariah a cunt? if he feels do diss her, why not with a little bit of style?

    and to all of you who said “mariah who”…
    mariah is a legend, love her or hate her, but thats a fact

    no one said eminem is a no one…of course not… he is one of the biggest rappers, but that does not give him the right to attack mariah that way…

    and the point is that they dated 8 years ago, so why talk about that? did nothing happen?

    guess mariah was right in her song “clown”, mh?

    maybe thats the cause of his anger

  45. sosiccwitswagga

    I fuckz with eminem he ma dude he one of the best lyricist but I can’t rock wit him on the mariah situation but eminem will murdah nick cannon wit his wack ass nick u don’t want jus go somewhea n shut ya fuccin mouf

  46. Busta Rhymes To Eminem: "Leave Mariah Carey Alone"

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  47. bass_man

    I agree, ooo i’m all late lol like the 70th comment

  48. FGEF

    Eminem is a pussy a skinny pussy who always jump on people who aint real and if he has beef with real people he always get help on fiddy g- unit and D12 but that shit will change. now. And if he decide to go on Busta rhymes…shit that dude willfk him up. if he thinks he can take every body how come he hasnt beef Dmx, jadakiss, nas or Puff. he always beef girls weak girls. he can’t beef with lil kim cause she’ll get his puny ass killed.

  49. Rich

    Busta is a Hip Hop legend and Em/50 don’t want it with him. I was an Em fan but dude is a weak boy. Dissing MC here and there is one thing but a whole song in 2009 is just ridiculous. Anyways The Relapse sucks I already have it but the boy is better than he has been in years

    Jonathan Reply:

    @Rich, Em admited that Relapse sucked (“The last two albums didn’t count, Encore i was on drugs, Relapse i was flushing the out” “In fact lets be honest that last Relapse CD was ehhhh perhapse i ran them accents into the ground”)
    This is jus like 8 Mile In da movie Em took out Papa Doc’s offence when he went first. if he dissed on Em for being White, poor, having stuped friends, getting jumped, ect. he would look stuped.

  50. Facebook User

    Em has been doin the whole makin’ fun of people all his career. As much as people are sayin he hating he is getting the exact marketing he wants for his album. Just look at how many comments are on this article.

  51. Kathy

    Eminem is in his 30′s he’s not a teenager & should groww up.
    I love the example that he shows his daughter about how a woman should be treated like scum.
    She’s gonna have some serious relationship issues when the time come won’t be able to choose between the pill popper or women beater.

  52. Cribba

    Mariah is Ems damn ex, he can say wtf he wants about her. Its funny that Busta mention this “problem” now and not when Em mention Mariah for the first time. Maybe because he will drop his album the same date? Personally i didnt know that Busta would relase his album this week :D Redman are also relasing 19th.
    And who was the stoopid one that mention Beyonce? B aint Ems ex stoopid, so why tha fuck should he go efter her?
    Relapse is one of the most lyrical albums this decade, i got my copy last Friday:P Wierd that Europe releases the album like 5 days before USA :D
    And come on, Busta are not on the same level as Eminem. How i know that? Well, Busta cant do a big world wide tour.
    THen you say that he should mention other rappers to “keep it real”, who of these rappers are on his level? No one..dont even mention Officer Ricky because he sold like 170k in USA and like 0 copies in Europe.

  53. wow really?

    em’s attacks on mariah might be uncalled for but you people who posted shit like “he alwayz diss people who he knowz will not answer, come one eminem, be a man,attack diddy or jigga, u wanna girl? attack kim or missy, u will die, pussy rapper” are fucking idiots.

    DIDDY>EMINEM? REALLY? SMFH at you retards. At the end of the day eminem>your favorite rapper brah =\

  54. RealTalkRizzy

    This nigga… stfu Busta. A million albums and no one mentions him with the goats. I hope neither Em Dre or even 50 fucks with this dude from here on out. Fucking subpar rapper. Speak when spoken to nigga. He does songs with em, dre (who signed his no name ass), g unit, then goes and throws his two cents into something that isn’t any of his business. I hate disloyal people. Em is arguably the greatest emcee of all time, busta is no one. Eat a dick nigga. Real Talk.

  55. jFerosa

    first of FUCK nick cannon ..
    second Mariah should b respected, the most respected female in the game ..
    third big ups to Busta for speaking up ..
    and fourth but certainly not last,
    Eminem can say whatever the fuck he wants,
    its who he is.
    and isnt music about expression of self?
    he felt the need to express his feelings about Mariah,
    no harm in that.
    Bitch ass nick cannon needs to calm the fuck down cause he tryin to go at one of the untouchables in the game.


  56. jayjay

    why donsent eminem diss other poeple like nas, missy elliot,jay z etc?, coz these are people with whom he collaborated with in the past,these are his industry friends…and diddy?>???? LOLLLLLLLLLLL]
    dont even get me started this dude cant even write his own rhymes,he has ghostwriters.

  57. Kyra.H

    See thats whats wrong with males now a days.They get mad when a chick shut them down, then they start talking about them.MOVE THE FUCK ON!! its many fishiiz in the darn sea.Don’t trip off one chick keep it moving bruh.No wonder dudes yall be looking at them ratchet ass video hoes.yall need to get with a real female who is going to college finna do something with their life!.It don’t matter..i be on them other hip-hop forums.they be talking bout aww that bitch this bitch??? What did yo moms ever teach u to get with a lady? you can’t fuckin be a player fo-eva it gets old FAST.So em wanna talk bad cuz she aint give him no play..im sure he can get many groupies he need to keep it movin.Anit Even a big deal!

  58. freaksworld

    Jayjay- You’re so fucking stupid. You haven’t said anything that other retarded haters hadn’t.

    Anyway, to Mach “That’s like defending Chris Brown for beating the shit out of Rihanna..” Damn, that’s the most ridiculous and stupid shit i’d read up to now. How the fuck is it that dissing a bitch = beating the crap out of a defenseless woman? Then just by Em going “i’ll beat the shit outta u” lyrically would have your face end up in a bloody mess? Some ppl are so fucking retarded.

    Busta might be a good friend to be defending his friend like that, but rule no. 1 in the game, u just don’t tell shit to other rappers what to or not to rap in his own shit, cuz if he’s friends with millions other rappers and pop(star)tarts then Em shouldn’t be dissing them too? If Em does give a fuck about others, he wouldn’t have done what he did and still does over and over again.

  59. trillafood

    Mariah Carey has NEVER dated that obsessed, delusional, physco path Femiem. He has to diss MC to get some hype because people stop caring about his wack ass. He sucks and MC is a ICON. Mariah dissed him on the Charmbracelet album on the track “Clown”, which what he is. Listen to it.

  60. Relapse

    You need to fall back Mr. Busta “Big Bang” Rhymes. If you focused on putting out a good album tommorow insted of jumping in something not concerning you then you wouldn’t be making an ass out of yourself. I know she your friend but damn…it doesn’t concern you. Just fall back and get in the studio and make something worth listening to.

  61. Poo

    Busta just STFU you’re a nobody

  62. Yep

    Busta needs to just shut the f*ck up and concentrate on making some good music for once in over a decade. Em can say what the f*ck he wants, end of.

  63. Jeezla

    Everybody dissin Em is a clown and fell right into Shadys trap. He thrives off controversy and could give a $hit less if you think he’s wrong or out of line. He got all you lames to log in and comment like little ass women crying over nuthin, so obviously dude knows what he’s doing and Fuck mariah, she is a whore. Anyone else remember when she was looney tunes and tried to bang her psychiatrist when she was in some hospital? Right, but she ain’t no whore….Yall some funny mofos. Keep bumpin your Kanye and Wayne R&B tracks. People that want to listen to rap and hip hop know to listen to Eminem

  64. philthug

    eminem is not a child anyomre men,give some respect to MC she is my favorite artist here in our country.i love MC so much!

  65. Kilyan

    I juSt do believe Em is so wrong for anything he has done on purpose.Don tell me those diss are funny or a good sense of humour.

    Poeple saying Busta ain’t shit on Eminem..?
    WTF is that ??
    I was shaking my ass at age of 16 on every Busta ‘s track.He always put some good ish in tha game…Neva dance on any Shady trackS..
    Poeple shud give more props and respect to Busta than Eminem.
    Busta is way much more original in his music and doesn’t blame the entire World for his miserable life.

    and…fo reaL…MC and Em togeta???
    He wiSh !!
    Poeple shud really stop dissing MC..U may not like her..cause of the attitude or image..but ..SHE IS A FUCKING LEGEND..and Eminem is far from being what she iS…FAR FAR BEYOND !!!

    He’S attacking the most respected and popular singer in the US and one International ICON…( and don bring Beyonce into this..shes alSo far from being what poeple say she is..)..
    He shud just be thankfull he get attention of all thiS just by thalking trash of someone whos way ABOVE HIM.

    Poeple are right..He wud neva tryna diss Kim..or foXy..or Withney…or someone else !

    I neva been a fan of him..but he just proved he real stupid !

  66. rajsm

    dude.. grow up. I think you are an amazing rapper, but Mariah carey too has worked her way to the top. Stop this hate.

  67. Brandon

    To all the fucken haters Eminem is the King. NObody gives a fuck about busta or nick cannon they need to shut the fuck up. About mariah who gives a fuck if it was kim, lindsay, britney or christiana you all would laugh. but just cuz she black you all get after em. you all are racist. Em best rapper alive

  68. Shaye

    Eminem is a piece of shit!! His voice is so dam ANNOYING F^%k sakes and if you wanna call that Rap well you must have WAX built up in your ears!! Mariah is Harmony and understandable so go tell lil FEminem he looks better as a woman than a man!! The GOOF!!

  69. helloo

    its eminem guys…this is what he does….and i think its pretty good. his the king of rap…if u dont like it then BUILD A BRIDGE AND GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Eminem is the Greatest

    Wow, some people are really takin this serious. But at the end of the day it’s a song, and thats all it is. People need to chill out and enjoy the music, STOP takin it to heart. and for the record, Eminem is the greatest rapper in the world, he could take on any mc from lil wayne to Jay-z.

  71. davidf


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    [...] VIA Rap-Up: [...]

  73. your mom

    5 people ask why wont he go at diddy facking diddy you cant be for real lmfao diddy i dont care about him or her i never met them but diddy i would go at him and i cant rap

  74. D

    Eminem only disses popstars??

    One of the rawest Beefs Eminem lead was that with previously House of Pain band member ‘Everlast’. A beef that resulted in both artists taking things arguably to a personal level which questions.
    Read more about the Everlast, Eminem beef

    Insane Clown Posse
    This fued goes way back. I think it started about 1995, when Eminem was handing out flyers for a party he was playing at. The flyer apprently said ‘Appearance from ICP…maybe’. Violent J wasn’t too happy about this and he told Eminem to ‘f*ck off’ and that he wouldn’t play at his party.

    Ja Rule
    Beef between 50 Cent and Ja Rule has been brewing for a good few years now. Some of you may have heard about the physical squabbles, one involving 50 punching Ja and another with Ja’s crew stabbing 50 and a friend of his.

    Canibus’ beef with Eminem started in 1998 before Eminem was signed. Eminem spoke on how the beef with Canibus started on Tim Westwood’s hip-hop show, which can be heard by clicking here.

    Jermaine Dupri JD
    This beef is mainly between Dr Dre and Jermaine Dupri, but Eminem has stuck up for Dre, and along with Xzibit, joined the beef against J.D.

    Limp Bizkit
    The Eminem and Everlast feud has expanded to include Eminem’s one-time friends Fred Durst and DJ Lethal of Limp Bizkit.

    The feud started at 2001′s Grammy’s, when Moby called Eminem ”a misogynist, a homophobe, a racist, and an anti-Semite.”

    This feud is relatively old. Nelly started it when he appeared on MTV’s “Total Request Live” about 3 years back. He sent out a number of disses and seemingly violent comments towards Em, reiterating his dislike for the Detroit Playa. Nelly said that Eminem was talking about Nelly behind his back, or so he heard. He then proceeded to say that Shady better not go on tour in St. Louis, Nelly’s hometown, because the St. Lunatics would would make short work of them. He even goes on to say, that he “Eats m&ms”. Eminem replied to Nelly’s disses by releasing a song called “Detroit Grammar”. However, I have also been told via an e-mail that Nelly phoned to apologize to Eminem after saying he eats M&M’s, and this is the most likely reason for this beef stopping.

    Royce da 5’9
    Once good friends Eminem and Royce were teamed together on Tommy Boy records under the name of Bad Meets Evil. The team recorded such Hip-Hop classics as the Slim Shady LP rack, Bad Meets Evil, Scary Movies and The One.

    Within the past few years, ICP has recruited Detroit rap group Twiztid to the fold and this Detroit crew released their first diss towards Slim with the infamous “Slim Anus”

    and he wont go at busta because like he said they friends….

  75. Finalriot

    My Support is for Eminem no matter what really.
    i dont care who many people you say support maria, and that it will backfire ect. truth is that most likely the backfire will only take this to the next level, no way Eminem will let this bitch do this. for all i care she can go rot.

  76. REAL 1

    lets remember that eminem is a rapper . he is doing what rappers do (for yall mariah carey suck ups) .there is 3 sides to every story . there is his side , her side and the truth . keep it real . she came out with her lil shitty ass song , and you ass kissing mariah fans condone her bullshit . oh , but when eminem crashes that ass , now you all want to scream for security . how one sided can you be ? if you are going to express your opinion , at least be real and honest .

  77. whatzHOOD

    I feel everybody saying the fact that eminem did mariah carey wrong, but lets remember what kind of shizt eminem went through to get where he is today…I mean tension between him and his baby momma and him being a new white rapper,along trying to keep his little GURL around him,its only fair to let him talk shit about other people in the music industry,IF YOU ASK ME KIND OF A BLACK MAN…… I MEAN DAMN CUT MY HOMEYSOME SLACK.

  78. whatzHOOD



  79. what!

    This is old news and BUsta and Em been cool, but one dude said(about 2 yrs ago..lol) “has Busta ever gone platinum”….Ummm yeah his first 5 solo albums went platinum, 2 went gold, Then add the Flipmode album(gold) and the 2 Leaders of the New School cd’s and what u have is a legend. I PROMISE Em don’t want it and has not faced off against someone on Busta fuckin Rhymes level. you young(mostly white) Eminem fans need a reality check. I remember seeing Eminem on MTV Spring Break he was on stage while BUsta was performing “Put your Hands Where my eyes Can see”…Em was singin EVERY word. That’s respect. Busta’s catalog is fucin legendary kids! Real Talk….do your homework “Stans”.

    eminems shadow Reply:

    @what!, eat ur cornflakes ‘toucher’

  80. eminems shadow

    @rocklee, u must kno whats the only name in music.EMINEM.its the best than this shit ya hear.dont forget that SHE started it.eminem ,continue diss that *****

  81. emminem is great

    Maria is a piece of shit. Trying to play hide and seek