Z100 Zootopia 2009: Ciara, BEP, Soulja Boy, Flo Rida, Sean Paul, Jesse McCartney


It’s like déjà vu. Ciara, the Black Eyed Peas, Jesse McCartney, and Flo Rida traveled from Camden, N.J., to East Rutherford, N.J., for Z100′s Zootopia at the IZOD Center on Saturday. Ciara popped her booty, Flo Rida and Soulja Boy opted for no shirts, and Fergie kept her headphones on.

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  1. jj3309

    Ciara is really trying to bring the “dookies” back with them braids…I aint mad at her though…lol…”GO GIRL”!!!!!…i might get me some “dookies” this weekend…lol…luv it CI


  2. An0thrDream

    Ciara looks like a BOSS lol, she’s gettin the game on lock now

    keep it up -> the music industry nEEds it*

    The black eyed peas seem like theyd put on a tight show too


  3. True Talent!!!

    Ciara is an amazing entertainer!

    I love her!

    You all best have brought Fantasy Ride…an AMAZING ASS album!!!!!!!


  4. carl

    Damn Cici u thick in the hips.


  5. Jordan Simmonds

    cici be rocking da stage
    no.1 fannn


  6. DJ Triumph

    look like fun.


  7. oh hell no

    i really wish i was there. ciara’s body is super crazy


  8. dan

    soulja, put your shirt on

    no one wants to see it


  9. kate

    we all know Ciara is an amazing entertainer..
    da rest ummm,,OH jessi can get it LOL


  10. Mach

    Ciara >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  11. Jordan Simmonds



  12. bass_man

    ciara is everywhere, good gawd


  13. Jordan

    Ciara gots a big ass wit dem spandex pants on, hella thick…i like dat yee!!!


  14. Jay

    Everybody doin it big! Get it Cici!


  15. Kolocho Kitler

    ciara is the best but what’s up with her album?wahahaha


  16. itsmeniccas

    kolocho kitler so y r u on her post ahahahahah dumb ass btw her album is #2 worlwide shes international known sweetie sorry to burst yur bubble get em cici


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