Rick Ross Wants to Create Clothing for ‘Big Guys’

Rick Ross

What would the Biggest Boss be without his own signature threads? Rick Ross plans to extend his larger-than-life lifestyle to fashion with a clothing line for hefty individuals.

“I would just love to target a big and tall audience,” Ross exclusively tells Rap-Up.com about creating a line for big bosses like himself.

The 300-pound rapper admits to having trouble finding clothing in his sizes. “A lot of times, big dudes can’t walk in these stores and get these sizes of the fly shit,” he says. “So I’d love to put something together just for the big guys.”

The label-savvy Ross considers himself a fashion expert, lending a helping hand to up-and-coming designers. “I’ve endorsed one or two fashion lines before for some little dudes in Miami, just showing them love. Luxury Tax, I actually gave [that] name to one of my homeboys from Haiti and helped him out with that. And another one called Foreign Lavish.”

Don’t be surprised to see Ross substituting time in the booth for time at Fashion Week. “You never know what the future holds.”

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  1. ugh

    lets hope its not fake shit :P


  2. RSG

    boring reply
    it wasnt fake louis’ they were customised
    which ideally makes them fake
    its like getting a car..and pimpin it out..end of the day the car is then a fake..cos the original company doesnt make them..
    im glad im from the uk..american peopel are fickle and dumb as fuck!


  3. UNE

    no matter about the hatahz, ross gonna do his thing for the 305! da bossssss all day!


  4. Mach

    lol.. let’s hope its not what he has on in that pic lmao.. but I wish him luck with everything.. It may be targeted at big dudes, but if it’s hot anybody can wear it.. People who wear urban wear let it hang off they ass anyway.. :shrug:


  5. DJ Triumph

    get money ross good move.


  6. CHRIS

    hes going to sell cop uniforms too? he should rep his people.


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  8. GENE

    when the boss get a big man clothing line started i would personally model us get guys have hard time finding the stylish gear so ross u get this hit me up im down for modeling big guy gear..


  9. john wade

    do yo thang rick


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