Eminem: ‘Lil Wayne Got Dope Out of Nowhere’

Eminem and Lil Wayne

During Eminem’s five-year absence, the critically-acclaimed rapper listened to many MCs, but none surprised him more than Lil Wayne.

“I did feel like hip-hop was kinda going through a drought,” Em told “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” on Tuesday. “At the same time I felt there were certain artists that were out over the past few years that really got better.”

Among those was Lil Wayne. “When he first came out, you could see the potential and you could kinda see where it was gonna go,” said Slim Shady. “Lil Wayne got dope out of nowhere. It just happened really fast. Within the last couple of years, artists like him and Kanye kinda crept up. From [Wayne's] first album to the progress that he’s made to now.”

Aside from Weezy and Kanye, Eminem was also impressed by T.I., whose Paper Trail album was among his favorites of 2008. “I had a few studio sessions with [T.I.]. We did a couple records together and I was just like, wow. With this last album that he put out, he did it.”

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  1. Tha King

    Eminem does have a point tho lil wayne turnedd out to be”dope” out of no where. compared to his first cd “lights out” to now its amazing but sometimes lil wayne is too over the top (see “prom queen” song). If anything, T.i. regained his rap cuz his last cd was wack and the b4 it was too….Urban Legend is a classic. Kanye West always been good. Em better come wit it


  2. mt971x

    Haha.. Funny I knew Em would eventually bow down, first Em thinks he’s too good to respond to Wayne’s challenge, than Eminem’s “Hyped” up Relapse came out and it turned out to be a flop, he began to realize that Wayne is really someone to take seriously in this game, he is relevent , creative, and totally different from any artist out today, I’m glad he as a respected emcee (eminem) in the game, finally realizes what Wayne potential has, it’s time for other people to realize this as well instead of juding off of songs like “Prom Queen” and “Lollipop” he is much more than that as an artist. Listen to his underground stuff before you people judge so quick


  3. scooter

    Who sed relapse was a flop?
    Every single released so far has made top 20
    1 at number 1
    2 in top 10
    So flop u sound dum!
    And sales aint even out yet but he projected above 500k so flop my ass


  4. BV

    i agree with scooter, mt97x u are dumb, but lil wayne is one of the best rappers out now. but i do agree with em that lil wayne has gotten alot better since he first came out, but i think thats how is supposed to be, the people who blow up huge on their first album usally have shorter ” one hit wonder” type careers. the slow and steady risers like, lil wayne, the-dream, keri hilson, ne-yo and even kanye, ( college dropout was huge but he was in the game way before that) and im feelin lil waynes new shit , prom queen and hot revolver i do like, but the joint with madonna and the one wit JT r dope too, plus his young money shit, and t-wayne shit and the shit with juelz is all sick, he need to just drop rebirth or the carter IV or just make it a double disk, rock one side rap the other. all i know is im sick of the delays and and i want the shit out. rip dolla


  5. Bijan

    I think Wayne isn’t going to do well anymore
    He doesn’t compare to Eminem, and with 50s new album…
    Just their lyrics mean more than Weezy’s. And with Dre behind them the whole T-Pain/Lil Wayne thing is nothing.


  6. E

    My two fav artists are Em and Wayne but…Wayne hasnt been putting out great stuff since Carter3 guess we got to wait for Carter 4…in my opnion atleast


  7. Cardinal

    That’s stupid don’t forget ems already number one on I tunes and at the end of the week the numbers will come rolling in for album sales.$$$$$$$ ps. Wayne sucks!!!


  8. jorge

    0k..hmm hmm!
    Let me clear ma th0at!
    1st 0f all wayne d0nt suk!

    And em..gave him mad pr0ps! Why w0ulnt he! Waynes the shit! He d0ne s0 much f0r hip hop! Sellin a million in a week! Wtfff that’s krazzy!
    S0 yeah waynes da best in da game right n0w and I d0nt think there’s any0ne wh0 can top him!

    And 2nd 0f all I l0ve ems s0ngs! T00! His cd w0nt be a fl0p! His everyb0dys fav white b0y! L0l

    Wayness d0es needa hurry up with da album th0!

    By da way his album w0nt be all rock! It will have s0me rap s0ngs t00!


  9. Louisiana Bound

    im jus bout 2 b real waynes da hottest in da game period no questions about it ya digg so yall hataz quit hatin off my boi cuz he da sh!t 50 aint nowhere near him nd em aint all dat great 2 me my boi t.i a beast 2 he doin hiz thang nd he gettin up there but still aint nobodi hotta den wayne ya digg

    Louisiana Bound


  10. Catie

    I agree with Em. I think the the top 5 rappers in the game right now are Eminem, Lil Wayne, T.I., Kanye West and The Game.


  11. sandra

    u rock the top 4 rappers r Eminem, Lil Wayne, T.I., and, Kanye West holla lol


  12. Bianca

    Lil wayne puts the rap game in a whole different level, “his words are like seduction”(quoted). Thats why he was rated “best rapper alive” and i fully agree, but whilst we still praising wayne, lets not forget Kanye west, Jay Z, The Game and T. I, they all got game they just need to keep it up. I cant wait to hear the next “Carter” album.


  13. Lil Fraud

    its easy to get dope outta nowhere when you hire ghost writers… waynes a bum


  14. londons finest

    Eminem is a legend but weezy is creepin up y’all need 2 start listening 2 sum uk shit like tinchy stryder and n dubz


  15. JOEY

    eminem and lil wayne are the two best rappers in the game today period. eminem is a freestyler, wiht a quick flow and smart rhymes while lil wayne is a lyricist genius with amazing methaphors and beats.


  16. witty.kidd

    i cannot believe how dumb most of you are. You can’t spell, your grammar is terrible and none of you seem to have any idea about rap and hip-hop. Numbers don’t lie, Eminem is the #1 selling hip-hop artist in the world. However, Wayne is no joke either, he is simply just getting started. Em won’t sell 1 mil in a week because to many people find his lyrics are inappropriate but he will still sell close to 750k. Em is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, lyricists of all time. Em is 37, Wayne is 27… that should tell you something right there. Em is nearing his end, but is still one of the best out right now. Wayne has many years to come, as long as he doesn’t become over exposed. He needs to lay off doing verses on other people’s tracks and just get going on his own cd. And they have agreed to do a track together, so its all respect. Em just didn’t respond to Wayne’s challenge because he was busy getting his album done, like wayne should be doing.


  17. John

    Weezy is straight Beast,Em Can Spit,Waynes been releasing Underground and Mixtape Music Everday,and Em released A Album,There both great artist,but wayne is Like No other,im a fan of wayne alot so ive Heard Musc u havent,and hes proved to me hes better than Pac and B.I.G and everybody


  18. what?????

    man eminem is the best and always will be….so lil wayne went 3x platnum, i wanna see him go diamond.

    and the carter 3 sucked it only had good mainstream songs. if u ask me i think Paper Trail was the best albumn of 08….every song in there was good especially IM ILLY.


  19. crazy

    haha dam man ur bugging i like lil wayne (kinda) but no way is he better den pac and biggie, lil waynes diffrent den everybody else, but just like eminem is also diffrnt den every1 else em is on a whole level by himself, lil wayne will never be on that level to em or close to it, cus ems flows to wet, nobody close to it, da one whos gets hated on but every rapper knows dis shit.


  20. Johnny Blaze

    I was a big Eminem fan too. His first 3 records were all great but I thought he was at his best when he released Lose yourself, Sing for the moment, Til I collapse, and songs like that. It seemed like he was heading into a more lyrically mature direction. The teenage raps were funny and cool to listen to at first but it was getting old and I was looking forward to hearing some new styles from him. He then dropped Encore and I thought it was disappointing, it had some ok songs like Toy Soldier, Lose it, Mosh, Mockingbird and yellow brick road but the rest of it was just FLAT OUT CORNY AND HORRIBLE. He’s a grown *** man in his mid 30′s and he sometimes sounds like a 14 year old on the mic and it has gotten old to me and childish like you said.

    I think a lot of people were excited to hear him again cause it’s been so long and I was looking forward to it too but when I heard Crack A Bottle I already lost my interest. It’s not that it’s a bad song and he still is good lyrically but again he sounds like a 14 year old rapping and it annoys the crap out of me.

    Again I was in my early 20′s when the Slim Shady album came out and we all have that attitude when were young but Ive grown up and grown out of that senseless stuff and I think Eminem is too damn talented to keep going back to that. He could still a lot of records without the childish crap!!!!!!!!


  21. mad dog

    Em a gud freestyle rapper but song makin hell naw I can listen to it dre aint no rapper he don’t even write & he get help on his beats any rapper don’t write get no credit 50 aint been hot since his 1st he made couple hit tracks on da 2nd but da 3rd wack I get money wuz hot doe


  22. many stans?

    This place is crawling with Wayne stans.

    Anyone that mentions Wayne’s name in the same sentence as Eminem, lyrically, is retarded.

    Wayne’s metaphors are straight pre-school, sometimes i think that his stans like him so much because he writes rhymes that people with an 7th grade education can understand. A metaphor isn’t dope just because you can understand it.

    Wayne should give his stans homework, so they can better prepare themselves for life outside the special education classroom. Suggestion: read a book.


  23. BUH

    top 10 rappers out now:

    10. Lil Wayne
    9. Asher Roth
    8. Lupe Fiasco
    7. T.I
    6. OutKast
    5. Dr. Dre
    4. Kid Cudi
    3. Kanye West
    2. Jay-Z
    1. Eminem

    That’s a true Hip-Hop head list and number 11 is Snoop Dogg


  24. JOEY

    lupe fiasco, outkast, kid cudi, asher roth better than lil wayne hahahahahaha wht a joke ?? r u kidding me ?? i would understand dr dre em and jay z but common man weezy top 5 for sure


    sino Reply:

    Lupe Fiasco is WAY BETTER than lil wayne its not even a contest Lupe is prob the smartest man in the game 2day his metaphors are so complex and well thought out and they often have a triple meaning, his vocabulary is unmatched by anyone in the game 2day, wayne raps like dr suess his metaphors are paper thin and ofter dont make sense his similes are plain stupid. usually his so called “hot rhymes” dont even rhyme they’re nothing more that have rhymes or him saying a world stupidly to force it to rhyme and his half rhymes dont. 90% of his verse dont stay on subject or dont make sense, and when he is featured on a song i’ve never once heard stay on the topic of the song 4 more than 3 bars, look at the 2 songs lupe and wayne have together Arms race (Remix) and Forever Remix lupes verse is better in everyway on both those songs


  25. JOEY

    1. eminem
    2. jay z
    3. dr dre
    4. lil wayne
    5. kanye west
    6. T.I
    the rest is opinion


  26. chris

    1. T.I.
    2. Lil Wayne
    3. The Game
    4. None-Nobody put out good hip-hop albums recently other than them.


  27. JOEY

    n just to add a remark
    carter 3 had 4 singles all top 15 hits and weezy has at least 10 featuring smash hits
    asher roth and kid cudi have ….. ???
    not even 1 gold album ( 500 000)
    n not even 1 hit single top 10


  28. Mike

    total wayne sales (career) – around 12-13 Mil
    total em sales (career) – roughly 75-76 Mil
    Marshall LP alone sold twice as much as wayne did in his entire career.

    * Infinite (1995) (Sold roughly 500 copies out of the trunk of his car/unofficial)
    * The Slim Shady EP (1997) (Precursor to The Slim Shady LP, sharing many of its songs, also including tracks with original, alternate beats/unofficial)
    * The Slim Shady LP (1999) #2 US (5x Platinum); #12 UK (Platinum) (9 million worldwide)
    * The Marshall Mathers LP (2000) #1 US (8 weeks) (1X Diamond) (10X Platinum); #1 UK (6x Platinum) (22 million worldwide)
    * The Eminem Show (2002) #1 US (6 weeks) (9X Platinum); #1 UK (5 weeks) (4x Platinum) (21 million worldwide)
    * Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture 8 Mile #1 US (2002) (4x Platinum/soundtrack) (9 million worldwide)
    * Encore (2004) #1 US (4 weeks) (6x Platinum); #1 UK (3x Platinum) (15 million worldwide)
    * Curtain Call: The Hits (2005) #1 US (2 weeks) (2x Platinum) #1 UK (5 weeks) (7 million worldwide/miscellaneous-greatest hits)
    * Eminem Presents: The Re-Up (2006) (Shady Records) (compilation)

    to compare the two or to even say “lil wayne is a better rapper” is an insult to all hip hop fans everywhere….I mean it’s basically like saying twista is better than Big L…it’s silly..they’re two different caliber rappers.


  29. Jason

    Ok lupe, common, T.I, And andre from outkast are lyrically better than wayne. Not to mention Em is the Best out of all of them. Ya’ll must not listen to hip hop cause Mos Def and Jadakiss better than wayne 2. Not to hate wayne is sick too but it’s true his rhymes are elementary and the carter 3 was only good till like number 9 then the cd just got wack. Tell the truth you cant even listen to the album without skipping a track or 5. Em you can listen to the whole album including the skits and not have to skip. Plus I think this album was just to get him back on track and back in the public eye. For all those people saying they cant stand the accent guaranteed he gon be more serious on relapse 2 and shut yall and lil wayne up. Not to mention he is the highest selling rap artist to ever live. Wayne just started doing good numbers and he ain’t even went diamond. 50 is not washed up either bet he gon come back harder than ever. I admit Curtis was garbage but he just need to work with new producers and stop beefing with everyone. He killed it on the remix of that black eyed peas song boom boom pow. But back to the subject eminem is a way better lyricist than wayne could ever be plus wayne gotta get high and drink syrup to be sick. Em is sick sober and that’s a fact. Plus wayne is too fake how all of sudden he a blood and he always rappin bout stuff he don’t do like selling weight and shootin people. He need to go home with all that we all know he ain’t gangsta so he can stop tryna act like it.


  30. silverrapper

    Everyone needs to get a job and educate yourselves. do you have nothing better to do that give a top ten of your favorite rappers… they are all thugs!! and all very untalented !!! you people are stupid.


  31. illrhymes

    Y’all know nothin’….all your comment suckz!….Em is the greatest,when i personally can battle that man! He is boring,he picks on people and chooses very childish topics not considering his age(37). He over rhymes and gets even himself confuse LMFAO! God knows Lil Wayne is extra ordinarily good,he says what you can’t imagine and thats what makes the Hottest rapper alive….i can quote 57 abtract punch lines of Lil Wayne…matter of fact,if you get his vocals from an interview and lay it on a beat,i promise you it will sell….point of correction Em was good(past tense) Dre and 50 murdered him on Crack a Bottle……you saying Em’s good you are just making the world know how dumb you are….the dude sound’s like a box of Karoake!


  32. Eminem: ‘Lil Wayne Got Dope Out of Nowhere’ - Rap-up.com « AddingInfo.com

    [...] During Eminem’s five-year absence, the critically-acclaimed rapper listened to many MCs, but none surprised him more than Lil Wayne. “I did feel like hip-hop was kinda going through a drought,” Em told “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” on Tuesday … Read Full Post: Eminem: ‘Lil Wayne Got Dope Out of Nowhere’ – Rap-up.com [...]

  33. J T

    Eminem just sold so much just because of his skin color, if he was black and had that same talent he wouldn’t of sold nearly half the amount, but since he was white and represented the minority in hip hop which is the white race, he created much more hype than as compared to anybody else with his lyrical skill. Truth be told, Eminem has Eminem Show, and Infinite, those were his truly best albums, Slim Shady LP and MM LP are good but get extremely old and played out , Kim, drugs, Haily, I’m miserable is just about all his raps about on those albums, as far as his latest work, what has Em delivered that is new? Absolutely nothing, Same shit.. Give credit where it’s earned people Eminem stans can’t seem to get off the dudes dick no matter how much shit repetitive uncreative, material he puts out.


  34. Stan Chapman

    I Like Wayne… He has really good style. In His Song Prop Queen, there is a great influence of Nirvana, bacause of Drums it’s Funk. I liked it… But Who is Lil Wayne? I Don’t Know when I’ m Talking About The Great Eminem… He’s A Genious…


  35. Z Cain

    i don’t know why you guys are arguing over who’s the best rapper. i’m a huge fan of both of them. eminem is a lyrical genius and lil wayne can say whatever he wants and people will love it. with em’s wordplay and wayne’s metaphors if they did a track together it would be sick. isn’t that what this is mostly about too them doing a track together. jay-z and eminem are two completely different style rappers but renegade was sick. What i’m saying is both are great rappers, if they did a track together it would be gold, and if they don’t have any beef with each other why would you argue about who’s better.
    also how is that man going to put Ash Roth, Lupe, and Kid Cudi above Wayne that’s crazy, Roth, and Cudi just started and some wouldn’t even put them under the category of rap although i like them both.


  36. K.E. S.C.

    @illryhmesYou just jelious that you dont soumd like him you stupid basterd.You are a jackass for saying that and one of these days your gonna regreat ever saying that im gonna make sure of that.Do you think they are stupid……your probably no brighter.You r a stupid son of a bitch cod sucker freakazoid.there are many more names that you can be called but ill hold off for a few more sentences.i hope they sue your ass.you are a stupid rerturted blackass bitch i hope you rot in hell.


  37. Quni bo

    aye i say lil wayne and eminem is the best rappers but cmon now yall know wayne is at the top of dat list…But jus like they so called say jay-z and kanye is the best callab ever maan it should b lilwayne and eminem if they make a whole album together aint nobody gne fuk wit their sales


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