New Music: Electrik Red f/ The-Dream – ‘Freaky Freaky’

Electrik Red

The ladies of Electrik Red let their dirty minds wander on The-Dream and Tricky Stewart-helmed “Freaky Freaky,” one of the many sexually-charged songs off their debut album How to Be a Lady: Volume 1. The foursome sing in a falsetto, complete with ooh ooh, baby ahhs.

Prepare to be electrocuted on May 26.

Electrik Red f/ The-Dream – “Freaky Freaky”

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  1. Electrik Red- How To Be A Lady Vol. 1 May 26th

    luv it!!!!!! the falsetto part is the best


  2. jj3309

    i luv this song…cant wait til tuesday!!!!


  3. SoDandy

    would have been GREAT if it was a Mariah record!!


  4. Rap-Up-Player

    All their stuff sounds samey.


  5. Holara

    love it… although this leaked a while back.


  6. Brown Eyes

    I think they could of done better, but nice try Girls. Im sorry Im really not feeling it, and Rap-Up-Player is right it does sound like all their other songs.


  7. LIZZY

    this is alright wen i 1 st found out ’bout them last year i thought they were ok but i ain’t heard any of the others sing solo except from the lead.they need 2 step up with groups like richgirl comin up!


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