LeToya Luckett Holds Out for ‘Love’

LeToya Luckett

LeToya Luckett is not quite ready to share her Lady Love. The H-Town singer’s album has been delayed again.

LeToya will now release her sophomore LP on August 25, Rap-Up.com can confirm. The album has seen a few delays since its original April 7 date. Prior to the latest pushback, it was scheduled for June 23.

But with the bad comes the good. Toya is moving from the heartbreak of “Not Anymore” to the dance floor with her uptempo second single, “She Ain’t Got…” Listen to the final dirty version of the Cory Bold production, exclusively on Rap-Up.com.

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  1. bigbrother

    thats okay as long as keep droping bangers like this who cares about an album release date letoya hot


  2. Kyle

    ^I care! I’ve been waiting so long for this album it feels like. But I really hope she sticks with 8/25 and drops a hot album.


  3. carl

    I feel sorry for her. NO ONE will care by That date. We will almost be going into the first week of September by then and I’m sure so many hot albums will be coming.


  4. Giselle

    Carl why do you feel bad for her? Its whats best for her. If she put the album out right now it wouldn’t do any good. LeToya and her label knows whats best.


  5. Jayy

    LOL Carl instead of feeling sorry for Toya, you need to feel sorry for your girl CiCi for selling 81k. At least we’re not waiting for a WHOLE YR for this album. =D


  6. bigbrother

    remember beyonce re releaseing her album on june 16 mmmm makes you wonder


  7. G girl the bay mayne yaddamean

    Its a good date because Toya has a movie coming out in Sept. so that means her promo for the cd & the movie will be on point along with more live performances of her new material. Plus she has bangers coming from this Lady Love era.


  8. MusicLova

    Hot track!! Cant wait to see the video


  9. David

    This new song doesn’t compliment her usual style, which i would prefer Britney Spears to sing.


  10. Mach

    Britney could never sing this.. yes SING, it was shade lol.. and this song is very urban with those “triplet” things that replay throughout the whole song and the beat slowdown. the song goes hard. I guess you have to sing a slow song for it to be R&B now? please. Bands, club, and radio will eat it this summer.

    GO TOYA. This song is gonna take off, so it’s best to release it at the peak and with ample time for promo. I mean she would only have four weeks to promo this song and that’s not enough.


  11. jk

    SHE GOING POP WTTH THIS ONE LETOYA….. billboard 200 1. Let a rapper jump on this one…. Last forget the haters. she talent… most these days rb singers pop singers aint all that with the vocal game.


  12. Mussycat Doll

    This song is AMAZING! If it doesn’t reach #1 on the US charts then I have lost all faith in the US music scene after that Lady Retarded has had like her AWFUL songs reach #1.


  13. Jay

    aww say it ain’t so! I been waitin forever! I don’t even need to hear her album first, I’m just buyin it…I wanna be surprised. Love you Toya, keep on grindin! bump them haters


  14. Jay

    and this song is hottt!!!


  15. Catie

    I LOVE the final version of the song. Choosing this as the second official single was a good idea. I think top 40 will play this as long as it’s edited.


  16. Blah

    am i the only person who thinks she sounds like rihanna? lol.


  17. Not Anymore

    Love It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is hit


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