Lil Wayne’s ‘Rebirth’ Moves Back a Month

Lil Wayne

There are only so many ways to report an album delay. In the case of Lil Wayne, that number currently stands at five.

Weezy F. Baby’s foray into rock has been pushed back one month from June 23 to July 21, can report. The album has had numerous delays since its original April 7 release date.

Rebirth is scheduled to feature Fall Out Boy, Kevin Rudolf, and the collaboration we’re most excited to hear, Avril Lavigne.

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  1. Hendry

    Avril Lavigne? What the hell?


  2. riz

    lmao avril?! wut the……. FUCK!?!?!


  3. BV

    all i know is this shit getting old, f***** drop the album already damn.


  4. weezy_the_best

    my birthday !!!!
    wow !!!


  5. Rushawn

    wat happened to “Tiggerman” wit Madonna???? I luved that song


  6. BP86

    i truly hate avril lavigne.


  7. DJ

    If he keep pushing this back, he goin have to rush tha carter 4 if he was tryin to get it out this year as well.


  8. Nick

    Avril Lavigine? Awesome!

    But he needs to just drop it and let it flop cause this pushback crap is gettin old.


  9. Travell Johnson

    wayne doing too much with this rock and roll shit…Drake will become the “best rapper alive” in the Young Money camp…Jay-Z will always BE THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE.


  10. Really

    Drake aint young money


  11. suzieblue

    I just don’t like Avril Lavigne’s music at all.
    And sorry, but nobody can rock as good as english people.
    So I’ll keep hearing The Arctic Monkeys, The Hives, Muse, Babyshambles, …


  12. suzieblue

    *So I’ll keep listening to*


  13. sexikiim09

    cuz they should not let him release that shit its wack stick to RAPPER WAYNE thats what we love u for not ROCK WAYNE!!!!!!!


  14. Kevin

    C’mon, Weezy baby, this just ain’t meant to be!


  15. Catie

    Seriously, whether he releaes it in June or July, the sales are going to be the same. My advice is to work on “Tha Carter IV” and put “Prom Queen” and “Hot Revolver” on the album as bonus tracks or something.


  16. Mallory Leithauser

    ok…i agree. wtf…avril? she isnt even a rock artist.i would say she is “bubble gum rock” if anything. and although “let it rock” was a hit,it doesnt mean he needs to put out a full-on rock sure some of the songs will be good..he should definitely put the good ones on tha carter IV as bonus tracks…but he should stick to rap. 4get the rebirth n drop tha carter IV…im WAY more excited 4 that than the rebirth<-it aint gonna sell anything close to tha carter 3…


  17. [email protected]

    if wayne did the album to sound like that shooter song .. bam rock album done . or why cant u just go on the i 20 and holla at organized noise ??? outkast ?? thier throw away rock beats will shit on anything on carter 3


  18. Tiaraaa*

    Lil Wayne Is Doing A Good Job With The Rock ..Even Though Hes Mixing With Rock It Still Has A Touch Of Rap && Hip Hop. Ask Yourself This: If Your Favorite Artist Did The Same Thing Over And Over..Would You Still Like Them?…Maybe..But Its The Music That THE BEST RAPPER ALVIE Is Doing That Makes Me Love The Music. Change Is Always Good.

    Lil Wayne ROCKSsssssssssssssssssssssssssss !


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