New Music: Amerie – ‘Tell Me U Love Me’

Amerie and L.A. Reid

Amerie’s go-go days are not over. Island Def Jam’s newest signee tries to make us love her on “Tell Me U Love Me,” a song off her fourth album In Love & War. Album cut, yes. Single material, no.

Amerie – “Tell Me U Love Me”

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  1. q



  2. La'Wayne

    i like it



    WHY R U is my jammmmm this spring…. i havent played a song on repeat like this in a long long time…

    lets give this a try


  4. mal



  5. Kyle

    I really hope Amerie sticks to her go-go sound like she did with Rich Harrison. That music was amazing (a la “Touch” era). I don’t want her to slow down her sound this much cause she’ll just get lost in the shuffle with a bunch of other R&B singers.


  6. carl

    yawn. Everything leaked has been boring.


  7. LaMont

    I love this song! I’m glad to here something new from Amerie.I can’t wait until her album drops.


  8. Jay

    Man this is nice right here! Amerie really does that live band sound well. Her album gonna be fire…definitely gettin this! And I still be jammin to “1 Thing”


  9. Catie

    It’s not bad. I agree that the song isn’t really single material though, it is a little catchy though.


  10. Giselle

    She’s gorgeous. I really hope she puts out bangers this time. This is ok, but not #1 single type material.


  11. Zo

    Feeling it but its missing something….i like her lead single better!


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