Video: Beyoncé – ‘Ego’


Beyoncé goes back to black (and white) in the video for “Single Ladies (Part 2)” “Ego,” the third urban single off I Am… The Beyoncé and Frank Gatson Jr.-directed clip features choreography by Sheryl Murakami.

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  1. mal

    i liked the end when she was dancing on the chair lol


  2. lalalala

    nothing special at all. next!
    her media presence all the time is getting hell of annoying. Probably she couldnt even live one day without getting pictured or being on


  3. Jay

    I’m actually lovin this video! I love how Beyonce is stickin to the same theme with the three girls dancin. She killin it for real! The choreography is hot and the hair sexy too :) Now I can’t wait for that Sweet Dreams video too!


  4. BP86

    i like this a lot. it’s good! simple, yet good!


  5. gobey

    luv bey but dis is a no no…ugly ass IDK


  6. DJ

    every beyonce video is the same ole.

    you can’t tell me ciara don’t make the best videos


  7. beyfan4life

    @ dj i agree ciara video are very diff…but bey is jut tryin 2 hard 2 be a diva,,n is not kool…but she looks gr8 in da video thou


  8. Lobelle

    everyone please ignore lalalala comment, she/he is just lookig for attention.
    I love that when beyonce take on a concept for an album she sticks to it….and isn’t all over place with other things, getting people confused. Ciara should take notes!

    Now everybody let’s go buy Fantasy Ride! it’s still a dope album!


  9. Phyl

    YAWN…understand that I am by no means cutting a crap on her talent, but u have 2 b NULL & VOID 2 disagree with the fact that we have ALL seen this stuff before; a single ladies MISHMASH/REDUX/REDONE & I can go on & on !
    if I could just get a little ORIGINALITY/CREATIVITY from this broad, then I would not mind seeing her face all over the place !


  10. kris_smith87

    Great video! Beyonce looks as hot as ever; one problem though: Where’s Kanye?!?!


  11. Bryan Koheba Myrick

    i luv dis video i luv beyonce cause she got her own style she aint tryin to be like nobody else I LUV BEY


  12. `shawtaye.

    Cool video, great song. I`m actually impressed.


  13. carl



  14. misty blue

    @ Carl…that also goes for Ciara’s new album! hahah sales don’t lie!


  15. Travell Johnson

    damn i have to agree with DJ..Ciara do be killin them videos…


  16. jj3309



  17. misty blue

    hey Travell & DJ, beyonce doesn’t have lick no nasty white men ears (justin & enrique)in a video or let them on every private part to kill a video! just give her 2 girls, and watch how iconic this video will be on youtube.
    Ciara video: trashy / Beyonce video; everybody wants to re-do it!


  18. misty blue

    Hey Travell & DJ, Beyonce doesn’t have lick no nasty white men ears (justin & enrique)in a video or let them touch every private parts on her body, to kill a video! just give her 2 girls and choreography, and watch how iconic the video will be.
    Ciara video: trashy / Beyonce video; everybody wants to re-do it!


  19. lilly

    @ misty blue, WORD!!!


  20. Dreamz

    To be Honest… This video is wack… I LOve this song, but not as much anymore, it lookes like PROMISE with 3 girls in black in white with bathing suits on if you ask me…. And I will co-sign with the above CIARA do be making hella good videos even if the song isnt all that hot>>>… And I like it when artist switch it up … its Like in all Bey’s video she llok the same from DC to know, I mean you Look A CiCi videos its like is that the same Person, but you still catch the vibe…

    BEYS my GIRL I do STAN for her, But her and RiRi need to watch they little crowns b/c Ciara is coming for it hella hard, as much as blogs rip her up on everything she does, She is a force and she not stopin…..


  21. Dreamz

    Im sorry but Misty but, Beys ass been hanging out since Bug a Boo!!!! so yeah, That bull LSM not a hot song what so ever video is iight, but i bet you wasnt saying nothing when Bey was up grinding all on Jay in Crazy in Love p**** humpin the dude


  22. kate

    bstans have to admit the video is hella whack…WTF is this…

    @Dreamz i agree with u..ciara videos are da best i mean look @ her past videos they are all diff…

    bey is jut tryin harder n harder every day 2 be sexy n is not workin 4 her.


  23. KiddLozer

    I am big Bee fan, but Beyonce went Oh.DEE with the HAIR in this video!!lol…. i dont like the hair or the excessive hair flippin and the over the top dance moves.
    … this video could have been better, sorry Bee.
    (i just pray the Sweet Dreams video is not cheap like this one)


  24. don

    dis shit is 2 cheap 4 TV


  25. Deontae

    Boring, I’m sorry and call me a hater. It was nothing special. I was impressed with some of the move in the beginning, but it got annoying when she kept doing the same thing that i see in every video. She always have the same moves when she tries to dance. Just stick to singing please. But the video was just to boring for me.

    Beyonce take note of Ciara when Work comes out


  26. misty blue

    well if all ciara video are hot! why won’t they make the hot 100 or only stay one week 1 the top ten?

    @ Dreamz…Yeah I know ciara is coming for bee’s crown. but with 100,000 copies sold in 3 weeks, it seems like the she’ll have a long way to go! hahaha


  27. lilly

    lol misty, you are killing them haters. lmao hahhaaha


  28. dan

    she looks hot
    and i like how she’s going with the concept

    but i tell you….she has new tits!


  29. mal

    i cant believe Beyonce is being compared to Ciara hahahaha thats actually funny

    Beyonce = legend in the making!


  30. MusicLova

    This video is HOT..This is one of my fav songs on the album n the video make me like it even better..Very nice!!!


  31. An0thrDream

    Sooo…when does ciara’s video to work come out :D !?

    haha just playin, I love beyonce, i love the style she’s brought with these past couple of records, but im not feelin this song or the video. It’s gotten.. Dull, like watching a commercial you’ve already seen, u kinda just wanna change it. But I love the last minute, those notes she hits always have me mesmorized.


  32. poodleheadbey


    what is creative about this video?

    same ole predictable beyawnsay

    dancing on a wall. didn’t ciara do that and better!!!!!!!

    beyawnsay is played out.

    she got her ass pads on for this one though. LMFAOOOOOOOO

    That horrible nappy wig gotsta go.

    But who can deny the song is about a dikkkkkk?????

    she is so tacky and tired!


  33. itsmeniccas

    sorry mal yur girl vid is boring lets face it y u crying about ciara for? i hope she dont bothers u lol beyonce is not a legend and will be for da next 2 decade legends in the making r mariah carey and alicia keys nuff sed imnot even goin 2 state y


  34. Jay

    This is the fan edit video, there is a second version with Kanye West, anyway beautiful video, it’s not blow minding or creative but it’s so simple and powerfull at the same time, damn she got talent, I can’t keep my eyes one second out of this video while I’m watching it, I like this concept, 3 girls, black and white theme, it’s classy, and FIERCE and one more thing for the haters, don’t keep on wasting yo damn time B is settled and ain’t going nowhere, and U can say anything but we all know that she CANT and WONT be forgotten coz she owned the game

    Them haters keep on talkin’
    They like the way i’m walkin’


  35. boringbey

    Beyawnsay ain’t no dancer

    Beyawnsay ain’t no diva

    Beyawnsay ain’t no icon

    Beyawnsay ain’t no actress

    Beyawnsay ain’t no legend in the making

    Beyawnsay ain’t selling no records in big numbers

    Beyawnsay is a gimmick!!!


  36. ugh

    ive seen this video so many months ago when sheryl did the demo of it on youtube. to be honest, i like sheryls demo version better than beyonces version. i think going black and white for this video made it boring. i know its following the trend of all the videos from that side of the album are black and white, but it just took away from the video in this case. same with diva.


  37. love bee

    i luvit she went hard… heart beyonce


  38. REM

    come one B do something different…


  39. Nick

    I love Ciara and Beyonce, but people are stupid and delusional if they think Ciara is ANYWHERE on the same level as Beyonce. Beyonce is a legend in the making, Ciara is just another “Mya” who gets her few minutes of fame and her career ends right there. Ciara had 2 flop singles, 1 underperformed single, and an album that FLOPPED so badly that even Hannah Montana sold more. So Ciara stans need to stop embarassing themselves by comparing her to Beyonce, because Beyonce is 20000000000000 times more successful than Ciara and she will always be.

    Is that really hard to comprehend?

    Beyonce haters, TO THE LEFT, please.


  40. beysitdown

    Beyawnsay is replicating herself.

    Her time is completely up!

    She was built up in a group and is NOTHING without a group.

    Ciara is a better dancer, and her videos are better all around.

    BeYawnSay is simply predictable. She refuses to evolve and grow with her audience . No wonder she can’t sell out and has been reduced to performing in casinos and theaters.

    The cane is so Aalyiah and Mya. come again Beyawnsay. It’s been done again and again!


  41. Fresh Prince22

    its ok…def could of been better…but dance seq was on point.never was a fan of the song…its crazy how some of yall be getting “so worked up” over this beyonce ciara stuff….chill out…not that serious


  42. babybenz

    Tell’em Jay! That’s my wifey Bey’ holding her own! She’s the shit! Go Rap-Up! B

    Dj Triumph, hit you boy up!


  43. Deontae

    I kinda like the video now after giving it some more chances


  44. bass_man

    She’s smart.

    Yeah, the video would be quite lame if anyone else made it. But she’s done it before and it was huge

    Come 10, hell 5 years from now, some new hot thang is going to do a black/white, 2 dancer-tailored video and Beyoncé will be credited.

    It’s all about establishing that legend quality. Janet did the same thing with Rhythm Nation videos.


  45. Beyonce is trashy!!

    What? dont ya saw the Broken hearted girl video pictures or halo!!

    Beyonce is making out with other guys too. Ya stans are so pathetic. Leave ciara alone because beyonce does exactly the same. but CIARA IS A SINGLE WOMEN WHILE BEYONCE IS CHEATING ON HOV


  46. suzieblue

    Good video but very similar to Singles Ladies.
    So it’s good work but nothing new. I was waiting for something more different, creative, new, …


  47. Kilyan

    She really needS to step her game up..
    I was already not feelin’ the album which iS really weak to me…except for Halo and Scared of lonelY…the rest is juSt any other selfconsumed BeyonCé..but she really not coming strong neither on the videoS.
    The only props I will give to SL is that she dancing non stop for 4mins.Thats it !

    What I do not understand is why those fans/stans cannot admitt that the video is weak…and the songs are deja vu.

    BtW…the big difference between Ciara an dBey ..Beyoncé has been on the stage and the scene for like 10 years..Ciara only 4..
    Give time to Ci and she will blow up !
    It took 6 years for Beyoncé to blow out of the…

    and PUH LEASE…stop saying she a Legend..Once Jay-Z will divorCe her..she wud be nothinG.


  48. LaMont

    I love it,the video is really sexy! :)


  49. Kolocho Kitler

    This video is hot!
    Ciara’s LOVE SEX MAGIC is better,but beyonce is The BEST.. No one can beat beyonce!!! she’s the greatest!!!
    and you HATERS!
    You better shut up!!!


  50. Dee

    i like her energy in this vid lls…she killed the dancing but looked dumb dancin at the end but its all good she was jus havin fun


  51. Jay

    I love this video, cause she’s obviously sticking with the same theme. T-Pain did the same and it was great, so get over it! The dancing is hot and I personally like the hair. And if there is really a Kanye version I wanna see that one too.

    And for God sake would yaw stop dissin Ciara! She is just as talented! They are nothing alike and neither are any of the other female artist out right now. Ciara is amazing!!! And you gotta be crazy if you think Beyonce has no talent outside of the DC! Are you blind? Have you not seen the past 6 years of her solo work? You might not like this video, but she’s still an amazing talented. Also, Ciara consistently puts out dope music and amazing videos…everybody knows that. B and C both rockin it! So the B haters can take it to the left and the C haters can kiss her swag!!! :)


  52. MarkFresh421

    Yo to be real the video is good. Simple is better now a days.. Everybody tryna go out and make somethin so elaborate. Are we selling music.. Or a music video? The point is the song is good it showcases her range. Nd it shows you that whether u like it or not she’s on top. Ciara is a cool girl.. I like her music. But ciara is not beyonce. Not in numbers comparing albums not in actual singing ability. Ciara is different and an amazing dancer.. But B is the next legend.. 6 years solo she’s been on top. From the gate. C’mon


  53. Mee

    EVERY ONE NEED TO GO ON YOUTUBE AND TYPE FOR EGO. AND SEE WHERE BEYONCE COPIED THE WHOLE FRIEND FROM… i like the video because of the people that did it first and thats that


  54. momo

    ummmmm….i like b but she already did dis with single ladies i mean at least a little something diff…but hey i still like the song


  55. Travell Johnson

    Misty Blue, I understand you love Beyonce…We all love Beyonce..I love her just as the next dont have to defend her so strongly…Beyonce is still the “queen” but Ciara fo have some hot videos: Go Girl & Love Sex Magic


  56. jopacangrie

    What a Sh!t Video, Beyonce Album is Falling Of


  57. Kevin

    It reminds me too much of Suga Mama and Single Ladies. The only part I really like is the end where you get to see a sillier side of B.


  58. lame

    this video is sick.she’s the queen. i can see this ALL over youtube allready.


  59. Catie

    I understand the concept she’s trying to go for but to me, the video was boring. Don’t get me wrong, the choreography was impressive but it’s not one of those music videos that you want to see over and over again. I’m also not a big fan of the song either.


  60. Fakeness_is_a_sin

    Fakeness is a sin so Ima keep it real, the video was trash. Beyonce been in the game too long to be making simple mistake like ) its really getting boring. Now to all of those hating on Ciara; get it together. Ciara has been receiving harsh criticism from day 1 but she is still here. Ciara has great versatility and consistently grows as an artist. Both ladies are wonderful and both are on their way to fufilling their god given destinies, last but not least they have enough money to shrug the negativity off so get a life.


  61. babybenz

    Bey Bey Bey! I love you…
    The haters gon hate! It still aint gon change your position! Only makes you better!
    Up Rap-Up! YiPeeee


  62. lOooOve

    diva ? ciara? maybe.. but she’s still nothin, compared to a queen like beyoncé.
    the video is great , and not mainstream , like all ciara-video’s


  63. linda

    hahha yeah i liked the end too nice video bey!!


  64. Ronald Reid

    LOL @ beysitdown …beyonce now performing in casinoes? at least Beyonce has a world wide tour, sold out in the Uk….UM Ciara? just an opening act. She can’t even have a concert for herself….How the hell are u gonna compare them? Beyonce’s album has been released for more than six moths, Ciara only a week and yet still Ciara can only manage to sell just a couple hundreds more…i bet u by net time Bee is gonna past her….On a brighter note…Loved the video..was looking out for the kanyte version though


  65. oh hell no



  66. oh hell no



  67. Jayy

    I hope “Sweet Dreams” is better, & no more 3 girls in a plain video dancing. SL, Diva, & this is the same to me, smh…


  68. Lance S.

    i strongly dislike Beyonce, but I have to say: she has the best vocals i’ve ever heard. i would never have chosen this song as a single, but i love the simplistic aspect of all her Sasha Fierce videos. love the recurring theme, and while she lacks creativity when it comes to writing (that gift was definitely given to her sister), the “don’t need no beat, i can sing it with piano” part was cute.


  69. j jefferson

    I love the video its plain n simple. Not too much not too little. Ciara……..nuh never. Not even close so to all the ciara Dick Riderz (HA HA) fall back


  70. Sharon Walton

    Dear Beyonce,

    I am Sharon Walton writing in regards to the

    song “EGO” and it soung fresh! I really like the

    song and the video. May God continue to blesss

    you and your husband Jay-Z on you’re all success

    in the music industry and so on. Take care! Hope

    to hear from you soon. Good luck on the “I AM”

    worldwide tour ’09′. Is this CD in the stores



    Sharon Walton


  71. David

    U re just awesome bey !!keep up the gud work


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