Video: Black Eyed Peas on Live Lounge

Black Eyed Peas

The Black Eyed Peas performed an in-studio version of “Boom Boom Pow” and’s solo record “Heartbreaker” for BBC Radio 1′s Live Lounge on Friday.

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  1. DJ Triumph

    3009 futuristic.


  2. MONKEY!

    I don’t understand why they laugh at 2.08, second video…


  3. iat

    ithink they laughim cuz will was 1 second to late whith singin or something like that


  4. suzieblue

    love them


  5. Kolocho Kitler

    they’re all great!!!!


  6. Me

    Futuristic swag


  7. angie

    who’s the dj???
    dis guy???
    i don’t know & can’t find any information!!!!!!!!


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