Nick Cannon on Eminem Diss: ‘I Stick by Everything’

Nick Cannon vs. Eminem

Nick Cannon may have cooled off since his war of words with Eminem, but he’s not backing down.

A heated Nick reacted in a lengthy blog post after Eminem called him a “punk” and his wife, Mariah Carey, a “c*nt” and “f***in’ whore,” on his new song “Bagpipes from Baghdad.”

The blog rant was removed from Nick’s site soon after it was posted. “I felt like I said what I had to say,” the “Wild ‘N Out” star tells Entertainment Weekly. “I didn’t take [the post] down, like, Oh, somebody instructed me to do it or anything like that. It was just one of those things, like, I said it.”

The reason for the missing entry, Nick explains, was because of the heavy traffic the page received, causing his website to crash. “There’d be thousands and thousands of comments and people couldn’t leave comments on other posts or any of that stuff. So that was the only reason why I took it down.”

He claims he doesn’t have any regrets about what he said about Eminem. “I feel exactly the same way by it and stick by everything, but I think it’s one of those things where it becomes that it’s not really that big of a deal, you know?”

As for beef between the two, Nick says there is none. “I never even considered it as beef. It’s not beef. It’s just, Hey, I heard the record. I said what I had to say.”

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  1. ha

    nick cannon’s a pu$$y. eminem needs to write some more clever material. this whole conflict is retarded.


    Christina Reply:

    @ha, i feel you there


  2. ron.e

    what’s retarded is eminem. clearly, this man can’t get over being rejected by mariah. he needs to work out his insecurity and act like a grown man with due respect.


  3. Ebony

    I agree with Ron.e.

    What is retarded is Eminem. Why can’t he just sit down and STFU, all that emotional bs over a married woman who’s clearly moved on a long time ago is for the birds. Nobody cares. In her own words back when this conflict was relevant, “nobody cares when the tears of a clown fall down” (from the song “Clown” about Eminem). This is really a cry for attention. Grow the hell up and get over yourself!


  4. YungT

    u guys are fuccing stupid. eminem isnt seriously crying over mariah carey or getting fucced in tha ass by his stepdad. its all just funny shit that he knows is controversial and he knows people will be talking about him again. I think its genious


  5. Wow

    Seriously Eminem shouldnt have opened his mouth and said prepare for battle if he didnt mean it. EMINEM SAID IT, not anyone else. EM CHALLENGED NICK. Then backs down?

    Nick Cannon won this battle however pathetic it may have been. Eminem backed down not Nick.

    I do believe eminem would hand it to nick but fact is he didnt. Not to mention he is a hypocrite saying albums dont have substance, then comes out with an album without substance!


  6. Wow what?

    Eminem made fun of and insulted someone as he usually does and nick cannon was outraged by it. Eminem even said i fully expected him to defend his wife, he says shit to get to people and to piss them off and i would say he accomplished his goal since it took nick cannon like 2 pages to express how pissed off he was. And you obviously don’t understand what substance means, he was talking about how all everyone cares about are the beats and the hooks no one cares about whats in the verse or what the people are actually saying to you. This whole album is filled with him describing his experiences him talking about real problems that he went through things people can relate to. That is substance, that is real hip hop not when you rap about money bitches and hoes.


  7. ron.e

    re: wow what?.. “that is real hip hop not when you rap about money bitches and hoes.”

    kind of contradicting non? if i remember correctly, eminem referred to mariah, as a “cunt, bitch and a whore.”

    yeah…. pass.


  8. DJ Triumph

    i guess it over.


  9. Ny

    I agree Ron e.


  10. Ebony

    Ron.e telling it like it is again!! Eminem is a hypocrit and he needs to sit down!


  11. honestyinrap

    Nick had no wins to begin with…


  12. keyjhad

    he jst need stop rapping and do some rock music, feminem pussy rap


  13. Galil (Pinoy baby!!!)

    This is stupid fuck this bullshit!!!
    Just wait and see Em & Nick will make a song together no doubt. PR stunt right here and big pay check to both of them.


  14. A yo

    Luis miguel hasn’t had his say yet. Does anyone remember mariah’s “exhaustion” phase. I used to love the stories about her offering herself to hospital workers after stripping on total request live. Only thing worse than Mariah fans who think she is perfect are people who are too short sided to see the brilliance of eminen or how influential and real he is. Sorry but marrying nick cannon is an epic fail and his rant blog post was almost as pathetic as taking the ring nicks prior fiancée accepted first


  15. A yo

    Mariah fans are hoes


  16. Jay

    That’s wus up! Nick still stickin buy his word, glad he said that. Feminem was wrong. Nick and Mariah happy and living their life TOGETHER! lol Eat it up Em!



    hes doing it so to get things rilled up, all about the $$$. PERIOD


  18. Anita

    Eminem has no talent and his music is awful. Who enjoys listening to music about dissing people all the time. He has nothing better to do with his life so that’s why he disses people and sounds like a faggot.


  19. Carisma1005

    Eminen a bitch. he never stepped to nobody . all his “work” is done in the studio. out side of it he a PU$$y with hi head down low


  20. drtash

    The way I see it is…Nick Cannon had every right to say what he said…He’s defending HIS WIFE….That’s his job as her husband, if he didn’t say anything and let it slide then everybody’d be calling him a wuss. As for Mariah’s choice in men, that’s another story but whatever, as long as she’s happy then who cares. I don’t care much for eminem anymore tbh. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was all a PR stunt for his new album, and it looks like it worked.


  21. Sean

    It’s all about the benjamins baby…
    Eminem is a business man, the stuff he raps about is controversial…people talks about it for months even years…that’s a strategy.

    How many albums did he sell this time around with his latest album??? A f-ing lot. I love Em, stop looking at the smaller picture and start looking at the bigger picture people. Okay maybe Em lost the so-called battle, but as I said – strategies…the album reached no.1 and sold a bunch of copies,so Nick can go on, Em got what he wanted from the Relapse project.


  22. brown guy son

    yall fucken trippen eminem is pissed cuase she denied seeing him….nick cannon opened his mouth and eminem just did what he dose best and rips nick up in another song its called “the warning” and they left it at that so far……


    Christina Reply:

    @brown guy son, lolz


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