Meet T-Pain’s New Baby Boy

T-Pain Baby

T-Pain has revealed the name and first photo of his newborn son.

T-Pain’s wife Amber gave birth to the “Can’t Believe It” singer’s third child earlier this month. The newest member of the Najm family was named Kaydnz Kodah Najm, the 23-year-old Nappy Boy announced on Twitter.

He has two previous children with his wife, daughter Lyriq and son Muziq.

T-Pain missed a performance with The Lonely Island on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” on May 12 due to his son’s birth.

Lyriq and Muziq

T-Pain’s older children, Lyriq and Muziq.

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  1. Giselle

    T-pain is only 23? Cute kids though.


  2. bass_man

    T-Pain is NOT just 23!?!?

    I like his kids’ name, but I hate how they’re misspelled!


  3. you already know[gave him swag,and a duffle bag]

    Wait a damn minute. T-Pain is only 23? Sweet jesus that man needs to lay OFF the pork and drinking. He looks like he has been through alot in his life. Because he looks waaaaaaay older then 23. SMH.


  4. you already know[gave him swag,and a duffle bag]

    Oh and his kids are cute. I’ve never seen a small baby suck their thumb before. That’s to cute.


  5. Giselle

    LMAO at “you already know” I thought I was the only one.


  6. Sexxy

    23 hahahahaha that was a good joke. that nigga is atleast 30!!!


  7. hello

    ooh i can’t belive it!!t-pain is only 23?plz!!!


  8. jii

    What is his Twitter?


  9. Aubreigh

    T-Pain is really 23, he was born in 1985. His kids are so adorable! I like the unique spellings of their names. I have a uniquely spelled name, too.


  10. suzieblue

    How cute!!!


  11. Nick

    23? WTF….He looks like he’s at least 40!

    And he is sooooo FUCKING UGLY!! His wife musta been real pretty to have such good-looking kids..



  12. Dham

    there’s no way in hell that that nicca is 23.


  13. Miss Dee

    I kno rt I can’t believe he’s 23 dam his ass does look old but congrat on da baby


  14. miss Althat

    yo t pain looks in his 50s but his son is ssssssso adobale so cute


  15. Da

    does his baby cry in auto-tune?


  16. CRAZiiEKiiD

    hiss son is cutee .
    but what kind of names are those ?


  17. brandi

    lol @ da.

    he been 23 for about 5 years since his first single. somebody is lying!


  18. brandi

    kaydnz for a boy though?!?!


  19. Catie

    I remember reading about him a couple of weeks ago and i was shocked to find out that he is ony 23 years old. I would have never guessed he was that young.


  20. Steff

    Faheem Rasheed Najm (born September 30, 1985), better known by his stage name T-Pain


  21. ku-heart

    Nappy boy is my boy 4 shizo. he is my musical inspiration regardles of wat pipo say abt his luks.


  22. alyssa

    yo, dnt yall b dissin my hme boy Pain up in here aight?? yes hes 23, get ova it, and zip it all ya h8trz. im his #1 fan, no joke, and yall ned2 b quite and h8 on a bad singr like jayz. i h8 him 4 disiin T-Pain in D.O.A


    alyssa Reply:

    @alyssa, and yall k im right bout dis btw


  23. mayci

    t pain aint no 23!He know he need to stop


  24. diane bonner

    my grandson would like to me you he alway sing you song all the time his brithday is july the 12 he will be 4 year old what can i do to just to let you meet him i buy your record and he look at you on demand all the time he readly love you mr t pain please make him happly


  25. K

    @you already know[gave him swag,and a duffle bag]

    Yes I agree living fast n rough n drinking n pork
    Does not mix n it ages you too rapidly.
    I thought he was in his late 30′s


  26. gladys

    the baby is so adorable. and those who hating on nappy boy better get a life. mad luv 4 u. am your number one fan


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