T.I. Begins Serving Prison Sentence


T.I. checked into a low-security prison in Arkansas on Tuesday to start serving a 366-day sentence.

Authorities told The Associated Press that the Atlanta rapper has been booked into the Federal Correction Institution in Forrest City, Ark., to serve a year and a day sentence on weapons charges.

Prison spokeswoman Linda Thomas says T.I. has entered the prison, but didn’t specify an intake time.

Tip reportedly missed his noon check-in deadline. A black van with Georgia license plates and tinted windows pulled up to the prison at 12:29 p.m. CST. The van was escorted to the prison grounds by guards and prison officials in three vehicles.

T.I. will remain in prison until May 27, 2010 if he serves his full term. He is eligible for a 15 percent “good time” credit, which would reduce his sentence by 55 days.

“What I need y’all to do is pray for me while I’m gone,” he told 16,000 fans at his farewell concert in Atlanta on Sunday. “I’ll see y’all in 366 days.”

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  1. Giselle

    I’m gonna miss him. I wonder did he he ever have time to shoot that video?


  2. bass_man

    What happens when you miss that deadline?


  3. Julia

    My syper hot boy good lack!!


  4. BP86

    didn’t they say he’d get out in about 2 months bc they counted his house arrest as days of his actual arrest? I don’t think he’ll be in there long…


  5. hello

    i will miss my husband!!stay strong T.I!


  6. suzieblue

    Have a quality time there to think about life T.I.!
    I’ll miss your music!


  7. Jay

    Keep ya head up T.I.


  8. Bball_Breezy♥→‼┌♫│ª^╒»

    Be strong.
    Stay strong.
    Think positive.
    Keep ur head-up.
    Dead ANd gone…
    Make a Difference while u have the chance!


  9. jibril

    “Don’t ever imagine you can change a man — unless he in diapers.”
    Tip stay strong and keep ur head up……..


  10. Vanessa Bailey

    I will miss hearing TI music /now that s a long time 366 days but time goes like water .God be with you and hit the books


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