Asher Roth Snubs Lindsay Lohan?

Asher Roth and Lindsay Lohan

Asher Roth loves to party, just not with Lindsay Lohan.

The actress drove from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara to see Asher perform at a concert at the University of California, Santa Barbara, on Saturday, May 16. But the “I Love College” rapper just wasn’t that into her, according to the New York Daily News.

“Lindsay was bugging both Asher and his management team to get onstage during ‘She Don’t Wanna Man,’ but Asher was so annoyed by her requests that he actually skipped performing the single,” says an insider.

Lindsay tweeted about the incident, but later removed the post. “Wow,” she remarked. “Asher was cocky to all my friends and not that nice.”

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  1. Kevin

    Oh no, yo, you gingers gotta stick together!


  2. lilly

    Kevin, you know you’re damn wrong for that comment. LMAO


  3. Dz

    Lol that was funny though. Good one Kev.


  4. sam

    he lucky he has lindsay after him…

    who the fuck is he lol


  5. Catie

    eh, I don’t like either of them.


  6. bass_man

    LOL Kevin!

    They’re both in the wrong. Asher, you’re not famous enough to be a dick. Lindsay, you’re famous enough that you just shouldn’t be a groupie.


  7. dc

    good.. lohan is lame


  8. Mz.Inya

    I thought they were brother and sister?


  9. marcus

    Asher is dope. Why should he cater to her


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