Chris Brown: ‘I Ain’t a Monster’

Bow Wow, Shaq, Chris Brown, Chris Tucker

Bow Wow, Shaq, Chris Brown, Chris Tucker

Chris Brown is back on his grind and he wants to make one thing clear.

The 20-year-old singer is speaking out publicly for the first time since allegedly beating Rihanna in February and he’s chosen to do it on YouTube. Chris Breezy uploaded a grainy video recorded at Shaquille O’Neal’s home bowling alley, while he was in the studio with Bow Wow.

“New album gon’ be coming soon,” he says. “We working on it right now, called Graffiti. I’m about to drop a single this summer for ya’ll.”

The pop star addresses the negative attention he’s received since he was charged with two felonies in March. “We ain’t going nowhere. Everybody that’s haters, they just been haters,” adds Brown. “All my real fans, I love ya’ll. I ain’t a monster. Believe that.”

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  1. Kyle

    I definitely feel for Chris Brow in the fact that I’m sure there is more to the story than we know, and we will probably never know what really happened and how the situation was provoked. But Chris will always have skeletons in his closet from this and I really think it will be hard for people to accept him back on the scene. I’m really intersted to see how his return will play out.


  2. Roxy

    I’ve seen celebrities recover from gun, drugs and sex charges…but i’ve never seen one recover from domestic violence…especially with the fact that her face was shown and people saw what he did to her…maybe if that wasn’t released he would have a better chance…Chris was the music world’s golden boy and was poised to do great things through a long and successful career but he has fallen from grace and i’m not sure if anybody including loyal fans are willing to throw him a rope to help him back up.


  3. Giselle

    Whatever. He better bring it with the new music, or else its pretty much over.


  4. Electrik Red- How To Be A Lady Vol. 1 May 26th

    i didnt know bow wow was that short lol


  5. That Dude

    ok this is what makes me mad……i people still forgive lil wayne for shooting his limo driver (years back during the Hot Boys era) why can’t people forgive chris brown for this incident..people act hold too many grudges against celebs…although theres no excuse to what he did , still i believe that there is more to what she is telling us.There always 2 sides to a story.


  6. Mampy

    I dont even care what Chris said…BOW WOW IS MAD SHORT LMAO!

    But yeah, Chris…idk I like him but he needs to sound more remorseful, damn. I know she probably provoked it but he didn’t have to beat her ass down like that. He needs to come with a better apology or something before I’m back on his balls.



    I was on last night and seen the whole live video I can assure u that Chris Browns career isnt over if anything it can only make it bigger for him. Hes in good spirits he aint sweatin the case at all cause he knows the deal. I think his new album will be big regardless of what happened dude is crazy talented u cant take that away from him!


  8. Jay

    Even though I’m still irritated by the whole thing, I’ve already forgiven Chris. I just wish he had just came out and apologized and then, I know for sure it would be much easier for people to handle and get over. It’s just that people were hurt by it and their minds were left to wonder. I mean nobody wanna see somebody get hurt. People was feelin for her. And I don’t think people should keep the hate goin, cause we have all sinned. Maybe not the same thing, but in God’s eyes sin is sin, great or small. And as long as we change and ask for forgiveness in OUR heart, it doesn’t matter what others have to say. We don’t know Chris’ heart or his thoughts. So who are we to judge. It was still wrong what he did, but everyone has a right to forgiveness.


  9. Jay

    also, that dude is pretty small. lol


  10. dc

    that doesn’t even really look like chris brown.. looks more like trey songz imo


  11. Kyle

    @ That Dude:

    I know, it’s frustrating but I think this was a different situation. Rihanna and Chris had a very public relationship with millions of younger fans looking up to them. When everything went down, it became very public (ie. the police report detailing the altercation and the bruised photos of Rihanna leaking on the net). I honestly think it was/still is a big deal. And honestly, I won’t hold it against Chris, cause if he returns with hot music it will be hot music…but I think people won’t live it down, I really think his career is jaded.


  12. BlackBritishChick

    Can’t people just give Chris Brown a break,I’m not shallow but if Chris actually beat up RiRi,y didn’t she press charges on him?
    I still support Chris =]


  13. Devin

    Bow Wow was the one who added the “Believe that.” and Chris Brown is now 20 years old.

    Either way, it’s nice to see Chris coming out of the shadows for a bit to promote some of his new music. I wish him success, although I am not so sure how he will be received by the public. I don’t believe enough damage control has been done.


  14. bass_man

    yeah, that’s so convincing.

    LOL @ Bow Wow in that picture, looking like somebody’s little brother.


  15. Dillon_68

    Despite what happened, I’m behind Chris 100%! I have his first 2 cd’s, why stop now? I enjoy his music, his personal life shouldn’t interfere with his career, the music is quality, people should respect that. Please forgive my homie, people make mistakes.


  16. itsmeniccas

    man all i can say good luck 2 chris brown i cant say is career is over or it will boost even higher ncz of what he have done but as mampy says above he need to show his remorse more acceptable bcuz there r people out there still cant forgive chris.


  17. sunshine

    I think Chris career will come back it’s just going to take some time like everything else. Kobe was involved with a rape case and look at him now people are yelling go Kobe at the game. I believe Chris took alot to protect RiRi in this case. I think others in the industry are realizing what typr of person she is that’s why you are seeing more and more celebs hanging with him.@blackbritishchick you are right she didn’t press charges that alone she make people wonder what’s really going on. Chris is going to be okay.


  18. (^-^)Kitty

    Chris issued a statement not too long after the incident occured…considering his legal counsel has been in tact since then…he never admitted “hitting” Rihanna but he was sorry and saddened about what happened”

    It that statement said anything, it says that since he plead not guilty, there is WAY MORE to this story than has been released.

    So…if anyone thinks he should be showing more remorse…maybe just maybe he didn’t do anything that he should be remorseful for…other than not being able to address his fans about that night.

    And judging his energy in the 9min clip…He is ready to get to his fans and do what he does well…


  19. Kevin

    Y’all didn’t know Bow was fun sized like that? I remember when him and Ciara were dating and they were presenters at some award show he joked saying, “I begged her not to wear heels”. LOL!


  20. PINOY

    Chris Brown is a bitch not a monster.
    Slapping girls is just a male bitch thing


  21. wow



  22. brandi

    i agree with pinoy.

    and bow wow needs not to say anything lol


  23. hellosinjin

    That’s such a sucky ass album title.


  24. a

    I like his music but I don’t support him no more.


  25. Catie

    I will never buy nor support anything that Chris Brown puts out, period. People can call me whatever they want but what Chris Brown did as unforgivable. I don’t think he realizes the damage that his career has suffered.

    Bow Wow looks like a 12 year old boy! Will he EVER grow up? Seriously, haha.


  26. Reallydoe

    He doesnt think he gonna be punished
    Hes confident that he wont be punished
    When he should atleast be acting as if he we face his punishment and that he acknowledges he did wrong.
    But he believes he is above the law.


  27. Jayy

    Rihanna’s pic says he’s a monster, do he really think he’s ready to come back??? The only ones that will be buying his album is Middle/High school girls. I hope he don’t think that he’ll have a #1 album let alone a #1 single–LOL!!! In the POP-world no one will ever forget what he did to the POP Princess. Hip-Hop world, some already left the situation alone… Chris messed up BIG TIME!


  28. Jay

    I do hear what some of yaw is saying. I really don’t wanna hear it, unless Chris is making a REAL apology

    And to lil man, he just need to stay out of it and keep his mouth shut.

    I really just hope Rihanna’s ok


  29. (T) in tHe zOne

    DAMN ya’ll r writin essays on this..its jus chris brown..


  30. derrick the dj

    man o man chris mess up bad, but for you peeps thats one sided on the whole truth you’re narrow minded granted, no man should hit a woman period!! but some of you ladies out there do push the limits, and you know you do, i can think of worse things that happen in the pass with celebs, i’ve walk away from dumd crap many times when ladies trip out, so buy my life travels, you can walk away, bottom line don’t hit the ladies men.


  31. Jayla



  32. Katherine

    i dnt care wat no body say rihanna a slut and she probably did something that had tew make hym beyond mad for hym tew hit her we can’t shut him down for a mistake he made everybody makes mistakes.Anyways I’m glad he not giving up i still support hym….


  33. la-la

    i stell love chris brown an aint nobody going to tell me to stop lovin him


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