New Music: Brandy f/ Ne-Yo – ‘Decisions’

Brandy and Ne-Yo

Brandy is the latest R&B star to benefit from Ne-Yo’s songwriting services. The fruits of their labor can be heard on the leaked duet “Decisions.”

Brandy has also been in the studio with The-Dream and Stargate crafting material for her new album. From what we’ve heard, the record will include more uptempo tracks than last year’s Human.

Brandy f/ Ne-Yo – “Decisions”

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  1. Julia

    nothing out of the common


  2. Jay

    I love Brandy and this is a nice song, but I don’t think the right song for her. I love the lyrics, but it’s maybe more of an album filler though. Don’t think this is her style. It might be a demo though, I don’t know. Also there ain’t enough Brandy on this song for me. Come on Ne-Yo I know you can do something a lil more special for Brandy! Vocally Brandy never does wrong! She is one of the greatest vocalist in the world! Can’t wait to get the new album! Get it B-Rocka!


  3. Rick

    *yawn* This is aiight, nothing special but I still have love for Bran. *yawn*

    The yawns are because it’s early and I hardly had sleep. lol


  4. MACH

    Brandy is definitely one of the greatest vocalists of this generation. The best IMO, sorry for these other “singers”.. she has the ability to transform the plainest song into a masterpiece that will leave you hearing new things in the background years later. Not to mention she’s always had strong lead vocals and ad-libs. A true artist.

    With that being said, I think ANY song is her style because she’s just that good. But a lot of her gifts didn’t come out in this song.


  5. Jay

    @MACH yeah I hear what you sayin on that. Every song that Brandy has done, solo or feature has been a amazing! She does no wrong. Brandy really needs to put out a CD with all her demo songs, cause I don’t think any of her songs should go to waste. Song like Escape, Doesn’t Really Matter and So Good. Those are some of her best songs. I don’t ever want Brandy to stop making music! :) And I hope she still doin that R&B record wit Ray J!

    oh yeah and I know what you mean buy hearing things in the background years later in her music. Crazy how she does that to a song!


    BrandyFanForLife Reply:

    @Jay, Thanks for this song titles, just downloaded it, to fill my collection.


  6. Jay

    * meant to say by hearing :)


  7. mal

    wow im actually feelin this track

    havnt liked any of brandy’s stuff for a very long time!


  8. Lew

    Joint is hot!


  9. tone

    very nice track, i love brandy’s voice


  10. listen

    i like the idea/concept…but too much going on. the angel saying the devil saying back and forth. confusing. hook isn’t that strong either for the wordy verses. but if brandy doesn’t get it right with this next one (AND TOUR to at least try and support the project), she can give it up.


  11. kayla

    i love brandy and neyo this song is nice.


  12. trillafood



  13. =(

    ciara – promise much?


  14. dc

    the neyo-only demo was better lol


  15. Rap-Up-Player

    This is hoTTTTTT!!!!!!

    And i dont even like NE-yo or brandy that much.


  16. suzieblue

    I like it!


  17. Catie

    I like it, it has a nice 90′s vibe to it.

    It’s too bad that “Human” wasn’t a success because it really is a great album. If Epic was smart, they would repackage the album and re-release it. It’s too strong of an album to just go under the radar.


  18. r.

    I agree Catie, Human has big potental. One of Brandy’s best.

    The new track is hott too.


  19. never-ever

    feature #1 hit!!!!!!!!!!!!! or maybe top 10


  20. Music Critic

    Its ok, nothin out of the ordinary.


  21. Bizz

    When are people going to realize that Brandy did things VOCALLY on Full Moon that some of yall favortite artist are trying to mimic now. She’s hot and this song is fucking blazing.


  22. Travell Johnson

    Its music…Its good music…Brandy one THE best females singers…period in my top ten


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