Unrapped: Livvi Franc Is That B.I.T.C.H.

Livvi Franc

As of late, the isle of Barbados has gained notoriety for being the hometown of pop princess Rihanna. But now she’s got some competition in the form of Bajan British sensation Livvi Franc and her pop gem “Now I’m That Bitch,” an intensely hot single produced by Salaam Remi (Amy Winehouse, Nas).

By way of Harrogate, England, and Barbados, 21-year-old Livvi has traversed from an in-the-shadows student to emerging B.I.T.C.H.—a concept she describes for every young woman as “Being In Total Control of Herself.”

“In high school, I was a wallflower and as I matured, I came into my own,” says Livvi, who cites Lauryn Hill and Alanis Morissette as musical inspirations. “I learned that being defined as a bitch doesn’t have to be negative. The song is about when that crush—in high school or in life—does not notice you, as you come into your own, you will be able to say, ‘Now I’m that bitch.’”

With bold self-assurance and a musical style that is an eclectic mash-up of pop, folk, and Caribbean flavor, it’s no wonder the arrestingly feminine and powerful chant Livvi announces on her single incites confidence in women around the globe.

Though she’s already being compared creatively to Rihanna, Lily Allen, and Lady GaGa, according to Livvi, her casual flair is unique and her sound, distinct. “Being compared to Rihanna is flattering,” Livvi reveals. “She is very talented, but I think my music will speak for itself.”

Livvi Franc’s debut album drops this summer on Jive Records.

–Angela Montanez

Listen to her U.S. debut single, “Now I’m That Bitch,” below.

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  1. Catie

    I LOVE it. Her vocals sound very similar to Rihanna’s especially during the chorus. I can see this being pretty big, it’s really catchy.


  2. ugh

    the sam sparro remix is killer for this song.
    listen to “lovey dovey” and “this is a raid”


  3. listen



  4. itsmeniccas

    which record deal she signs too? it sound amazing very electro pop i hope no one start compare with her and rihanna. they r in their own lane


  5. oh hell



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  8. bass_man

    i’ve been listening to her for a while now.

    i really like her song “Free”, even though it has a totally different vibe.


  9. Jay

    This girl is the truth! This song is dope, but I actually love her songs on her myspace better! I just listen to every single one and I love em all! She definitely got her own style goin on, which is a good thing. Her songs “Lovey Dovey” and “This Is A Raid” are the ish! “Free” is kinda growin on me, it’s different, but in a good way. I would buy her album if it came out tomorrow, for real!


  10. hello

    wow she sounds a bit like rihanna,the song is ok


  11. s

    she’s right, she’s about to be that b and rhianna has turned into a clown.

    she sounds better than rhianna. she has chrisett michell’s twang but i’m sure she will be more successful


  12. Jaelani

    Oh, wow, she pretty. I’m happy she said that the word bitch doesn’t have to be negative. I see all these good reviews on her music, by my volume isn’t working. Grrr!


  13. Jaelani



  14. lol

    she doesnt sound like rihanna lol she sound so nice though i love these bajan girls their so talented i can’t wait to see what shell become in the US i love the work she did in the UK the folk and acoustic but then again i like this song its very different i hope she puts out some of her old stuff shes really talented and beautiful~!


  15. Burmy

    Signed to…JIVE???!!!

    NOOOOOOO! That means her album’s never coming out!


  16. MissCandyce

    Burmy..that doesnt mean nothing, Chris Brown, Briteny Spears, R. Kelly, Lil Mama, NSYNC, Jordin Sparks, UGK, and Justin Timberlake, are signed to Jive


  17. Liz

    I love this song


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