New Music: Twista – ‘I Can Make You Say’ (Prince Sample)

Twista and Prince

Twista samples Prince’s “Do Me Baby” on “I Can Make You Say,” an unreleased track produced by Kanye West. Unfortunately, we won’t be hearing it on the Chi-Town MC’s new album Category F5 because the Purple One didn’t clear it.

Twista – “I Can Make You Say” (Prince Sample)

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  1. Lilly

    I see Prince is acting like a old bitter bitch again!
    I seriously can’t stand him nowadays!


  2. MACH

    Even before I clicked this post in my feed, I was about to say, “Prince ain’t gon clear that ish!” lol.. He hasn’t cleared anything in FOREVER. I guess he had to clear Alicia Keys “How come you don’t call me”.. but that’s like one clearance in the past 20 years lol..

    Come on Prince.. it’s just a SAMPLE this time, not a cover lol


  3. MACH

    but then again, this song uses his VOCALS, not just instrumentation.. Maybe Prince just doesn’t like the song


  4. chris

    Mariah did cover one of Price song back in 1998??
    “The beautiful one”


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