Pink to Kanye West: ‘You’re an Idiot!’

Pink and Kanye West

While others may hold their tongues in the presence of greatness, Pink is making her thoughts about Kanye West perfectly clear.

The fur reportedly flew when Pink attended Stella McCartney’s Paris fashion show with the vice president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and Kanye. “The entire time Kanye is going, ‘They need more fur in this show,’” Pink told Britain’s The Sun. “He just wouldn’t shut up about how he loved fur. I mean, he’s saying this to me, the PETA guy, and Paul McCartney!”

The “So What” singer is an avid PETA supporter and didn’t hold back her feelings about the fashionable rapper. “Kanye West is the person pissing me off right now,” she said. “I was just so grossed out by him. I’m like, ‘You’re an idiot!’ There are so many people who I think are a waste of skin and he’s up there. I should wear him.”

Pink’s advice for Mr. West? “Go on, donate yourself Kanye. People can wear your fur.”

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  1. Travell Johnson

    WOW! What can you say after that lol


  2. Dude2k7

    Pink is an ugly bitch. No, really. Maybe she should wear more clothes made by Yeezy, to cover her uglyness (if this is a real word).


  3. BP86

    I like pink. she’s mad talented. She’s also entitled to her opinion. Lord knows Kanye speaks his mind, pink should be granted that luxury as well.


  4. jo

    finally someone said something back to kanye! He needs to shut the f*** up


  5. ron.e

    tell em girl! i like ‘em both but seriously, FUR IS NOT FASHION! you wouldn’t like it either if a minx wore yo momma’s skin!


  6. caire

    fur is fashion and pets arent humans so dont compare. ty.


  7. Dillon_68

    I like fur too


  8. Nick

    LOL They BOTH suck!


  9. prince

    a i agree on Dude2k7 pink is a ugly bitch bt don’t worry kanye will respond back.


  10. Giselle

    I like Pink’s “I don’t give a fuck attitude” but its not that serious. Although what he did was quite stupid.


  11. bijan

    kanye thinks hes the shayt. and he is musically, but otherwise… not so much


  12. nana

    dude is an idiot y would u go 2 a non fur fashion & talk about they need more fur 2 peta who don’t like fur thats disrespectful which makes him an idiot real talk


  13. Keshia



  14. stup

    what the fuck? pink never flopped…

    and she’s right

    maybe kanye is musically not that bad, i dont think he’s a genius, but he really seems like an asshole

    i dont buy his cds cause i hate him


  15. An0thrDream

    KESHIA needs to sit down cuz she just made a full out herself.

    Pink has sold waaaaay more then kanye- she’s had several number 1 albums and way more top 10 hits/ then kanyaye. Step out the ghetto and check the credits, just cuz pink isnt popular in ur dark bubble dont mean she’s nobody, cuz she’s somebody.

    Im with pink,(obviously lol) i cant stand ignorant/disrespectful people. Kanye needs a therapist.


  16. Shipoopie

    cool, that pink said that in his face
    or did she not?


  17. sambinio

    shes’s right that’s it


  18. epdodoedop

    anothrdream is a f*in racist bitch


  19. htyjurturt

    PINK IS AN UGLY B1AAATCH !! REAL TALK. who the f*ck is she to talk to Kanye like that…. damn sh1t ain’t sweet….

    GO KANYE !!!!!!!!!!


  20. lOooOve

    she’s a crazy bitch


  21. Jay

    All I gotta say is that if Pink can dogg Paris Hilton, Lindsay or Jessica S. in her songs and say how dumb they are, Kanye can say whatever he wants! Everybody ain’t gonna agree on everything in the world. Get over it Pink! Ooohhh like everyone else in Hollywood doesn’t where fur. lol If she’s so passionate about it, why don’t she just quite singin and become an animal rights leader or something. And stop playin the victim! She act like she’s such a rebel and an outcast. boo hoo! So were a lot of other people in the WORLD. Like some of the girls she doggs don’t have feelings. Pink really need to get over herself and stop being so self-righteous.

    Kanye’s the Man!!!


  22. stup

    kanye is shit

    cant stand why all of you are defending such an asshole, he’s one of the most dislikable celebrities out there

    and damn…pink is a worldwide star…kanye is big in the us, but not that big in the rest of the world…except his features on singles and “stronger”


  23. to stup

    Kanye is big everywhere, not only in the US,
    u dumbass


  24. tell'em

    Kanye is bigger than Pink EVERYWHERE at this point, but “more fur”….madd ghey.


  25. prince

    @to stup



  26. hello

    you served that ignorant bitch,next time she will think twice before talking shit!!


  27. stup

    where the hell is he bigger? has he got sold out concerts everywhere? does he have to give extra concerts somewhere? i don’t think so

    maybe in the us, but i live in europe…and his last cd was not very successful here

    all of pinks where


  28. sp3

    i live in europe too… and he’s far bigger than pink… here are many people that dont even know her… while everybody in everywhere know KW…


  29. samantha

    sp3.u got it wrong.did u hear about in Australia.where she will play 56 shows over 4 months…

    HELL NO!!!
    he played like 6 shows down there.
    kanye is NOT as big as Pink worldwide.
    go check ur info..


  30. UserQQQQ

    a) Fur is fur not babies
    b) PETA is practically a domestic terror organization
    c) Pink is kinda hot
    d) Kanye can suck rocks

    I’m not saying everything we do to animals is right but PETA is like a rabid dog. That said it’s not the 1950s anymore people don’t wear fur all over the place. I don’t expect Kanye to know every celebrity that’s drinking the PETA koolaid but seriously if the VP of PETA is right in front of you maybe you limit yourself to 3-4 wishes for more fur. You don’t need to harp on and on and on about it. How about you take a lesson from Christian Bale and learn some moderation.


  31. unico

    I like Pink (music wise) (when she had vocal power)
    But lately she has gotten so rude when it comes to other people. It’s rather sad, and I am disappointed that people support her attitude.

    And I am totally against PETA. I am surprised someone who claims to be so “Out Spoken”. Decided to attache themselves to PETA…of all the other organizations she could have gone with, she goes with PETA…the joke of the world.

    I feel bad for animals being needlessly killed, but PETA…I do not support.


  32. GirlsRule



  33. son of sam

    I don’t listen to either of them as far as music goes. For causes, sure I guess everyone that makes an insane amount of money and contributes to the less fortunate or some cause can say as they please. As well as the selfish. No matter how stupid or smart a person is, they have the right to express their opinion whenever and wherever they want. That is true freedom. As far as the west guy, he was a rude asshole for taking the mic at the awards, and the same for the peta stuff. And Pink is very hot!


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