Brandy to Pay in Wrongful-Death Suit


Brandy has reached a financial settlement with the children of the woman whose car she hit in a December 2006 fatal accident.

The former “Moesha” star will pay $600,000 in the wrongful-death lawsuit brought on behalf of the victim’s kids. The two children, Mrwan and Kareem Mohamed, will receive $300,000 each, according to TMZ.

The boys, who were 15 and 11 at the time, were in the family’s Toyota Corolla when it was struck by Brandy’s Land Rover. Their mother, Awatef Aboudihaj, was killed in the crash.

Aboudihaj’s husband, Marouane Hdidou, rejected his part of a $1.2 million settlement offer in February. He has yet to settle with Brandy.

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  1. dan

    wasn’t it 2007?

    time runs


  2. babybenz

    Sad stuff!


  3. Quint

    off topic: I’m surprised you guys still haven’t posted the Spaceship video by Kanye yet…


  4. fabizzle

    so it as all about the money


  5. Roxy

    She killed somebody and it’s only 300,000 each? That’s what life is worth these days? Anywayz I guess money can’t bring their mother back.


  6. Sven

    @ Roxy

    It was an accident…


  7. bass_man

    This keeps following her…

    & I didn’t know they were in the car with the mother. But MY GOD! does Brandy even have that much???? that’s a ton of money, they are so wrong for this.


  8. Fresh Prince

    @ Roxy,

    STFU… It was a accident…an hasn’t brandy suffered enough already…i think this should of been left private…


  9. Joshua Ha

    I feel that these people would take advantage of the situation and her weariness with this, but then again reparations for losing their mother/wife as a source of income and “damages” are understandable.


  10. B. Rillz

    @ bass_man It’s Brandy we’re talking about, she gets 2 mil/yr just from Moesha re-runs, she’s written all every one of her albums. Why do people insist on making her & Monica broke? Royalties people, royalties!!!!!


  11. Catie

    Brandy has millions in the bank.


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