Conflict ‘Diamonds’: Teairra Mari vs. Christina Milian

Teairra Mari vs. Christina Milian

The old adage “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” couldn’t be farther from the truth in the case of Teairra Mari. Recently, the R&B chanteuse has experienced both struggle and success with the Madd Scientist-produced, Kanye West-assisted “Diamonds,” a track off her second album, At That Point.

In April, Teairra Mari’s version of “Diamonds” leaked throughout the blogosphere, causing a rift between her and fellow singer Christina Milian, who originally recorded the track while signed to MySpace Records. While rumors flew around that the song didn’t rightfully belong to Mari, according to her, it does. “I paid for the record,” she exclusively tells “I couldn’t have done that if [Christina] had already done that.”

The former Roc-A-Fella Records artist acquired “Diamonds” after a friend who worked for MySpace allowed her to listen to a selection of Milian’s previously recorded tracks. “He had the song because she hadn’t paid for any of the songs,” Mari reveals. “They were her records if she was going to be on MySpace [Records]. So when she left to go sign with [The-Dream's] Radio Killa [Records], he was just like, ‘These songs are up for grabs.’”

Upon choosing “Diamonds,” which already featured a Kanye West verse, Mari added her flavor and ad-libs. Once the record leaked, she heard rave reviews from fans and upset the “Dip It Low” singer. “We have a few people that we know in common, and I heard that [Christina] was upset,” she continues. “Not with me, just with the situation.”

As far as problems with The-Dream, she states: “He reached out to my manager, and I guess it wasn’t a big deal because when my manager told me that he talked to him, he said that everything was cool. He was just a little upset about the situation.”

But the controversy surrounding the record continues. Teairra’s team reached out to West, her former Roc-A-Fella labelmate, and asked him to appear in the video for “Diamonds.” He accepted the offer, but not before attaching a hefty price tag. “To be exact, I think it was $175,000,” she admits. “I wasn’t mad about it; I was just a little thrown off by it. But I recognize it’s a business. It’s OK, he’s Kanye, he can do that if he wants to.”

While “Diamonds” is being scrutinized by the public, Mari is in the process of deciding whether that record or “Automatic,” featuring Nicki Minaj, will be the third single off her latest effort. At That Point is scheduled for a July release.

–Georgette Cline

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  1. Jay

    Well sounds like a lot of stuff goin on. I had no idea! Diamonds is a great song…I hope they can work it all out.


  2. Jay

    I also think Teairra better suits that song. She add something a lil special in her version. Christina should stick with Zipper…love that one!


  3. Michelle

    Teairra needs to shut the hell up. It seems like she always has a problem with someone. It doesn’t matter who has the song because both of their albums are going to flop.


  4. dynamic_a

    Anyway I love Teairra no matta what the haters say u still a bad bitch . .. anyway I THINK she should go with Emergency or Operator as the next single because i’m not liking neither songs and Kanye ain’t shit anymore anyway we got DRAKE now!


  5. carl

    Oh well Teairra makes better music than Christina so why doesn’t she just let her have the song? I swear most of Christina’s album is helmed by Dream and Tricky anyway.



    CHRISTINA MILIAN is better than teairra,always and everywhere



    you know whats funny Christina Millian released her first single Us against the world on myspace records and when the record wasnt doing well she went running for an answer cause i think she got worried that if she released the album it would most definately flop. So she signed a joint venture deal with the dreams Radio killa records hoping that The Dream would produce her a hit album knowing that hes hot right now with consistant hits. Doesnt it just all make sense now shes about to marry the guy it really is being desperate.


  8. Sexxy

    whats so special about that song anyway??? just move on to the next one, write and record exceptional music on your OWN and don’t rely on anyone. this dickriding industry is gettin on my nerves!!!


  9. An0thrDream

    Thas the Industry for you LoL

    wish both these girls the best tho


  10. bass_man

    yeah, I read this on The Prophet.

    It’s messy, but hey, could’ve been avoided.


  11. Jason

    If UATW did a little better Christina wouldnt have been desperate and started making bad choices. She was doing so good last year, she looked happier than ever. I always thought better of Christina than to be around something like that corny ass controlling the airwaves comment at this point in her life.


  12. Jason

    Honeslty though I dont think Christina had anything to do with Kanye’s price to appear in the video. Kanye is Kanye and he’s going to charge alot.


  13. dynamic_a

    Rap-Up post that album review for Teairra Mari!


  14. TreyFan

    The song is a flop anyway. Both of these artists haven’t had a hit or sold an album in years. All these blogs are acting like it’s Beyonce vs. Rihanna or something.

    Both of these bitches are wack, and the song will flop anyway. Kanye or not. He can’t even get his own songs to chart these days. Too busy paying models to front like his girlfriends, so the whole doesn’t catch on that he’s a homo.


  15. Rap-Up-Player

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ok…Teairra is confused…
    First in a videochat, she talks about how christina is mad at her BUT now shes(chris.) is mad at the situation …then she said Christina told Kanye to put the price up but now she says Kanye is Kanye and hes right to charge that much…..okeee teirra whats up with the switching stories???

    I like Teairra but she needs to STFU and stop thinkin everybody is her friend..

    Oh Jay was like a father to her, then ooh rihanna and ne-yo didnt call when she got dropped and then christina and kanye are bad (in a videochat she said it totally dirrent from here)….just an advice

    Nobody wants to be your friend…so stop expecting things and just move on.

    And why should christina be mad at her having the song when it wont be on the album nyways and is not that hot nyways…teairra needs to stop listing to the peopel she knows and she should have called Christina and keep it real.

    For the record

    Zipper>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Diamonds


  16. mr_baxter

    Christina has always been a b@tch, and this situation confirms it.

    She always has to f”ck for tracks (Dre, now The-Dream)… and now she is trying to make it hard to Teairra for a track that she doesn’t own….

    It’s funny how she always date record producers, and even they can’t give her a hit song xD


  17. tell'em

    Go with “Automatic”!!!!!! Thats a hit.


  18. Boy122

    @mr_baxter :

    Just Like Mya


  19. dynamic_a

    Rap-Up Player go suck a dick because when is the last time Christina Milian had a hit album or a hit single. . .so u need to shut the fuck up cus u ain’t make no kinds of senses dumb bitch
    && If you hate Teairra so much why the fuck you watching ha ustream. . .man these hatas a trip!
    That Christina done hoe’d and got signed by Def Jam now she done hoe’d and got with The Dream. . .this bitch ain’t shit that pussy must not be that good since she still floping and oh before u wanna talk shit when the last time Christina did a high note right bitch can’t even hold a fucking note! Sad people support a fucking hoe. . .uphm and please she ain’t gone neva stop hoein just listen to Zipper she singin about what she knows best .. . unzippin a niggas pants!
    Ha momma must be proud of her
    Teairra Mari will come out on the top in the end watch!


  20. dynamic_a

    Rap-Up Playa man us a fool. . . Christina is nothin. . she done hoe’d and got signed to Def Jam then hoe’d and got with the Dream. . her head game must not be good! You sound so dumb and why are u on ha ustream when your obviously not a fan lol . . Christina will neva have success Myspace took a risk anyway do u realize nobody wanted ha and here she goes hoein with The Dream. . man please shes goin to flop even harder now! People don’t tolerate industry jump-offs look at Superhead. . .I’m sorry man but Christina can’t even hold a note. Its like she just can’t shake ha past, I remember when she was messing with Jay-Z smh. .Ha momma must be proud of ha. . cus I swear the 3 fans who support ha need to sit down!


  21. InAPerfectWorld

    @ Rap-Up Player
    that zipper is something she is use to unzippin a industry niggas pants. ..Christina is your regular pretty face girl who got lucky and hoe’d with the right dude! Because she can’t sing nor can she dance! Teairra has a voice on ha and you can’t deny it! Teairra sold more than Christina ever sold on all 3 of ha albums! People who support Christina are more delusional than Ciara’s fans
    When will The Dream realize he is wasting so much time and money on a hoe who isn’t new to this. . shes been with every music video director and producers who is hot . . she doesn’t have any respect for ha self. . is so sad. Lil girls and grown women will neva be able to relate to ha!


  22. sara

    I feel bad for her
    She should pick Finding My Way Back as the next single!


  23. octoberqueen28

    since christina has not been doing good in the music department she going through all lenghts to make herself relevant and she is not doing it in a good way no one is checking for her and the way she trying to come back by using the dream signing with dream then being seen out shopping and kissing him after dening that there in a relationship to create buzz around her is not the way to go that turns people off even more


  24. pring

    Teairra Mari is better than Christina Milian. That girl been out since 2000 and no one has ever cared her for. She needs to give it up. Teairra Mari is prettier and has a better voice and better material.


  25. Samantha

    Is it just me or has Christina been acting weird since her album title announcement in February?


  26. InAPerfectWorld

    No your not the only one. Hell if u were Us Against The World would be a hit. Man everybody knows shes a huge fake. . her attitude reminds me of Keyshia Cole. . they both act sweet in public but bitches behind the scenes!


  27. Samantha

    ^Keyshia isn’t a bitch, she’s sweet and she’s my favorite singer. Keyshia believes in herself and relys on herself to make music. Christina doesn’t and that’s why she scrapped her album, jumped ship overnight and lost Diamonds. She was bigger before, now people look at her as co-dependent and are losing respect for her. UATW not doing well on radio made her desperate and the lame hype of whether or not she was dating Dream went to her head and made her think she was going to get more attention but she won’t and already isn’t.


  28. kiki

    Christina is the BEST….Teairra that bitch wack.


  29. An0thrDream

    Some of ya’ll need some positive energy in your life

    quit actin like u ppl know whats goin on

    and quit hatin on both these chicks


  30. (T) in tHe zOne

    they both look really bad i those pics


  31. Catie

    The song suited Christina’s voice better. I think Teairra should focus on her single out right now with Flo Rida because that song isn’t going anywhere!


  32. CDM

    isn’t christina milian still with myspace? in the video she announced the new title of the album, “Elope”, she says that she is with radio killa, myspace, interscope. she would have to pay for the song even if christina had paid for it. why would they give it to her for free? christina has writing credits on the song, so she’ll get paid regardless. try to get christina’s version of the story because teairra’s is bullshit. i like her, but seriously?


  33. doug

    Teairra Is Way Hotter Than Christina Is. Seriously, What Happened to CM’s Hair? Let’s Go Teairra!


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