Gwyneth Paltrow’s Son Calls Jay-Z ‘Uncle Jay’

Gwyneth Paltrow and Jay-Z

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s 3-year-old son Moses is officially the coolest kid in school.

The son of the Oscar-winning actress and Coldplay frontman loves Jay-Z, according to his mom. “Any rock is daddy’s song,” she told Conan O’Brien on Thursday’s “Tonight Show.” “And any rap is Uncle Jay, Jay-Z.”

Moses’ favorite video from the Jiggaman is the controversial “99 Problems.” “We put on the ’99 Problems’ video ’cause he’s obsessed, which is actually quite not appropriate,” she laughed.

“He loves it and he sits there like this [arms crossed, nods head]. It’s the funniest thing. I should video it.”

The celebrity couple calls their son a “sensitive thug” after a lyric from Jay-Z’s “Heart of the City (Ain’t No Love).” “That sort of characterizes him perfectly because he’s so out of his mind and then he has these very poetic, soft [moments].”

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are close friends with Jay-Z and Beyoncé. They attended the Carters’ wedding in April 2008. Jay-Z has collaborated with Martin on Coldplay’s “Lost+” and Kingdom Come‘s “Beach Chair.”

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  1. DJ Triumph

    jay-z the man.


  2. So cute!

    AH!! that’s really cute. Jay is really one fly dude. He needs kids by his own ASAP!!


  3. Joshua



  4. who knew?

    I can understand Moses!! Jay is really an amazing and nice person.


  5. MovieJunkie88

    lol that’s awesome


  6. pringer



  7. Giselle

    How cute.


  8. Jay

    lol that’s cool! That was a hilarious interview! “Is it raining not” ha!


  9. Ebony

    Wow, great way to raise a kid, bump “99 problems and a b**** ain’t one”…..ok. Maybe I’m the only one who doesn’t find this cute.


  10. lame

    i love the gwenyth/chris & beyonce/jay are bestfriends. I think its AMAZING!


  11. Pinoy

    I rather want aunt Be aka Beyonche. Cause she is HOOT!!!


  12. Sarah

    I hate Gwyneth Paltrow. I’m not sure why she thinks she’s qualified to give the entire country life advice about how to eat and where to go and how to raise your children on her idiotic website when she keeps her three year old occupied by shoving him in front of the tv and putting on inappropriate music videos.
    She also said on the interview that, for all intents and purposes, all white people sing rock music and all black people rap. What an open-minded world view to inculcate in your toddler’s mind! (“He [my son] thinks all white men [on the radio] are his dad.”)
    She’s an idiot. I wonder why Jay-Z is her friend. And what’s with you people commenting on this website like Jay-Z is your best friend? How do you know he’s a nice guy? He might be a total a-hole. With friends like Gwyneth Paltrow, I wouldn’t doubt it.


  13. mae

    I just wanted to say you have the best background image EVAR. Also, I saw Gwyneth on Conan and I was pretty excited about Jay-Z = Uncle Jay


  14. Catie

    Haha i love Conan, he’s hilarious.


  15. monique

    Oh he’ll have kids of his own real soon. Bey said she’s taken off about two yrs after her I Am….Tour! Time for a baby! At least i kno they betta, doggonit!


  16. Nucky

    WOW Sarah is a little bit of a HATER!!!… W!


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  18. Carmen

    I love Gwynet sh´s one of the most beautiful woman alife. Jay-z is her “best friend” because they have been a beautiful love and Jay love yet the mother of her son, Conan. It´s obscure Beyonce is so friend of Gwynet, but some friends tell that Gwynet have a total control and dominance over Beyonce. Kiis for “aunt Bey”!


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